2017 Participants
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NAME: Nicole Perry

How increasing manganese concentrations affect the metabolic processes of Chlorella vulgaris

The goal of this experiment is to determine the maximum amount of manganese that can be absorbed by Chlorella vulgaris, a unicellular green alga, and the extent of which manganese toxicity affects its metabolic processes.  The alga will be exposed to increasing concentrations of manganese that has been added to the growth media.  An assay that detects manganese will then be conducted after the cells have been lysed to ascertain the amount of manganese in the cells. In addition to monitoring manganese levels, the concentrations of chlorophyll a and lipids as well as the biomass will be recorded for the various samples.  The rate of manganese accumulation in the algae can then be used to determine how much manganese is ingested by higher-order organisms of the food chain.  The effects on those other organisms, specifically crayfish, are currently being studied in another research lab.