Application Procedures
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SURE 2018 Application:

1. Download the word file: SUREApp18.docx,

Application should be single spaced

2. Type/cut and paste text and images into the document in order to generate your proposal.

3.  E-mail your single, complete and final application, in word document format, as an email attachment to with filename SUREapp18yourname, Example: SUREapp18MichaelNorton, by 5pm on March 2nd.

4. Download the letter of recommendation form SURE18LetRec.docx
5. Change the filename to NameSURE18Mentor (where the mentor's last name is substituted for 'Mentor,’ and your last name is substituted for 'Name,') Example: StaffordSURE18LetNorton and send the blank file to your mentor and arrange to have your mentor fill out the mentor letter of recommendation and email the completed form to by 5pm on the due date (March 2nd).