2006 Participants
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Leana Lester & David Sovic

Undergraduate researchers in Dr. Menashi Cohenford's lab at Marshall University have been working on bio-analytical procedures to detect dehydrogenase enzymes, focusing on chelators of copper that exhibit chromogenic properties.  With the ability of NADH and NADPH to quickly reduce Cu+2 to Cu+1, both David and Leanna demonstrated that the chromogenic reagent tested can serve as a highly sensitive reagent for dehydrogenase enzymes, and that the reagent can be employed for the colorimetric quantification of several analytes of clinical interest. Among the analytes that were investigated, focus was placed on D-glucose and D-galactose and on the measurement of these sugars by specific dehydrogenases. Emphasis was placed on D-glucose because of its relevance to diabetes and on D-galactose because of its accumulation in patients with Galactosemia. This new method of determining dehydrogenase activity offers many advantages and allows for the rapid, easy, reliable and sensitive determination of a broad range of substrates. Upon the completion of this project, the students will be submitting their results to the Journal of Analytical Biochemistry.