New Additions

Over the winter break we added three new TECI rooms to our list:  Corbly Hall 435, Gullickson Hall 122, and Smith Hall 232.   These will be classified as Tier 3.

Happy 2014!

Welcome back for the Spring 2014 semester!  We’ve updated the control panel layouts in all Tier 3 TECI rooms.  You can find a brief overview of how the room controls work here: Tier 3 Room Controls.   We’ve streamlined the … Continued

Fall 2013 Begins!

Welcome back everyone!  The TECI classrooms were all re-imaged over the summer and have all the latest software installed and ready to rock. We’ve been told there are some pretty big differences in Office 2010 and the new Office 2013, … Continued

Summer Plans

As we move into the Summer terms the TECI team will be renovating some of the older classrooms.  We’ve reserved Smith Hall 154 most of the summer to allow us time to give it a full makeover. We hope to … Continued

Happy 2013!

Welcome back everybody!  We imaged a good number of TECI machines over the break, so the first time you log in may take a little longer than you’re used to.  Never fear, it should only get faster on subsequent sign-ins!  … Continued

November Update

It’s been a busier semester than usual for the TECI crew!  As the end of term gets closer we’ll gear up to re-image all of the TECI computers during the winter break; with the twenty-eight new rooms installed over the summer we’ll have … Continued

Week of Welcome

It’s been a hectic but successful Week of Welcome so far!  The incoming freshmen spent part of their orientation sessions in our new TECI rooms, and with only a few technical hiccups it’s been a busy but enjoyable WoW. Welcome … Continued

Hello world!

This is our first news post!  The site is up and running, and we’ll be using this news blog to keep you up to date on breaking TECI news.  Many thanks to John Cummings and the Web Development team for … Continued