General Information

On pages that list shows, you may see one or two icons that indicate the presence of additional information. If you see this icon next to a show, it has program information available to view. If a show has this information, you will will be able to click on a person's name and see a list all of the shows that person was in. If a show has this icon there are photos available. Clicking on individual images will start a picture viewer.

Work in Progress...

This is an ongoing project to document and preserve the history of Marshall University Theatre. As time permits, we will continue to add information as it is discovered and scanned. There are still boxes to go through and newspaper clippings to carefully unfold, and possibly read for the first time in fifty years.

Where did it come from?

In a perfect world, the information would be complete, accurate, and abundant. As it is, we don't have photos for every show, or even complete information on the exact dates that some of the shows were produced. Some of the information comes from newspaper clippings or from the back cover of a program that reads "Our next show is..." Some of the partial dates come from the many show posters in our archives that don't have the year printed on them. There are even a few unknown shows that we have on 35mm slides with only the month and year stamped on them by the developer of the film.


If a photograph had a caption written on the back when it was scanned, that caption has been preserved and is currently displayed with the photo. We have also made sure that the photographer has also been listed if known. If you would like to assist with adding captions, or helping us identify the shows or dates that are not known, please send an e-mail to

Special Thanks

This project would not have been possible without a number of individuals that have put in their time and effort. We would especially like to thank Susie (Quick) Dolen for organizing and preserving many of the items while she was our departmental secretary in the 1980s and 90s. She envisioned organizing our history and putting all the names of the performers and technicians listed in the show programs into a database on her new IBM XT desktop computer. While the names were never entered into the database that she envisioned, the photos and other information were carefully organized and preserved.

We have now begun to finish her dream of having a cross referenced database where one can look up the names, dates, and shows. As time permits, we will be adding the information from each show program. Once completed, you will be able to browse through the various shows, see a list of directors, and find out just how many shows you may have been in if you were once a student.

Another individual who has also spent considerable time and effort in preserving the history of Marshall University Theatre is Professor Mike Murphy. He is responsible for cataloging the massive 35mm slide collection and enlisting the assistance of students to scan select photos from the slide archive. He then turned all materials over to Kevin Bannon who designed and programmed the history web site and has been scanning all of the remaining photos and programs.