Crew Credits...

Show NamePositionShow Dates
The Swan Director 1930-31 Season
Outward Bound Director 1930-31 Season
Enter Madame Director 1930-31 Season
Wooden Kimona Director 1930-31 Season
A Midsummer Night's Dream Director 1930-31 Season
Captain Apple Jack Director 1931-32 Season
Romance Director 1931-32 Season
R. U. R. Director 1932-33 Season
Berkely Square Director February 15 & 19, 1932
The Romantic Young Lady Director April 15, 1932
The Tempest Director May 28, 1932
Cradle Song Director 1932-33 Season
The Queen's Husband Director 1932-33 Season
Romeo and Juliet Director 1932-33 Season
Androcles and the Lion Director 1932-33 Season
Death Takes A Holiday Director December 15th, 1933
Your Uncle Dudley Director 1933-34 Season
Smilin' Through Director 1933-34 Season
Street Scene Director 1934-35 Season
The Bat Director 1933-34 Season
Ladies of the Jury Director 1934-35 Season