Cast List...

Gregory A. Sanney Jimmy Perry
kaywan F. Nezhad Manuel
Shelley Ramsey Toby Landau
Danielle McQueen Evy Meara
Marjorie Fitzsimmons Polly Meara
Stephen Christian Jr. Lou Tanner

Crew List...

Maureen B. Milicia Director
James Morris-Smith Technical Director
John Shimrock Set Designer
John Shimrock Lighting Designer
Mary Moore Sanney Assistant Director
Michael Gerwig Stage Manager
Melissa Shores Master Electrician
James Q. Fenner Electrician
Warren Brown Electrician
Lynda Bland Audio Technician
Lisa Prichard Properties
Stacey Bowerman Properties
Marjorie Fitzsimmons Key Grip
Velda Morrison Construction Crew
Trung Lively Construction Crew
Shelley Ramsey Construction Crew
David Balshaw Construction Crew
Bill Hutchens Construction Crew
Kellee Bowerman Costumes and Makeup
Lisa Lightner Costumes and Makeup
Susan Dolen Box Office Manager
Kimberly Harbour Graphic Designer