Cast List...

Marcia Godsey Marie
Barbara Land Julie
Margaret Weiler Mrs. Muskat
Ike James Lilliom
Homer Ratcliff First Policeman
Darrell Gill Second Policeman
Nancy Kane Mother Hollunder
Alva Hudson Ficsur, "The Sparrow"
Tom Needham Wolf Beifeld
Remo Ferranti Young Hollunder
Wylie Wheeler Captain
Harry Butcher Linzman
John Ray The Doctor
Don Roeder The Carpenter
Jack Sharpe The Richly Dressed Man
Bill Griffiths The Poorly Dressed Man
Homer Alley The Guard
Jerrold Marshall The Magistrate
Joanna Hagley Louise
Nadine Stover Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Josephine Musci Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Carl Wade Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Connie Loffman Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Lillian Fields Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Herme McGuire Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Jean Kribs Peasants, TownsPeople, Etc.
Sandra Lee Kitchen Understudy
Suzy Downs Understudy
Teresa Chapman Understudy

Crew List...

Clayton Page Director
James McCubbin Technical Director
Mary M. Ingles Assistant Director
Gene O'Malley Stage Manager
Bob Brindley Lights
Jack Sharpe Lights
Patricia Price Lights
Lloyd Garten Sound
Dorothy Thanos Sound
Homer Alley Properties
Nadine Stover Properties
Leigh Starkey Wardrobe
Sarah Lockhart Makeup & Hair
Connie Bennet Makeup & Hair
Nancy Griffin Construction Crew
Luke Torosian Construction Crew
Don Roberts Construction Crew
Ann Vintroux Construction Crew
Arrick Millicent Construction Crew
Darrell Gill Construction Crew
Patricia Price Construction Crew
William Trowbridge Construction Crew
Florence Troutman Construction Crew
Charles Morgan Construction Crew
Jack Sharpe Construction Crew
Tom Reed Construction Crew