Cast List...

Dylan Clark Man
Shelby Brewster Girl
T. Michael Murdock Dwane
Stephanie Sands Jackie
Rocky Scarbro Boy
Jordan Bean Young Girl
Ashley Browning Tiffany
Jeremy Plyburn Frank
Chuck Herndon George
Mary Williams Stella
Erik Woods Man With Sailor Hat

Crew List...

Jack Cirillo Director
Jack Cirillo Artistic Director
Mike Murphy Technical Director
James Morris-Smith Director of Theatre Facilities
Shelby Brewster Costume Coordinator
Rick Silaj Costume Coordinator
Amy Harper Auditoria Production Team
Chris Crawford Auditoria Production Team
Stephen Horton Auditoria Production Team
Deb Carder-Deem Auditoria Production Team
Kevin D. Bannon Auditoria Production Team
Jade Stanley Production Stage Manager
Bradlee Jordan Stage Manager
Samuel Kincaid Box Office Manager