As quoted Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States:

"From my 1929 initiation into the Iota Chapter at Eureka College to this day, TKE has played an important role in my life. The various offices I have held in TKE - Big brother, Hegemon, and Chapter Prytanis - provided invaluable leadership experience. But, my most cherished benefits from membership in TKE have been the many warm friendships and spirit of camaraderie which are only to be found among Fraters."

- President Ronald Reagan

Jim Harrick, Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, Quotes: (Beta-Nu Alumni)

"TKE was really a great growing experience.  The bonding and togetherness that the Fraternity can build within the framework of a person, those are the things that I really have a lot of respect for.  And some of my best friends in life are guys that I met in college in the Fraternity."

                - Coach Jim Harrick

Phil Simms, New York Giants Quarterback and MVP of Super Bowl XXI:

"The Fraternity gave me a chance to really broaden my personality.  I still see and think about a lot of my brothers."

- Phil Simms

Richard Phelps, Notre Dame Basketball Coach and TV Analyst:

"Tau Kappa Epsilon helped me establish not only a good competitive attitude, but also a feeling of confidence in my abilities.  At times, TKE inspired, stimulated, and motivated me to be an achiever.  Those qualities have continued to be a part of me for many years following college."

- Richard "Digger" Phelps