What is the purpose of the placement exam?

The placement exam may be taken by students who do not have ACT or SAT scores or by students who would like to challenge their ACT or SAT scores.  You can NOT lower your current ACT/SAT scores by taking this test.  High school students planning to enroll in college level math must have ACT or SAT scores.

When can a student take a placement exam?

Students are only permitted to take placement exams before beginning ENG 099 or the appropriate course.

What does a student need to bring with them to take the exam?

– A photo ID (A valid driver’s license or MU ID)

– MU Student ID Number

– $10 cash, check or money order only.

There will be a calculator available on the computer for student use, pencils and scrap paper will also be provided.

What happens if I score lower than my ACT/SAT score?

Don’t worry.  If the ACT/SAT score has you placed in a higher level class, you will be allowed to stay in that class.

Questions or Comments?

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