Virtual Green Tour

VirtualMap-2The Marshall University Green Trail has grown significantly in it’s first year. We look forward to growing this site along with the trail, and to inviting you to also visit our Virtual Green Tour. This site is under construction.

  1. Recycling bins
  2. Oasis water fill stations
  3. Student Gardens
  4. VIP (very Important Pollinator) garden
  5. Rain gardens
  6. Eco Cycle Bike Loan Program
  7. Recycling Compactor
  8. Monarch Butterfly WaystationVirtualMap-1
  9. Butterfly Oasis
  10. Greenhouse
  11. Green Roof Garden – Science Building
  12. Green Roof Installation – Applied Engineering Complex
  13. LEED Certified
  14. Applied Engineering Complex
  15. Shredding Paper Program
  16. Permeable pavers
  17. Grass cells
  18. Campus Trees
  19. Ash Tree Removal Invasive Emerald Ash Borer

Additional Green Projects on campus: