Service Awards to be given June 23

The 31th annual Service Awards Luncheon, which is in the form of a brunch this year, will take place Tuesday, June 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Don Morris Room in the Memorial Student Center. In addition to the service awards, the Employee of the Year will be named at this time.

Following is the list of university staff members who will receive awards:

10 Years of Service:
Phillip Adkins, Jason Bays, Mark Bays, Helen Bonham, Johnny Bradley, Averill Burriss, Dyanna Collins, Ivory Damron, Carl Dillman, Tara Helton, Andrew Hutchinson, Jennifer Jimison, Samuel Kincaid, Paula Kouns, Zachary Littleton, Helen Majdalany, Ernest Maynard, Luetta McCallister, Linda McKee, Scott Morehouse, Carolyn O’Lynn, Kelli Price, Christine Risch, Julia Schreiber, Jody Scott, Michael Smith, Carl Smith, Erica Thomas, and Russell Tomblin

For 15 Years of Service:
Scott Ballou, Tara Hensley, Carol Hurula, William James, Anita Mathis, Cyndi Miller, Cynthia Obregon, Tamara Reynolds, Carolyn Schwarz, Sherri Smith, Mary Waller, and Philann White

For 20 Years of Service:
Mary Adkins, Kevin Bannon, Jean Bevans, Roy Bias, C. Jill Burcham, Ernest Cartwright, Joann Haley, Gary Hall, Elizabeth Hanrahan, Susan Luther, Martha Mozingo, Rhonda Mullins, Babette Napier, Jan Parker, Alice Roberts, John Smith, Denise Smith, Jason Sturgill, Jeffrey Tomblin, Leonard Varney, Robert Walker, and Lance West

For 25 Years of Service:
Lisa Allen, Karen Beach, Debra Chapman, Sandra Clements, Robert Collier, F. Layton Cottrill, Mark Gale, Melissa Gebhardt, Sandra Hicks, Thomas Jessup, Anna Lawhon, James Parker, Ann Pofahl, Bonnie Ross, Sabrina Simpson, William Thornhill, Meena Wadhwa, Susan Weinstein, Vickie White, Suzann Workman, and Katherine Zimmerman

For 30 Years of Service:
Betty Adkins, John Bailey, Linda Beaver, Merry Brown, William Burdette, Edna Cole, Jan Fox, Patricia Gallagher, Karen Haney, Ronnie Hicks, Randy Layne, Richard Petit, Jr., and Victoria Seguin

For 35 Years of Service:
Carla Adkins, Timothy Calvert, Dennis Casey, Jerri Clagg, Russell Dobbins, James Jones, Edna Justice, Thomas Laney, Richard Osburn, Jacqueline Smith, and Jack Wilson

For 40 Years of Service:
Pat Dickson, Jeffery Edwards, Nadine Hamrick, and Cynthia Warren

Retirees to date:
Teresa Bailey, Linda Beaver, Judy Blevins, Linda Bowen, Betty Cook, Darlene Cordle, Ruby Dean, Dana Edmonds, D. Sharon Gates, Kent Hayes, Douglas Hennig, Stephen Hensley, Deborah Hicks, Anita Hill, Edna Justice, Frances Mooney, Elizabeth Nickell, Nancy Pelphrey, Richard Petit Jr., Gael Setliff, John Smith, Kristine Standifur, Ivan Swanson, and Wilma Gay Thomas

Menu: The Thundering Herd Breakfast
Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy, Pancakes with Syrup, Crispy Bacon and Sausage, Home Fried Potatoes, Mini Muffins and Fresh Fruit Compote. Orange Juice, Coffee/Decaf, Hot Tea, and Ice Water. In addition to fresh fruit, diabetics will be able to choose sugar free syrup and jelly.

If anyone has been left off this list, or has a preference how his or her name should be listed in the program, please contact Joe Wortham at extension 6-5402.