Juanita Carpenter Sammons Scholarship established for digital forensics and information assurance student

The Sammons family and the LeBaron Foundation have endowed the Juanita Carpenter Sammons Scholarship for a student majoring in digital forensics and information assurance in the Marshall University College of Science.

John Sammons, chair of the university’s Department of Forensic Sciences, said the scholarship was created to memorialize his mother and support Marshall University, specifically the digital forensics and information assurance program.

“This scholarship is doubly sweet for me – first, as a son being able to honor our mother and her strong belief in education, and second, as a program director knowing what a tremendous benefit this is for our students," Sammons said.

John Sammons’ brother David Sammons said the financial need for these graduates is undeniable. Sammons’ sister, Donna Carpenter LeBaron, said their mother was a great advocate for education and a booster of all things Marshall.

"She would applaud the school’s digital forensics and information assurance program for both its innovativeness and its practicality: What’s better than a cutting-edge science degree that could immediately lead to a job?" LeBaron said. "She would be delighted to have her name associated with this program and to have this scholarship established in her memory."

Dean LeBaron, the founder and CEO of the LeBaron Foundation, said their support will help bring necessary skill sets to the area.

“Marshall’s Digital Forensics and Information Assurance program hits all the right notes for students, the institution, the Huntington community and the workforce," LeBaron said. "The LeBaron Foundation is honored to help Marshall University fill the cyber-security skills gap."

Dr. Ron Area, CEO of the Marshall University Foundation Inc., said contributions like these are essential for student success.
"We understand the financial burden our students may face and members of the Sammons family and LeBaron Foundation are lessening this burden," Area said. "The digital forensics program produces high-achieving graduates that go on to become leaders in their industry and their community. We will continue to support the efforts of our donors who provide opportunities for student success."
Area said while maintaining exceptional performance in the normal curriculum, the student’s work should bring attention and credit to Marshall’s growing importance in the field, such as publishing an article and/or participating in coursework-related competition of conference activity.

The award will be renewable for up to four years (8 semesters) if the recipient maintains good academic standing. The dean of the College of Science, or his/her designee, will select the recipient and renew the award, in cooperation with the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

To learn more about the digital forensics and information assurance program, visit http://www.marshall.edu/forensicsciences/dfia/. For more information on how to contribute to student success through the Marshall University Foundation Inc., contact Krystle Davis by e-mail at Krystle.davis@marshall.edu or call 304-696-3916.