In Memoriam: Terry Shank

Terry Shank passed away in late June at his home in Nitro, West Virginia.  He had a long history of service to Marshall University, starting in the spring semester of 1994 as a part-time faculty member in Biological Sciences.  He became a full-time instructor in the spring semester of 2003, and went on to teach full time in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment until his retirement in the summer of 2018.

“Terry was a favorite teacher of many students, and his hands-on teaching style led to many memorable classroom discussions and campus treks, where he helped generations of students learn how to investigate the natural world,” said Dr. Mindy Armstead, professor and chair of Natural Resources and the Environment in the College of Science.  “Terry was best known for his positive attitude, generosity, and willingness to help anyone at any time – even after his retirement.  His mentoring, support, and kind presence will be sorely missed by his colleagues and friends.”

“He was a genuinely kind, considerate, and generous person who was always willing to help Marshall students succeed,” said Dr. Charles Somerville, dean of the College of Science.