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WMUL Faculty Manager Honored
Dave Wilson

A new scholarship has been established for a Marshall University student studying the field of radio in honor of the man who has been the driving force behind Marshall’s student radio station for more than two decades.
The establishment of the “Dr. Charles G. Bailey Award” was recently announced, as a way for his former and current students to say thank you to the man who has impacted nearly every student he has come in contact with. 20 donors, made up of mostly former and current students, raised over $20,000 for the scholarship.
“You can’t talk about WMUL without Dr. Bailey,” says outgoing student Station Manager Adam Cavalier.
Since 1985 students have come and gone from Marshall’s student radio station, WMUL-FM, but Dr. Charles Bailey has remained a constant, pushing students to reach heights and achieve success they didn’t know were possible.
“He is hard on you, but he’s a guy that has devoted his life and time to the station and students,” remarked Alex Reed who served as Station Manager and is now the voice of the Wheeling Nailers.
During Dr. Bailey’s time as faculty manager, students have won 1,136 national, regional and state awards setting a standard for other college radio stations around the country to live up to.
At WMUL’s recent 50th anniversary banquet speaker after speaker went to the podium to recall their time working at WMUL-FM and it was nearly impossible for them to tell their stories without mentioning how Dr. Bailey had impacted their lives in some way.
“I spent so many hours in his office talking about so many things over the years,” said Todd McCormick who served as station manager from 1995 to 2000.
Trips to Dr. Bailey’s office were not always pleasant and trust me I was called to the office more than once. His critiques were often harsh and often you left mad and maybe even cursing him under your breath. However, they were always true and never intended to demean you. It was an honest evaluation so you could grow as a broadcaster, identify your weaknesses and continue to improve.
“I’ve always said while he can be harsh, I’ve never encountered a professor that cares so deeply for one’s success,” says Cavalier.
Dr. Bailey even cares about his students’ well being outside the classroom. I stayed on campus during the summers and need a little extra cash. So, Dr. Bailey hired to me to work in his yard all summer mowing grass, trimming trees and bushes, cleaning out holly leaves from landscaping and we even repainted his large front porch. Even in those instances Dr. Bailey took the time to teach lessons such as attention to detail. Sometimes the lessons were a little simpler, such as where to avoid the poison ivy.
“Chuck Bailey is unique. I have such respect for him because he’s changed lives. He’s dedicated himself to this program and university and we are the beneficiary of this gift,” says Mike Farrell who sits on the university’s Board of Governors.
It’s not often you find a professor who has left such an impression on his students that years later they hold a great deal of respect and admiration for him. It is probably less often that you find a professor who later becomes your friend.