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James Roach

Contact Info

Office phone: 304-696-6640
e-mail: use this web form

James Roach

Music Director

Other positions: Traffic Director, Metal Producer, Sports and News Staff
Hometown: Richwood, WV
Major: History/Broadcast Journalism
Minor: Political Science
Career goals: Somewhere in the Atlanta Braves organization (preferably Play by Play for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans), except Danville(Sorry D-Braves). Fallback Plan: Trying to make the music industry less evil and foreboding one day at a time.
WMUL tenure began: Fall 2006

The Less Serious List

All-Time Greatest Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings
Greatest Albumn of All-Time: The Who- Who's Next
Paper or Plastic: Paper
Greatest Obession: Vinyl records.
Obladi Obladi: Lala how the life goes on

In My Own Words

Way back in the turbulent months of the fall of the year 2006, seeking solace from the mudane and apprehensive nature of the world in which I resided, I discovered the origin of 88.1 FM. With the aid of an acquaintance that had been partaking in the radio-y goodness that I would soon indulge myself in, I signed up for my very first on-air shift bringing the Tri-State the good word of B.B. King, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane in the wee hours of mid-morning

From that point forward I would begin branching out at a rapid pace into the welcoming embrace of college radio. From the mild-mannered on-air talent, to sports-talk-host-radio guy, to everything in between and beyond it did not take long before I found myself in my first and then second directorship at WMUL.

Aside from my life at the station, (life outside the station? What a quaint concept.) I usually spend my free time scouring record stores for original pressings of The Who albumns. I also dabble in creating my own music, though to poor results at times. I tend to posses strong attention deficit disorder with my hobbies and interests, as my obsessions know no bounds beyond music as well, and linger into sports, movies, and food.

All-in-all I'm a pretty simple lad with so much going on at times I'm impressed I keep up, and not surprised when I don't.