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Jessi Sisson

Contact Info

Office phone: 304-696-6640
e-mail: use this web form

Jessi Sisson

Promotions Director

Other positions: News Producer, DJ, Music Director
Hometown: Ripley, WV
Major: Radio/TV
Minor: Organizational Communications
Career goals:If you find them... send them my way
WMUL tenure began: Fall 2007

The Less Serious List

Favorite Band: Brand New
Favorite Mythical Creature: Mermaids
Favorite TV Shows: Weeds, Big Bang Theory
Favorite Quote: "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams; it is still a beautiful world"- Max Ehrmann

In My Own Words

I'm really terrible at talking about myself. I wish I could just have someone who knows me really well sit here and tell you only the good things about me. But then that wouldn't be very relevant would it. So rather than dish out all of the good and bad things about me I'll just leave the tidbits to the top of the page... Other than the fact that I hate capital letters. I think they might be mean to the other letters... making me feel less important and what not. I will tell you that I'm a procrastinator... and somewhat irresponsible sometimes.

I love life, I love the world, and most of the people in it.