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Deven Swartz at the 2010 National Broadcasting Society convention in Dallas

Contact Info

Office phone: 304-696-6640
e-mail: use this web form

Resume Work

- WMUL voiceover/production demo
(MP3, 1:14)

Major Awards

2010 Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum Award, Overall Web Site

2010 National Broadcasting Society

Grand Prize, Overall Web Site

2009 Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc.
Finalist, Best Promo

2009 National Broadcasting Society
Grand Prize, Public Affairs/Interview

2009 National Broadcasting Society
Honorable Mention, Audio Promo

2008 National Broadcasting Society
Grand Prize, Audio News Package

Deven Swartz

Online Director

Other positions: Promo/Imaging guru, Sowards-Roudebush Report producer, Newscenter 88 anchor
Hometown: Huntington, WV (though originally from Philippi, WV)
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Minor: Political Science
Career goal: Short-term, find a creative services job in audio, video or broadcast field; long-term, be a voiceover talent for a national account
WMUL tenure began: Fall 2004, basically Day 1 at Marshall

The Less Serious List

Other ways people try to spell my name: Devin, Devan, Devon (thank God nobody has put a "u" in there) and I've even gotten Denver before --that's ironic as I am heading there in Summer 2010; also people have an overwhelming desire to spell or pronounce my last name as Schwartz (thanks a lot, Aahnold)
Why I hate most candy: Fruits just taste better! If all that was left on earth to eat were kiwis, strawberries, wild blackberries, green grapes, oranges, plums, nectarines, etc., I'd be in heaven.
Best books I've ever read, bar none: "Made To Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath and "Talent is Overrated" by Geoff Colvin
Favorite music: It's kinda weird, I admit, but I like instrumentals, especially TV and radio themes, and some movie soundtracks; I believe nothing stirs the soul better than a great instrumental piece

In My Own Words

I have wanted to work in the media business in some capacity since I was 5 or 6. Looking back on it, I guess I was mesmerized by the "poetry in motion" effect of everything complementing each other so beautifully.

I watched TV news and sports broadcasts religiously as I grew up, and I even tore apart the rubberized legs of a telescope I got for Christmas in order to play Mr. Microphone. And I'd even pretend to use the now tripod-less telescope as a handeld camera and walk around the house pretending to interview my family. I also designed miniature studios for years using Legos, one of which I still have displayed in my room, and once I got a computer I even messed around with some TV graphics design. And if you want to challenge me, quiz me one day on any commercial broadcast station in the Top 75 U.S. markets. Seriously, you would be hard pressed to find a single stone in the broadcast field that I left unturned as a kid.

As an adult, I know that the profession is not as magical as it appeared to me as a child, but it's still insane to think that in the near future I could be making a living doing this.