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Adam Rogers

Contact Info

Office phone: 304-696-2295
e-mail: use this web form

Adam "Spanky" Rogers

Executive Director

Other positions held: Sports Director, Sports News Anchor, Training Coordinator, News Anchor
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major: RBA
Career goals: Be an analyst on ESPN 
WMUL tenure began: Fall 2009

The Less Serious List

Favorite Song: “Side B (Dope Song)” – Danny Brown
Favorite TV Show: Community
Best Facial Expression: The Slow Over-Expressive Wink
Favorite Teams: Ohio State, Marshall, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Cubs, Boston Celtics

In My Own Words

Well, I’m now in year number five working here at WMUL-FM. These past few years have flown by while working on various staffs. After a two year hiatus from the training coordinator position, I returned last year and now I am excited to teach you as much as I can when it comes to anything at WMUL-FM as Executive Director.

My biggest piece of advice to those of you who are looking to work at WMUL-FM is to get involved with as many different things here as possible because it will benefit you in the long run! Seriously, that’s how I’ve been able to do as much as have in my time here. Hope you believe me and take it to heart! Have a great time working here!