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Jimmy Sanders

Contact Info

Office phone: 304-696-6640
e-mail: use this web form

Jimmy Sanders

Automation Coordinator

Other positions held: Stuff
Hometown: Plant City, Florida
Major: Radio & Television Production and Management
Career goals: To be a game show host. Seriously.
WMUL tenure began: August 2009
What I've done so far: Anchored, produced, and reported for NewsCenter 88; reported on sports , done play-by-play, color commentary, and have engineered more game broadcasts than I can count. Also, you know that WMUL promo where the guy chases the goose around? That was all me. Except the goose honks, that was from a SFX library.

The Less Serious List

Favorite Sports Teams: The Herd, of course; and any team with the word “Tampa” in it.
Favorite TV Shows: The Daily Show and Colbert
Favorite Music Genre: Smooth Jazz. Seriously.
Favorite Activities:
Going to places I’ve never been.
What I Go Weak In The Knees For: Really good mac & cheese; tall brunettes; Orlando, Florida; a really good TV theme song.