Photo Galleries: 1985

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Governor Arch Moore partakes in a pregame ceremony.
Gov. Moore again on the field during the ceremony
A fairly full Fairfield Stadium for the game.
The rest of the stadium looks pretty full for the game, too.
Marshall quarterback Carl Fodor unwinds for a pass.
What looks to be the beginning of a touchdown run for #9. Marshall beats VMI 22-16 in this game.
The Homecoming queen: Ms. Wyant.
The Homecoming attendant, Ms. Carter, is pictured in the red.
A majorette doing the ritz

IBS in Washington, D.C.

The crew at the Iwo Jima monument
The crew at the Lincoln Memorial
A closer look at the crew from the Lincoln Memorial.
Walking around the numerous sites of D.C.
Two of our staff walking through the park
After all that just have to sit down.
While the staff is walking down the steps of the capitol, Dr. B decided to take a photo of the breathtaking view of the monument.
Lee Zirkle in silhouette in the hotel room

Football: Marshall vs. Eastern Kentucky

Let's talk about the end first: Marshall upsets EKU 13-0 at home.
They did it in front of a fairly large crowd at the home of the colonels.
A Colonel runner heading toward the right sideline
EKU QB hurling one downfield
Marshall quarterback Carl Fodor gets ready to let the ball fly.
The sideline knew it was a huge upset, as you can see the fists go up into the air.
Marshall fans celebrate on the field after the game after the 13-7 win.

1985 Southern Conference Men's Tournament

The Asheville Civic Center: the longtime home of the Southern Conference basketball tournament.
A closer look at the civic center
The WMUL broadcast crew
The crew, sitting
The Thundering Herd Cheerleaders are trying to get their fans fired up for the game.
The bench is feeling a championship...
And the scoreboard confirms its feelings. The Thundering Herd are your 1985 Southern Conference basketball champions!
Fans storm the court after the victory.
The Herd celebrate in an age-old tradition of cutting down the nets after a championship victory.
The celebration's on the upper deck as well.

How the station looked in '85

The sign leading to the station, which is down the pictured hallway and double doors.
First stop: the staff room, where you see that massive bulletin board as soon as you walk in. The bulletin board was still located in that spot as of 2006.
To the right of the bulletin board is the AP news closet, featuring the bulky yet reliable AP news machine.
To the left of the bulletin board are some more desks and the door leading to the station manager's office.
Here's the door to the station manager's office close-up.
Here's station manager Dr. Charles G. Bailey in his office. That's a nice chair he's sitting in there.
This is directly to the left as you walk in to the staff room. Today, this area is home to the extra-useful sports closet and no desks.
Now let's head down the hallway, which doesn't have a trophy case at the end of it...yet. We'll turn right at the second door, where the studios are located.
And our first stop is Studio A, our control studio. Thre first things you'll see are equipment racks. Look at all the empty spots on the patch panel.
Here is the old cart lazy Susan, the old console, and the short rack that ran the station for many years. All of these would change over the next few years.
To the right of the main console is this wall giving DJs important information on how to operate the station, including actual format clocks.
As we head out of studio A, we head to the hallway connecting all the studios. Studios B and C are on the right, and the Newscenter is on the left.
Next, we'll go to B, the second biggest production studio.
Studio C is the smallest production studio of them all, but by no means is it inferior to the others.
Here is the Newscenter, which doesn't have a mirror at this point. The anchors sit where the three mics are laid out.
Here is the producer's location in the Newscenter. In this photo, it looks as if the producer would have his/her back facing the anchors...again, without a mirror.
Let's head back down the main hallway to the classroom, which also doubles as a large-scale studio.
Here's a look from the center of the clasroom to studios A, B and C.
Here's the public affairs table, which didn't have wheels at this point, making mobility rather difficult.
Studio D, pictured here, looks directly into the classroom.
The Studio D console
Here's a massive tool for cart, record and tape storage.
Here's the WMUL logo as seen from the main hallway.

Volleyball: WMUL vs. I.E.

Assorted volleyball action
Here is WMUL's group of determined players.
Randy Gawthrop hits it over the net.
Gawthrop spikes it home for the MULers.
Keith Spears gives the ball a nice touch as it travels over the net.
Even Dr. Gross got into the action.
Spears and Denman exchange congratulations at the end of the match.