Photo Galleries: 1986

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Baseball: Marshall vs. East Tennessee State

We are at University Heights field...
The crowd for this game on one set of the bleachers
The view of the batter from the broadcast location
The view of the pitcher from the broadcast location
The broadcast location with WMUL equipment in view
SID Sid Spencer sits directly behind home plate.
The broadcast crew L-R: Shawn Holiday, Doug Birdsong and Joe Hovanski
Just Shawn and Doug here
A view of the staff with the bleachers in the background

Southern Conference Men's Basketball Tournament

The WMUL-FM staff
The on-air staff, Shawn, Joe and Doug, at work.
Doug Birdsong meeting with Southern Conference commissioner Douglas Shirley

How the Station Looked in '86

That desk is still in the same spot in the staff room today, but there's a computer on it instead of a typewriter.
A closeup of the WMUL series of typewriters
Wide shot of Dr. Bailey's faculty manager office
The right side of the office you couldn't see in the first photo
This bulletin board is on the left wall when you walk in.
This can of Coor's Ginesng Rush is on Dr. B's desk.