Photo Galleries: 1989

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1989 Southern Conference Men's Tournament

WMUL's broadcast position as taken from the Marshall student section
The Marshall pep band playing its hearts out
WMUL's Chuck Richardson and Tom Roten are interviewing Marshall's Andre Cunningham.
A closeup of the broadcast staff in action
The full staff in attendance in Asheville
East Tennessee State fans storm the court after an impressive 96-73 win over Marshall.

Annual Spring Picnic

While awards are usually given out, sometimes gifts, like these money shorts, are exchanged during the annual picnic. Chris Cobb was the recipient of these, and Kim Jefferson got them for him.
Kim Jefferson awards Chuck Cook with a gold record.
Dr. Bailey gives a certificate to Barbara Riggs.
Dr. Bailey receives a gold record from Scott Brun.
Dr. Bailey returns the favor and gives Scott Brun a certificate.
Dr. Dorothy Johnson receives a certificate of appreciation from Dr. Bailey.
Tom Roten receives a certificate from Dr. Bailey.

WMUL's New Transmitter and Antenna Setup

The new Harris transmitter is on the left; the old one is on the right.
An old console is stored up in the transmitter room as well.
The new antenna can be seen on the right from this view.
RF waves aren't to be fooled around with; that's why there's a danger sign by the door to the transmitter room.
And then on top of that, here's the ever scary radioactive sign.
Tons of tools, wires and whatnot can be found in the engineering room.

Homecoming '89

The beginning of the parade
An antique fire truck
More antiques in the parade
A huntington streetcar makes its appearance
WMUL did a live remote from the float for the second year in a row.
A closer look at the truck, whose occupants include Kathy Kilburn, Diana Long, Scott Brun, Chris Gold and Scott Cosco.
Today, this is The Upperclassman apartment complex on fourth avenue. Back then, it was the Holiday Inn.
The busy scene at the bonfire later that night
As usual, WMUL was there with the burning details in a live remote. Pictured: Chris Gold, Chris Greenwood, Scot Brun and John Iaasacs.
A closer look at the tall fire