Photo Galleries: 1990

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BEA/NAB Annual Convention - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta skyline as seen from the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel
CNN Tower at night as seen from the Peachtree Plaza Hotel's Sundial Restaurant
A 73-story skyscraper under construction
Marshall contingent in the Peachtree having dinner with quite the view. Left side: Paula Thomas and Kim Jefferson. Right side: Jeanie Stevenson and Randy Comm.
Keith Spears with facial hair
Dr. Dorothy Johnson
Stone Mountain
Dr. Johnson looks at the intricacies of Stone Mountain.

1990 Southern Conference Men's Tournament

Marshall Athletic Director Lee Moon interviewed by WMUL's Todd Agne.
Another photo with Moon; Jay Nunley is at right
Marshall president Dale Nitzschke interviewed as well by Agne
ETSU Coach Les Robinson is interviewed on WMUL-FM by Derek Scott and Jay Nunley.
The staff in action: Derek Scott, Clark Haptonstall, Todd Agne and Jay Nunley
The traditional staff pose at the end of the night. Standing: Clark Haptonstall and Todd Agne. Seated: Ed Rothman, Derek Scott and Jay Nunley.

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Association Convention

Doug Birdsong, Bill Hicks, Larry Frum Jr., Matti Leach, Derek Scott, Randy Comm and Bill Cornwell have Lunch on the Ohio River.
Doug Birdsong joins the WMUL staffers for lunch.
More WMUL staffers: Randy Comm, Chirs Cobb and Kimberly Jefferson
The staff did more sightseeing, this time at Oglebay Park.
Eventually it was time to get serious, and this was the scene before the awards ceremony.

Marshall Stadium Groundbreaking

The sound setup for the groundbreaking ceremony
WMUL was the only station to broadcast the ceremony live.
A large crowd, including proponents and opponents, gather for the ceremony.
You can see some of the protestors' signs in this photo.
West Virginia state senator Ned Jones addresses the crowd, some of whom welcomed him with boos and jeers.
Marshall president Dale Nitzschke gives a speech.
Nitzschke holds up a shovel and asks if anyone else wants to be part of the groundbreaking ceremony.
And the leaders turn the dirt...
WMUL's Clark Haptonstall's interview with former Marshall Coach George Chaump is sent back to the station via the antenna seen behind him.

Football: Marshall at VMI (and WKEY Station Visit)

An absolutely breathtaking entrance to VMI's Alumni Memorial Field
Wide shot of the stadium
The foliage matches VMI's colors pretty well.
Closeup of the field action
The WMUL staff watching the game: Shawn Holliday, Kim Jefferson, Joe Hovanski and Chris Cobb.
Welcome to the lobby of WKEY radio.
This old radio can be found in the lobby.
This old transmitter is also in the lobby.
Here is a closeup of the old Western Electric transmitter.
The performance studio
The other side of the performance studio
Joe Hovanski in the production studio
This reel-to-reel machine is to the right of the desk in the production studio.
The control room with tons o'reels
Before computers became the big thing, automation machines looked like this.
The WKEY van

Herd Media Day: 1990-91 Men's Basketball

The WMUL sports staff. Front: Scott Cosco, Todd Agne and Larry Frum, Jr. Back: Derek Scott and Tom Roten.
Another photo of the WMUL sports staff, this time with the awards from the rafters