Photo Galleries: 1993

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Studio B Water Leak

The leak was caused by the roof air conditioning unit. WMUL's studios are on the top floor of the communications building.
Most items in the studio were damaged, including the board.
Not even the microphone was spared from water damage.
The studio was promptly gutted. Here's the view looking toward the outer hallway.
The completely empty Studio B
Another photo of the empty Studio B

BEA/NAB Convention in Las Vegas

Brad Williamson and Chuck Miller outside the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Look at how large the NAB logo letters are here.
Chuck Miller stands in front of an NBC sports production truck.
Miller stands in front of a giant boom box truck that has the logo of the world-famous Z100 in New York City on it.
Finally inside, here's a smaller scale of the NAB theme for '93. Man, the 90s were bad when it came to color palettes.
Miller and Williamson in front of the bright directional sign for the convention.

1993 Southern Conference Women's Tournament

Marshall during a timeout
Furman goes down and attempts a three-point shot.
Marshall attempts a contested shot from just inside the three-point line.
Marshall lost to Furman in the semis.
The WMUL crew: Jason Philyaw, Dave McWhorter and Pete Collman.
The crew was stuck here during the Blizzard of '93, and the snow is falling furiously at this point.
Look at the brick pillar in the foreground. That's definitely a few inches of snow.
WMUL's staff was stuck on I-81 for hours because of the aftermath of the blizzard.

Football: Marshall at NC State

From the press box view, the Marshall section
From the Marshall section, the press box with WMUL's banner at the very top
Nice shot capturing the field and the stadium atmosphere
Carter-Finley stadium's early '90s scoreboard technology, featuring at least three different colors

Football: NCAA Championship - The Rematch

CBS covers the national championship yet again
But then again, so did WMUL.
Youngstown State takes the field.
Marshall takes the field.
The coin toss; Marshall deferred to the second half
Marshall kicks off to Youngstown State
Marshall wasn't having the success like it did in 1992 against Youngstown State.
Youngstown State was eating as much clock as possible
With little time to go, Marshall needed a few touchdowns to stay in the game. On 4th and Goal, though, Y'Town made its biggest stop of the day.
Youngstown fans storm the field as they won the 1993 I-AA national championship.
Marshall, though, would go back to its locker room dejected and disappointed at its loss.
Some Marshall fans went on the field to keep Y'Town from knocking down one of Marshall's goalposts.

Other 1993 Photos

Awards in the station manager's office
More awards in the station manager's office
Door to Dr. B's office
The bulletin board inside Dr. B's office
The 1993 WVAPBA staff