Photo Galleries: 1994

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1994 Southern Conference Women's Tournament

A view from outside Greenville's Memorial Coliseum
Sports director Pete Collman talks with his crew
The view from the announcers' perspective.
Georgia Southern cuts down the nets as the tournament champs.
This photo showing the prominent position of the WMUL banner was shot during the championship ceremony.
Georgia Southern's coach came to the WMUL table for an interview.
A photo of a semifinal game
The WMUL staff on hand in Greenville for the broadcasts: Robbie Tuell, Cameron Smith, Jason Philyaw, Pete Collman and Dave McWhorter

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Association Covention

The staff was brought in this absolutely beautiful looking van.
Cameron Smith, spotting a WVVA hat, sits in the front passenger seat of the van.
Also sitting in the van, Bob Ball has an AP hat on.
You can see the Marshall van on the bottom left, while you should be able to make out Chopper 13 in the field beyond the trees.
WMUL Alum Bill Cornwell with WKEE
WMUL alum Tom Roten with WXVK
WMUL staff before the awards ceremony: Mark DiIorio, Allison Leighty, Carol Elmore, Dr. Charles G. Bailey, David McWhorter, Sean Hamilton, Sherri Thomas, Cameron Smith, Cliff Haddox and Bob Ball
WMUL staff after the awards ceremony, leaving with more than what they came in with, as usual
Mark DiIorio (dee-OR-ee-oh) is also in the van wearing an AP hat.
Mr. DiIorio would also win a couple of AP awards.

Studio B Returns to Service

Tools and other stuff needed in the installation of the new slider board
The board looks a little naked right now.
Chuck Cook hard at work to make that studio useable again
Studio B in its completed form
Wide shot of the new studio B