Photo Galleries: 1996

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Capital Classic

The broadcast staff on hand for this contest.
A photo of the game itself
The Bud Light Daredevils were on hand to provide halftime entertainment.
Another photo of the Bud Daredevils
Marshall got the win in the game, though it was close.

National Assoc. Of College Broadcasters Regionals And Finals

The staff having fun taking this photo at regionals in Bloomington, IL: Todd McCormick, Bob Ball and Lance Schrader
They also visited WZND, Illinois State's student radio station.
Their production studio
And yes, they also had splice machines.
The finals were in Providence that year. Here are the guys in front of the state capitol.
This is outside a fancy restaurant.
The hotel and convention center where the awards would be doled out.
And the world-famous Biltmore Hotel in Providence.

SPJ Regionals in Cleveland

Dr. Turner and Dr. Arnold pose beside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sign.
Drs. Arnold and Turner walk toward the entrance to this uniquely shaped building.
Angela Henderson, Kristi Irvin and Amy baker on one of the streets of Cleveland
Dr. Turner gets on a city trolley.
Dr. Arnold holds court in the Terrace Room at Jacobs Field.

1996 Southern Conference Men's and WOmen's Tournament

The WMUL staff preparing for the large slate of games
Wright Waters from the Southern Conference sits down for an interview with Jason Toy and Pete Collman.
Tipoff in the men's semifinals
Tipoff in one of the Marshall ladies' games
John Brannen decides to let one go from downtown
Another WMUL interview, this time with Coach Moore.
Many of these signs, designed by elementary school students, were up all around the coliseum.
Appy state took home the women's title.
The entire staff gathers around for one final shot inside the Greensboro Coliseum.
And then of course you have to have a shot outside the Greensboro Coliseum. In photo: David McWhorter, Pete Collman, Brian Guthrie, Paul Watson, Cliff Haddox, Jason Toy, Angie Kendrick, Dave Maier and Dorothy Bailey.

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Association Convention

This year it took place at the Ramada Inn in South Charleston.
Look at the size of those cellular phones! Pictured are Steve Hardwick and Shanen Wright.
The staff before the awards ceremony: Pete Collman, Paul Watson, Angela Henderson, Amy Baker, Shanen Wright, Angie Kendrick, Missy Bonzo, Steve Hardwick, Lance Schrader and Bob Ball.
The staff after the awards ceremony...always leaving with more than what they enter with

CMA Convention in Orlando

The staff outside the Hard Rock Cafe
The staff with awards in their hands
The vibrant plants of central Florida provide great backdrops for solo shots.

Tailgate Bash

Bob Ball does the YMCA from the WMUL Tailgate Bash setup
This event was co-sponsored by WMUL and the College of Liberal Arts.
Gubernatorial candidate Charlotte Pritt stopped by the tent.
So did Senator Jay Rockefeller.
Marshall president J. Wade Gilley stopped by the tent as well.
Here's a photo of most of the WMUL and COLA staff working the tents: Kurtiz Schneid, Cam Brammer, Bob Ball, Dean Joan Mead and Lance Schrader.
Ball is on the band director's stand leading the crowd in the YMCA.
A photographer snaps shots of Schneid, Ball and Schrader doing their best Macarena
And what major occasion would be complete without a cake?

WMUL's 35th Anniversary Celebration

The John Marshall room with its fabulous views was the venue for the anniversary celebration.
Decorative balloons were also all around the room.
The 35th anniversary cake
Even John Marshall himself had some WMUL clothing for the event.
Shane Cartmill stands behind the podium.
WMUL T-shirts
WMUL sweatshirts

Football: NCAA 1-AA National Championship

Marshall comes out to a throng of cheers from the obvious home advantage.
The Grizzlies leave the field at the half down considerably.
Kresser and Moss leave the field together.
At this venture, it was just a matter of time before Marshall won the game. Thus, authorities were getting onto the field to make sure things stay relatively safe.
Players feeling victory close at hand, want the crowd to feel the same way
Paul Watson and David McWhorter waiting for the game to end so they can etch their audio snippet into the record books
It's over! The fans storm the court as they know they're the champs with a 49-29 score over Montana.
Goodbye, goalpost.
This editor wonders how far they got with that thing.