Photo Galleries: 1998

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Capital Classic

Paul Guthrie interviews Juliene Simpson.
Vince Payne and Todd McCormick begin their run as WMUL's main sports broadcasting tandem.
Dennis Black, Payne and McCormick calling the action as they see it
Unfortunately for Marshall fans, WVU dominated most of the game.
McCormick, Dennis Black and Brian Guthrie made up the other on-air broadcasting tandem who did the women's game.

Marconi Awards in Chicago

Outside of the ceremonies, the staff stands for a photo: Kurtiz Schneid, Chris Bavle and Sean Hamilton.
WMUL staffer Kurt Schneid's mother lives in the Chicagoland area.
Schneid and other staff in front of the house
An adorable photo of Schneid's dog

JMC334: Guyandotte

The house in Guyandotte
The class in front of the house
The class in front of a mural beside the house
Historian Karen Nance aids the class in understanding the significance of this house during the Battle of Guyandotte during the Civil War.

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Association Convention

Before the ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Charleson
And after...with won awards in hand. After a while, it just sounds like a broken record. Pictured: AP Bureau Chief John Bolt, Erin Everly, Nicky Walters, Angela Henderson, Dennis Black, Kurtiz Schneid, Todd McCormick, Sean Hamilton and Vince Payne.

Softball vs. The Parthenon and the Annual Picnic

Both sides shake hands at the end of the sofbtall game.
But you're more interested in who won. This photo will spill all the necessary beans.
Posing by that glowing lamp
More staffers awed by the lamp
Lift that thing to the sky!
The entire WMUL softball team and spectators
WMUL director handing out awards during the picnic
Paul Guthrie is the second-ever recipent of the Paul G. Watson Award.

Herd Media Day

Vince Payne, Todd McCormick and Jered Smalley are ready to embark upon Herd Media Day.
Pennington being interviewed by Payne
Pennington poses with the WMUL staff after the interview session. Pictured are Smalley, Brian Guthrie, Payne and McCormick.
Marshall quarterbacks pose for a photo
Team photo

Football: Marshall at South Carolina

The WMUL broadcast staff dressed up: Kurtiz Schneid, Todd McCormick, Vince Payne and Shelley Beever.
The sun sets in the heart of South Carolina.
Dr. Bailey's mom with Schneid.
South Carolina's band at halftime
This was the beginning of the "rookie" play to Doug Chapman that Marshall fans will remeber forever as it upset more than 75,000 South Carolina fans.
The final scoreboard confirms Marshall's frankly unbelieve win.