Photo Galleries: 1999

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Capital Classic

When all else fails, one must call the game by simply a phone handset. Unfortuately for Todd McCormick and Vince Payne, all else failed.
Marshall's cheerleaders doing their thing
Marshall's Jackson puts one up in the lane.
WVU misses a shot on its end.
But WVU missed too few shots compared to Marshall and escapes Charleston with a W.
The full WMUL staff: Robert Harper, Todd McCormick, Vince Payne and Jerod Smalley.

CMA Awards in Atlanta

Todd McCormick, April Vitello, Nicky Walters and Chris Roberts on the property of the old Fulton County stadium
Staff at Olympic Park
Staff reading a plaque about the bombing incident during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta
Staff eating dinner at the Sundial: Nicky Walters, April Vitello, Todd McCormick, Chris Roberts and Pete Collman.
The view of the sunset from the Sundial
WMUL alum Brad Williamson takes time away from his Weather Channel duties to talk to WMUL staff.
The CNN center and the Georgia Dome as viewed from Dr. Bailey's room
Oh, by the way, WMUL picked up ten awards at the CMAs as well.

JMC334: Advanced Audio Production

At the Carroll House
Patrick Sheehan, Christian Bavle, April Vitello, Brandy Barkey, Randy Sutherland, Larry Buckland and Alvin Jewell stand in front of a mural at the Carroll House.
A closeup of the previous photo

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Association Convention

Staff outside the Mountaineer Lodge before the awards: Patrick Sheehan, Jason Littell, Nicky Walters, Mike Klug, April Vitello, Vince Payne and Brandy Barkey.
Same photo, this time with the sign in view
Staff after the awards with many of them in hand. Pictured: Patrick Sheehan, Brandy Barkey, April Vitello, AP bureau chief John Bolt, Vince Payne, Mike Klug and Brian Guthrie.

Softball vs. The Parthenon and the Annual SPring Picnic

Vince Payne is ready for battle.
Unfortunately, so were the Parthenoners, who won the junky golden lamp.
The two teams did shake hands in a great case of sportsmanship.
The Parthenon is happy at their win over bitter rival WMUL-FM.
WMUL's staff in attendance
At the picnic, Vince Payne receives the Paul G. Watson award.
Todd McCormick announces the new board of directors.
Student Manager Dennis Black says goodbye.
April Vitello receives a certificate of appreciation.
Black is handing out certificates, one of his last duties as station manager.

Herd Media Day

Chad Pennington and the WMUL sports staff on the field: Jared Smalley, Todd McCormick, Vince Payne and Mike Klug.
Payne interviews Pennington.
McCormick interviews Pennington.
Klug interviews Pennington.
Jerod Smalley interviews Pennington.

BEA Convention in Las vegas

The staff stopped by the engineering marvel known as the Hoover Dam as well as that massive lake, Lake Mead, that the dam created.
The Hoover Dam seal
The spectacular dropoff as seen from the top of the dam.
The top of the dam as seen from well below.
The staff heading inside the dam
Here are some of the dam's numerous turbines
Briefly crossing over into Arizona...
...Then coming back into Nevada
In Vegas itself, a look at the Mirage Hotel and Treasure Island
The staff outside Ceasar's Palace: Vince Payne, John Winters, Todd McCormick, Dennis Black, Chuck Cook and Eric Himes.
At the BEA convention, WMUL's staffers were impressed by this Wheatstone digital board. Low and behold, a board similar to this one can now be found in WMUL's Newscenter.

Football: Marshall at Clemson

The WMUL contingent ready to call and/or watch the Marshall-Clemson game: T. Smith, Todd McCormick, Dan Newman, Vince Payne and Dorothy Bailey.
Left side of Clemson's stadium from press box position
Right side of stadium from press box position
View of filling stadium with Payne and McCormick in silhouette
Payne and McCormick discuss the game that's about to start
The Clemson band performing at halftime
A beautiful sunset as seen from the press box
An ongoing play as seen from WMUL's press box location
After the game, WMUL's staff poses for this photo after breakfast the next morning. Just look at the price of gas back then.