Photo Galleries: 2000

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IRTS-AERho Convention in Washington, D.c.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial is one of the often visited landmarks in D.C.
Near the FDR memorial stand Todd McCormick, Patrick Sheehan and Christian Bavle.
Washington is well known for its breathtaking cherry blossoms.
Staff before the awards ceremony: Patrick Sheehan, April Vitello, Nicky Walters, Brandy Barkey, Christian Bavle, Vince Payne and Robert Harper.
The staff after the awards ceremony: Robert Harper, April Vitello, Todd McCormick, Patrick Sheehan, Christian Bavle, Nicky Walters, Vince Payne and Brandy Barkey.
The staff is joined by IRTS-AERho regional director Paula Briggs.

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Association Convention

The beautiful view as seen from the lake at the bottom of Snowshoe
The view from the ski lifts looking toward the pristine-looking lake
Patrick Sheehan and his mom talk while taking in the beautiful view.
Staff before the awards
Staff after the awards with plenty in hand once again. AP bureau chief John Bolt joined this photo.
Time for one final photo before heading home.

Herd Media Day

The turn of the millennium would bring a couple of cosmetic changes to the stadium. First, these signs were added to the side of the facilities building.
More of the signs are on the other side of the goalpost.
Photo shoot
The media wait for media day activities to actually commence.
WMUL's staff: Jared Smalley, Vince Payne, Greg Schupak and Robert Harper.
The staff with...what's that in the background? Yes, it's the second major addition to the stadium in 2000...brand new end zone seats!

Welcome Back 2000

The remote took place right beside Twin Towers West.
Here, some freshman girls check out what all the commotion is about.
Nicky Walters created this poster, which has quite the attention-grabbing effect.
Nicky made this one, too, with even more neon colors than the first one.
Greg Schupak and Lara Strait show off some of the station's giveaways.
News Director April Vitello handed out water to those passing by as they needed it on this welcome weekend.
Patrick Sheehan and Nicky Walters share the remote spotlight
Those in attendance at the early part of the remote: Greg Schupak, Lara Street, Jason Littell, April Vitello, Patrick Sheehan and Nicky Walters.