Photo Galleries: 2002

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Capital Classic

Marshall's Tamar slay puts up a floating jumper in the lane.
Marshall's J.R. Vanhoose misses a free-throw to seal the win for the Herd.
The Marshall cheerleaders doing their thing
The final scoreboard reads Marshall 81, West Virginia 79 in overtime.
Vince Payne interviews Marshall's Tamar Slay after the game.
On-air crew Vince Payne and Efren Creamer
The full WMUL staff: Vince Payne, Efren Creamer, Scott Hall and Victor Imperi

West Virginia AP Broadcasters Convention

WMUL staff before the award ceremony in Morgantown
Robert Harper and Brandy Barkey sit in front of some of WMUL's awards.
Vince Payne with awards
Brandy Barkey with awards
The WMUL staff on hand: Lindsey Yanov, Brandy Barkey, Amanda Rhodes, Jamie Dempsey, Robert Harper, Vince Payne, Nora Shallaway and Kristen Houghton

BEA Convention in Las Vegas

The famous Mirage Hotel
A look at the Vegas Strip
And what's beyond Las Vegas? Short answer: nothing...except for these mountains miles away.
Dr. Corley Dennison speaks about WWVA at a convention seminar.
Robert Harper, Vince Payne and Christian Bavle
Vince Payne, Christian Bavle and Robert Harper
Christian Bavle at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Softball vs. The Parthenon and Annual Picnic

WMUL's team photo
The Parthenon's team photo
Paul Watson posing with Scott Hall, the 2002 winner of the Paul Watson award
Watson, Hall and former Watson winner Vince Payne
Kourtney Bess and Andy Charles
Kourtney Bess and Ashley Wheeler
Paul Watson and Angela Henderson
Vince Payne chillin' at Marcos
The WMUL staff in attendance at the picnic

VErnon Cremeans' 20th Anniversary

Vernon Cremeans had been doing gospel for 20 years to this point for WMUL.
Cremeans ready to cut cake
The reception was a nice touch to his extraordinary dedication to the station
Cremeans getting part of the entree dish for the event
Willis Carter (Gemini of Gemini Jazz) and Stefanie Gessel were part of the crowd in attendance.
Cremeans just can't keep from smiling.

Football: Marshall vs. Virginia Tech

Vince Payne and Scott Hall in a beautiful silhouette prior to kickoff
Marshall takes the field.
Layne Stadium, a.k.a. The House that Michael Vick Built
Virginia Tech band making the outline of the state of Virginia
Virginia Tech band making the VT logo, which means a lot more to people around the nation after the campus shooting there in 2007.
The band making the word hokies...but wait...isn't it facing the opposite direction from the other formations?!
Scott Hall is color commentator, and Victor Imperi does stats.
The FM 88 Sports team: Vince Payne, Scott Hall and Victor Imperi.

Homecoming 2002

The Huntington Trolley
Mayor David Felinton
Dr. Dan Angel
The Marshall Twirlers
Marshall's drum corps
MU pep band
Marco and a cheerleader on a 4-wheeler
Marshall Trolley
Clay Daniels and Jamie Dempsey broadcast the parade from a remote
The WMUL fire truck
The truck's coming closer...
Now you can see all the people in the WMUL fire truck.

CMA Convention in Orlando

The landscape outside the Hyatt Hotel in Orlando
Efren Creamer stands outside a hotel room door.
The ladies on the trip: Jai Jobe and Stefanie Gessel
The guys on the trip: Vince Payne, Brandon Millman, Scott Hall and Efren Creamer
The WMUL student staff: Jai Jobe, Stefanie Gessel, Scott Hall, Vince Payne, Efren Creamer and Brandon Millman.
Vince Payne poses with the CMA Best of Show award