Photo Galleries: 2005

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Women's Basketball T-shirt Giveaway

Alex Reed played host during the T-shirt giveaway.
This girl extends herself for a three-pointer.
Two WMUL staffers watch a man shoot a three-pointer.
Alex poses with the winner.
The little kids had a free-throw-shooting contest.
Dave Wilson and Alex
Showing off the guns during the promotion
Clark Davis and Angela Bradley call the women's game.
Clark Davis is in the foreground, and Angela is in the background.
Angela with her child
The promotions crew. L-R, back to front: Angela Bradley's child, Dave Wilson, Angela Bradley, Kenny Cox, Bill Lusk, Alex Reed, Krystle Nichols, Jen Smith, Melanie Chapman, Melissa Marecki, Lenny Sundahl, Brian Dalek.
A man happily shows off his Women's Basketball T-shirt.

Week of 1970 Plane Crash Memorial: Marshall vs. East Carolina

The WMUL staff prepares to cover the 1970 plane crash memorial. L-R: Chris Atkins, Alycia Somerville, Whitney Thomas (back facing camera) and Brandon Millman.
Brandon Millman looks over his notes before anchoring the live remote for the ceremony.
MetroNews's Hoppy Kercheval broadcasts live from the Memorial Student Center.
Hoppy speaks with current Marshall football head coach Mark Snyder.
Later in the week, Marshall would play ECU, the team that the Herd played before the 1970 plane crash occurred. Here is their brand new trailer outside the stadium.
Dave Wilson and Alex Reed called the game.
Here is the view from the press box.
The game crew. L-R: Clark Davis, Bill Lusk, Dave Wilson, Melanie Chapman and Alex Reed.

Football: WMUL vs. The Parthenon

Dave Wilson brought out his jersey from St. Marys High School for the event.
Chris Atkins practices the shovel pass maneuver.
Adam Cavalier warms up.
Clark Davis looks at the rest of the team warming up.
Alex Reed kicks a field goal during warmups.
Alex also warmed up his throwing arm.
Punt practice
Terry Bartley out on the field
Marshall Head Football Coach Mark Snyder stopped by, and naturally everything happening on the field came to a stop.
The event filled Joan C. Edwards Stadium to capacity. Sike.
Both teams huddle up.
WMUL's huddle close-up
Alex Reed kicks a field goal in the actual game. You can actually see the ball being kicked in this photo.
Handshakes after the game, which WMUL won.

R-O-C-K Conference USA! Homecoming 2005

The food is abundant at the carnival/homecoming preparation party.
Alexis Stewart looks quite comfortable as she works on her poster.
Alycia Somerville in the hallway decorating her poster.
Lauren Eubank and Kenny Cox camp out in the hallway to decorate posters.
Whitney Thomas ponders her next move on ther poster.
Melissa Marecki works diligently on her poster.
At the Third Annual Car Bash Carnival, Marco gets the first shot at the station wagon.
Marco with hammer confidently in hand
Students stop by to watch as the car becomes more like a chunk of metal over time.
Broadcast journalism professor Dan Hollis gives the car a good whack.
If you ever wondered what a couple of hours of hitting a station wagon with a hammer did to it, here's your answer.
Local band Aristotle and the Excellent Lovers provided some good entertainment during the carnival.
AEL lead singer
AEL bassist
AEL drummer
A good bic of the AEL bassist
The play-by-play setup allowed people to call their own play-by-play using video from past Marshall football games.
Ryan Epling does color commentary alongside one of our guest play-by-play callers.
At the Homecoming Parade, WMUL promoted itself on the back of this truck.
Whitney Thomas, Melissa Marecki, and Jennifer Simms put green decorations on the truck's rear bumper.
Alexis Stewart in the bed of the truck
Adam Cavalier adds police tape to the bashed car.
The aftermath of the bashed car can be seen here.

84th Annual National College Media Convention - Kansas City

The hotel they stayed at had this cool-looking walkway in it. Alex Reed and Brandon Millman explore it.
While out and about crusing town, the crew spots these two men dressed in strange suits.
The Kansas City skyline slightly before sunset. The convention had originally been scheduled for New Orleans, but Hurricane Katrina's wrath meant those plans had to change.
Beautiful sunset looking toward the plains of Kansas
A stunningly beautiful waterfall at night
When the crew landed at Tri-state airport, Alex Reed saw former Marshall football coach Bobby Pruett and asked him to pose for this picture.
The crew before any of the award ceremonies. L-R, back to front: Clark Davis, Dave Wilson, Brandon Millman, Mike Stanley, Alex Reed, Theresa Hoffman, Jen Smith, Krystle Nichols and Melanie Chapman.
Jen Smith returns to her seat with an award in her hand.
The crew after the awards--and of course, the station won some of them.
The crew poses with another award, this time in informal garb.

Fall Recruitment at the Memorial Student Center

The full setup outside the Memorial Student Center
Promotions director Krystle Nichols and music director Theresa Hoffman converse at the table.
A WMUL volunteer is tinkering with the controls of WMUL's portable PA system.
Dave Wilson takes the equipment back to the station. The shopping cart, nicknamed "Mobile Unit 1", is our main transporter for remotes and promotions. The station likes to be practical.

WMUL at the West Virginia State Fair

The tent used by Marshall University and WMUL-FM
Dave Wilson gives a little girl a rubber duckie.
Alex Reed handles the live remote for the station.
Alex has an interview with Dr. Keith Spears, the V.P. of Communications and Marketing at Marshall.
Alex Reed talks to Women's Basketball head coach Royce Chadwick.
Alex also emcees a trivia game in the tent, and Melanie Chapman acts as scorekeeper.
L-R, back to front: Dr. Keith Spears, Ryan Epling, Alex Reed, Dave Wilson, Dr. Charles Bailey, Melanie Chapman, (unknown), Theresa Hoffman, Clark Davis, Krystle Nichols, and Betsy Warren.

Annual Spring Picnic: Vince Payne Says Goodbye

Mike Stanley holds the individual plaque for the Paul G. Watson award. Paul G. Watson holds the all-time award winner plaque. Krystle Nichols (far left) won the award in 2004, and Vince Payne (far right) won the award previously as well.
2005 saw two rookies of the year at WMUL: Terry Bartley (left) and Deven Swartz (right).
To show their appreciation for Vince's service, the board of directors performed a small skit. Here, Vince is played by both Krystle Nichols (the head and main body) and Dave Wilson (the legs).
The other directors play themselves, except for Betsy Warren, who fills in for Krystle, since she's busy being Vince.
Adam Nediff plays Dr. Bailey and absolutely nails his impression.
Vince's mom came in to help the staff celebrate Vince's accomplishments while with WMUL-FM.
Vince opens a gift from Dr. Bailey: a rolling travel bag just like Dr. Bailey's.
After opening the gift, Vince goes off stage briefly to hug Dr. Bailey.
Vince shows off his "World's Greatest Grad" smiley.
During his farewell speech, Vince's eyes began to fill with tears.
Though not everyone could fit in the picture, everyone did gather around Vince immediately after the ceremony to give him was was probably the biggest hug of his life.
Vince poses with Krystle Nichols, A.J. Elmore, Theresa Hoffman, and the Junky Golden Lamp.
Vince with Melanie Chapman, whom he usually called "Boo."
L-R, back to front: Dave Wilson, Clark Davis, Alex Reed, Brandon Millman, Terry Bartley, Deven Swartz, Krystle Nichols, Vince Payne, Jen Smith and Melanie Chapman.
L-R, back to front: Dave Wilson, Clark Davis, Paul G. Watson, Alex Reed, Brandon Millman, Terry Bartley, Melanie Chapman, Mike Stanley, Angela Bradley, Vince Payne, Ryan Epling and Kenny Cox.

Softball: WMUL vs. The Parthenon

Promotions Director A.J. Elmore warming up
Clark Davis gets the yawns out of his system before the game.
The shades, worn by Dave Wilson and A.J., mean that these two plan to mean business during the game.
Sports Director Alex Reed hopes to use some fancy glovework during the game.
Faculty Manager Dr. Charles Bailey takes the mound once again for WMUL. Dr. Corley Dennison would pitch for the Parthenon, taking over for Dr. George Arnold, who had retired from teaching.
Vince Payne warming up in pregame
Brandon Millman warming up in pregame
WMUL had quite a bit of support in the bleachers during the game.
Betsy Warren and Theresa Hoffman were among the bleacher folks.
Alex Reed at bat
Clark Davis at bat
Vince gives the team high fives after hitting a home run.
Cara Bailey of the Parthenon walks the Junky Golden Lamp to WMUL's side.
Cara shakes hands with Vince and hands over the trophy to the 2005 champions.
Vince posing solo with the trophy
The entire WMUL crew. L-R, back to front: Lenny Sundahl, Terry Bartley, Deven Swartz, Alex Reed, (unknown), Dave Wilson, Brandon Millman, Clark Davis, Theresa Hoffman, Dr. Charles Bailey, Betsy Warren, Mike Stanley, Melanie Chapman, Jen Smith, Bill Lusk, A.J. Elmore (kissing lamp), Ryan Epling, Krystle Nichols, Adam Nedeff, and Vince Payne (lying down).
WMUL and Parthenon come together for one big photo op.

WV AP Broadcasters Association Convention - Canaan Valley

The exterior of Cafe Cimino, a gourmet Italian restaurant in the middle of historic downtown Sutton
Alex Reed, Dr. Charles Bailey and Deven Swartz sit at one table.
Melanie Chapman also sat at the same table as Alex (pictured beside her), Dr. Bailey, and Deven.
At the other table, Vince Payne, Clark Davis, Jen Smith, Ryan Epling and Dave Wilson
The historic Sutton courthouse. Note: Cafe Cimino is directly to the left of this photo.
The Sutton Dam, which controls the Elk River
A breathtaking photo of the Elk River valley from the Sutton Dam
The Canaan Valley sign when the crew arrived
The pretty marshland at Canaan Valley
Dave, lover of the outdoors, takes in the beauty of the area's wilderness.
The bright greens seen in tropical areas can also be seen in certain parts of West Virginia.
Group photo at the Canaan Valley overlook.
Dave making faces on the way back to the resort
The pine cone that Alex is eating was the garnish on the lunch entree. It unmistakably smelled like a pine tree, too.
The staff showing off the awards the station won that night. The fellow on the far right in the back row is the now former WVAP director.
Wha--Dave Wilson has horns?
After the pomp of the award ceremony, everyone kicked back and enjoyed themselves, as seen here.
The crew right before the trip back to Huntington. It had snowed the night before, during the awards ceremony.
Melanie just had to take a picture of a deer, as if West Virginia doesn't have a bunch of them already.
The Canaan Valley sign when they left. The ground looks different than it did when the crew arrived.

NBS/AERho - Los angeles

Alex Reed, Melanie Chapman, and Krystle Nichols enjoy their cross-country plane ride.
Krystle and Melanie show off their brightest shirts to blend in with the pacific lifestyle.
Krystle, Vince Payne, Melanie and Alex stop for a quick photo on the Santa Monica pier.
Vince shows us he is the king with that lighted crown "sitting" on his head.
Melanie, Alex, Vince and Krystle among the wild L.A. nightlife
The entire Marshall crew at a Malibu mansion. L-R, back to front: Prof. Dan Hollis, Alex Reed, Dr. Corley Dennison, Melanie Chapman, Dr. Keith Spears, Dr. Charles Bailey, Krystle Nichols, Vince Payne, the mansion owner and his wife, and (unknown).
Click the photo to see these 12 glassy awards in a higher resolution.
Vince (kneeling), Melanie, Krystle, and Alex pose in front of the impressive award array.
Melanie, Vince (standing) and Alex by the awards
Melanie, Vince, and Alex want the world to know that WMUL means business.