Photo Galleries: 2006

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WMUL Christmas Dinner

Alex Reed is the master of ceremonies at the dinner.
Terry Bartley, Alycia Somerville, Alexis Stewart and Lenny Sundahl
Whitney Thomas and Kenny Cox
Krystle Nichols and Adam Cavalier; Krystle is messing with the string from one of the balloons
Bill Lusk came all the way in from Logan County to partake in the dinner.
J-school professor Ruth Sullivan
J-school professor Dan Hollis
The WMUL Sunday crew: Mike McVay, Tom Hill and Anita Hill
Brian Dalek
Dave Wilson receives a deer calendar for a token of appreciation.
Cavalier, Lusk and Dalek socialize with Hollis, and Ryan Epling is looking at the camera.
One final pose for the 2006 football team: Alex Reed, Dave Wilson and Clark Davis
Jenna Frakenfield and the photographer are in a camera war, and Mike Stanley is enjoying it.
Melanie Chapman and Reed give a final pose.

Marshall Football at ECU with Plane Crash Memorial Unveiling

The Marshall memorial sits underneath the purple blanket.
An ECU official talks about the significance of the memorial.
Another ECU official talks about the memorial.
Marshall President Stephen Kopp listens to the ECU people express their sympathies.
President Kopp speaks to the crowd
The scene just moments before the memorial was unveiled
The memorial is unveiled.
Kopp and ECU's president shake hands and share an emotional moment.
The Marshall memorial at East Carolina up close
The scene after the memorial ceremony...Keith Morehouse is standing in front of the memorial.
Here's a wide shot of Dowdy-Ficklen stadium. WMUL's banner is up on the press box.
The view from the press box toward the left end zone
Pregame preps on the field
F-16s fly across the stadium in missing man formation in honor of the Marshall plane crash.
Dave Wilson interviews president Kopp during the game.
The view from the press box looking toward the right end zone toward the end of the game. You can see that ECU is leading comfortably as well.
The WMUL broadcast crew: Scott Hall, Dave Wilson and Alex Reed
The ECU Pirate statue

45th Anniversary Celebration

Looking at the WMUL scrapbooks from days of old
The WMUL alums listening to the festivities in the John Marshall room
Eric Himes, Dave Wilson and Jenna Frankenfield
Alycia Somerville and Alexis Stewart
Adam Ede and Lenny Sundahl
Clark Davis, Mike Stanley and Adam Cavalier
Longtime speech department teacher Dottie Johnson spoke at the event.
Former WMUL faculty manager Keith Spears speaks at the event.
WMUL station manager Alex Reed speaks.
Alex Reed gives Vince Payne a women's basketball T-shirt
Reed gives former station manager Brad Williamson a T-shirt
Williamson is interviewed by former station manager Todd McCormick for a Channel 25 report.
Ready to cut the cake: Dr. Bailey, Alex Reed, Dr. Corley Dennison and Dr. Dottie Johnson.
Dr. Johnson cuts the cake.
Dr. Johnson's husband, former WSAZ lead anchor Boz Johnson, looks at the conents of the goodie bag.
Marshall professor Ruth Sullivan looks inside the goodie bag.
Adam Nedeff, Kenneth Cox and Jennifer Smith eat some cake.
Vernon Cremeans and Richie Tipton
Marshall J-school staffers Burnis Morris, Dr. Corley Dennison, Dan Hollis and Ruth Sullivan

CBI - St. Louis

We'll get the awards stuff out of the way first. Here they are.
The WMUL staff in St. Louis: Deven Swartz, Melanie Chapman and Whitney Thomas
The staff stops in front of the arch on their way to the celebratory dinner at Mike Shannon's.
The staff pose at dinner, but this isn't like any other dinner any of them had experienced.
Beside the table was the logo of the 2006 World Series, which featured the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals.
The staff didn't have tickets to Game 5 of the World Series, but they still had a front-and-center view of the game from Mike Shannon's.
Thomas, Chapman and Swartz stand across the street from the stadium.
This was the scene just moments before the Cardinals won the World Series.
The next day, St. Louis was in quite the celebratory mood. Live music played behind the fountain spewing red water.
Swartz, Thomas and Chapman stood in front of this official-looking Cardinals semi.
Can you spot Deven, Whitney and Melanie? If not, then you need your eyes checked.
A stunningly beautiful view of the red-colored fountain and downtown St. Louis.
As broadcasting people, the staff just had to get their photo taken beside this inflatable camera from a local station.
Chapman, Thomas and Swartz on the other side of the happenin' town square.
Melanie holding up the arch
Deven holding up the arch
Whitney holding up the arch
This really tram is how people get to the top of the arch. It's very small, and four people somehow fit into this thing.
This is the greeting once the tram ride ends.
The view directly below the arch
Downtown viewed from the arch...the Adam's Mark Hotel, the host of CBI, is the brown building at the bottom right.
Busch Stadium viewed from the arch
There were a lot of people taking photos and looking outside the top of the arch
Deven looking outside the arch
Whitney looking outside the arch
Melanie posing by the arch
The staff also went to the Anheuser Busch plant.
The first thing a person sees when walking in the Anheuser Busch visitor's center is their wide array of products.
Outside the famous Bud Clydesdales stables
Inside the can also see the dalmatians lying in the hay.
There is a chandelier that sits above the carriage inside the stable.
The gift shop in the visitor's center. For people who like good radio commercials, you could purchase the Real Men of Genius CD collection.
Melanie choosing something at the Adam's Mark brunch buffet
This buffet was so extraordinary that even the decorations were top-notch. The spider is on this chocloate cake because the trip had taken place on Halloween weekend.
The view of the arch from Dr. Bailey's room
And the sun sets on a great trip to the gateway to the West.

88 Hours on 88.1 with Terry Bartley

Terry starts his trek looking rather...well...human. WMUL's 88 Hours was intended to promote the new fall schedule and also get Terry pumped up to attempt to break the real DJ marathon record.
At hour 22, Terry is still hanging on and looking a little tired.
At hour 44, Terry has a few circles under the eyes
At hour 66, the eyeglasses are needed to hide some of the circles.
And at hour 88, Terry finishes his promotion with lot of circles under the eyes. He would do a couple of interviews and then promptly crash on Marshall's band bus to WVU.
This is a photo of Terry standing up in Studio A.
Terry was interviewed by WSAZ's Dave Benton.
A WSAZ photographer tries to reason with a guy who hasn't slept in a long time. Needless to say, he needed all the help he could get.
Station manager Alex Reed is interviewed by WSAZ's Dave Benton. Reed would also do a live post-promotion interview

Herd Media Day

The WMUL crew on this day. From left-right: Clark Davis, Krystle Nichols, and Ryan Epling.
Clark Davis and a crowd of reporters around RB Ahmad Bradshaw
Clark Davis interviews Marshall second-year head coach Mark Snyder.
Ryan Epling interviewing OL Doug Legursky
Clark Davis is among a crowd of reporters listening to QB Bernard Morris's answer to a question.
Clark Davis with DB Kurtis Keyes
Ryan Epling gets some time by himself to interview QB Jimmy Skinner.
Clark Davis with DB Geremy Rodamer
Clark Davis extends the mic to grab sound from defensive back J.J. Johnson.
Ryan Epling with defensive back C.J. Spillman
Clark Davis interviews wide receiver and fellow Huntington Highlander graduate Hiram Moore.
Clark Davis and WMUL alum Ian Harris with LB Josh Johnson
Ryan Epling interviews WR Marcus Fitzgerald.

Annual Spring Picnic at Marco's

Ryan Epling smiles at the camera before the picnicking begins.
WMUL legend Paul Watson with his girlfriend.
Paul Watson with Angela Henderson. WMUL named an award after him because he tended to do everything at the station.
Paul Watson speaks with SOJMC dean Dr. Corley Dennison.
Dr. Dennison speaks to the crowd, telling them how great the station continues to be.
Dave Wilson poses with his girlfriend, who would begin a job in Washington, D.C. shortly thereafter.
Adam Cavalier models his food and seems to be having fun doing it.
Adam would later win the new "Newcomer of the Year" award, and you can see him and his parents enjoying his success.
Melanie Chapman won the Paul Watson Award in 2006. She poses here with Paul.
Three Paul Watson Award winners with Mr. Watson: Melanie Chapman (2nd from right - '06), Krystle Nichols (far left - '04), and Mike Stanley (far right - '05).
Tears began to flow at the end of the ceremony: Betsy Warren hugs Ronald Jones, and you can see Theresa Hoffman in the foreground begin to cry.
Three Seniors pose for a photo here. From left to right: Jen Smith, Tina Amburgey, and Theresa Hoffman.
While the station lost many great seniors, the station must go on. Theresa Hoffman passes the Music Director torch to Alexis Stewart.
The Fall 2006 Board of Directors. Standing (l-r): Adam Cavalier, Dave Wilson, Mik Stanley, Alex Reed, Deven Swartz, Terry Bartley. Sitting (l-r): Krystle Nichols, Alexis Stewart, Whitney Thomas, Melanie Chapman.

Coozie Giveaway

The full WMUL setup during one of the Thundering Herd women's basketball home games.
A closer look at the poster on the left.
A closer look at the poster on the right.
Adam Cavalier wears his extremely funny leprechaun suit.
Promotions director Krystle Nichols models a coozie.
The WMUL-FM staff close-up. From left to right: Adam Cavalier, Krystle Nichols, Women's BB Head Coach Royce Chadwick, Ryan Zipperian, Melissa Marecki, Whitney Thomas, (unknown), and Jennifer Simms.

Toyota Capital Classic

Melanie Chapman talks to a passer-by about the station and its successes.
Here is a closer look at the display set up outside the arena at the Charleston Civic Center.
Clark Davis and Angela Bradley cover the Women's game.
(L-R) Scott Hall, Dave Wilson and Bill Lusk cover the men's game, which Marshall won.
If you need more proof that Marshall won the men's game, here's the final scoreboard.
Gang Green stormed the court after the final buzzer. It was the second consecutive year that MU beat WVU in the Capital Classic.
Scott Hall and Dave Wilson provide post-game commentary after the Marshall win.
The fanatics of Gang Green still had tons of excitement minutes after the buzzer sounded.
Dave Wilson and Scott Hall interview a Thundering Herd player.
Vince Payne took time away from his job at the University of Florida to be at the Capital Classic. Here he poses with Dr. Bailey.
Ryan Epling wears the ultimate shirt to attack WVU. "Save a couch" is on the front...
"Burn a Mountaineer" is on the back.
Part of the WMUL-FM staff. L-R: Angela Bradley, Clark Davis, Krystle Nichols, and Melanie Chapman.