Photo Galleries: 2007

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09.08.07 - Marshall vs. West Virginia

Before the game, Metronews and Mountaineer Sports Network host Hoppy Kercheval, also known as the Dean of West Virginia Radio, stopped by the WMUL booth. He also toured the WMUL studios and praised the staff for its hard work. Also before the game, a parachutist landed on James F. Edwards field inside Joan C. Edwards Stadium.
For the first time since 1915, the West Virginia Mountaineers stepped onto a field other than their own to play the second-biggest college in the state, Marshall University, in football. Marshall prepares to enter the field with the support of a raucous crowd.
And here they come! The crowd was mostly green, but the mountaineer gold could easily be seen all over the stadium.
The main Mountaineer section was all gold as well. The Mountaineers also had a strong fan section behind where the Marshall band sits.
After the game, an exhausted FM 88 Sports staff poses for this photo. They are, from left to right, Brian Dalek, Adam Cavalier, Ryan Epling, Matt Gajtka and Bill Lusk.   NOTE: For nostalgic sake, Marshall actually led at the half 13-6 but eventually the nation's number-three team took over for a 48-23 final score.

Herd Media Day - Football

The FM 88 Sports Staff: Bobby Iddings, Matt Gajtka, Adam Cavalier and Ryan Epling
Epling has a chucke with quarterback Bernard Morris.
Epling looks to be having a more serious conversation with wide receiver Emmanuel Spann.
Gajtka talks with wide receiver Darius Passmore.
Iddings interviews running back Chubb Small.
Cavalier and tight end Cody Slate
On the defensive side, Cavalier interviews new defenside coordinator Steve Dunlap.
Cavalier also interviews defensive tackle Albert McClellan.
Iddings speaks with linebacker Josh Johnson.

Annual Spring Picnic

This is the stage view of the brightened Marco's in the basement of the Student Center.
Station Manager Alex Reed is emceeing his last official capacity at the picnic.
As a tribute to him and our other graduates, Adam Cavalier wrote a play that parodied their mannerisms. Cavalier acted as Reed.
Here is the board of directors in the play. The nametag denotes who they are portraying.
The audience look intrigued and entertained by the play.
Mike Stanley messed with Chapman's laptop to try to get the slideshow to work.
After the slideshow, Dr. Bailey made a few comments about Reed's work at WMUL.
Then, Reed was given the floor all to himself to express what WMUL meant to him.
Bobby Iddings was named Newcomer of the Year, the second highest award given each year.
Deven Swartz was given the Paul G. Watson Award, the most prestigious award the station has to offer.
The graduates: Clark Davis, Krystle Nichols, Mike Stanley, Melanie Chapman and Alex Reed
The Fall 2007 Board of Directors: Mike Stanley, Adam Cavalier, Deven Swartz, Kenny Cox (who wants to be Deven Swartz), Hayley Keller, Whitney Thomas and Terry Bartley.
Hayley Keller also wants to be Deven Swartz apparently.

Softball: WMUL vs. The Parthenon

Station Manager Dr. Charles G. Bailey pitched for WMUL.
SOJMC Dean Dr. Corley Dennison pitched for The Parthenon
The star of the 2007 show, though, was WMUL's Mark Gajtka, brother of WMULer Matt Gajtka. He cranked home run after home run.
Gajtka taking the walk around the bases
Gajtka holding up all five fingers representing all the home runs he hit that day
Andre Davis from The Parthenon also hit a couple out of the park, but it was nowhere near enough.
The Parthenon met Andre to congratulate him.
The crowd, mostly cheering for WMUL, was larger than the average crowd for this game.
WMUL's team looking on in anticipation of a win
In the press box is WMUL alum Brandon Millman, PA announcer Adam Cavalier and scoreboard runner Mike Stanley.
Cavalier spotted something funny, and the WMULers on that side seem to agree that it's funny as well.
After the game, WMULers run onto the field in excitement after the blowout win over The Parthenon, 30-8.
The teams shake hands afterward in a nice show of sportsmanship. This is a competition, yes, but only in good, clean fun.
The WMULers lift the junky golden lamp to the sky.
Adam Cavalier holds the lamp, and everyone else is dogging him for it.
Dennison and Bailey pose with the umpire, Professor Dan Hollis.
The team photo

WV AP Broadcasters Association Convention - Huntington

The group before heading inside the Pullman Plaza Hotel: Adam Cavalier, Clark Davis, Alex Reed, Krystle Nichols, Ryan Epling, Kimberly Burcham, Deven Swartz, Cathleen Moxley and Terry Bartley.
The elaborate setup inside the Pullman Plaza Hotel
The logo of the 2006 WVAPBA convention
At Table 1: Ryan Epling, Jason Philyaw, Paul Swann, Bill Cornwell, Alex Reed and Adam Cavalier
At Table 2: Deven Swartz, Clark Davis, Krystle Nichols, Terry Bartley, Cathleen Moxley and Krystle Nichols
Philyaw presented Dr. Charles Bailey with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Epling and Cavalier do a seriously cool pose.
Former WMULers stand around Dr. Bailey: Kennis Bass, Kelley Schoonover, Susan Nicholas, Paul Swann and Jason Philyaw

College Football Hall of Fame - On Way Home From Chicago

The outside of the building, which includes promotions for the We Are Marshall exhibit
The We Are Marshall promotional poster close up
Melanie Chapman takes a photo of Alex Reed messing around by talking to a statue.
West Virginia University's final ranking of 10th is hanging from the ceiling for all to see.
Exhibit on the evolution of uniforms
Exhibit on the evolution of football equipment
Exhibit on the evolution of footballs
The media gets a large segment in the hall of fame.
Here's the radio segment of the media exhibit.
Chapman is taking photos of these random statues playing ball.
Reed renews his kicking career at the hall
Ryan Epling is ready to uncork a pass
Here's the outside of the We Are Marshall exhibit.
One of the very dramatically lit walls
The continuation of the dramatically lit walls
Here's an older locker with artifacts.
Here's a more modern locker with more artifacts.
A closer look at some of the artifacts in the lockers
A closeup of the print media articles directly covering the crash. Above is the Huntington Advertiser; below is the Parthenon.
A copy of the 1971 home promotional football poster. Dr. Bailey has his copy hanging in his office, and he can still recite "Fill Fairfield Full For Fall Football" without a hitch.
The 1971 program for the Marshall-Xavier game
A replica of the sign that exists at Joan C. Edwards Stadium today
An informational poster describing the making of the Marshall movie
A photo poster taken during shooting, and guess what you see in the background: WMUL's banner. Pretty cool.
A group photo by the We Are Marshall exhibit

NBS/AERHO - Chicago

The logo of NBS before the ceremony began
The entire Marshall group in attendance (minus Dr. Bailey, who took the photo): Aled Reed, Mike Stanley, Melanie Chapman, Ryan Epling, Adam Cavalier, Krystle Nichols, Clark Davis and Professor Dan Hollis.
After the awards, the staff gets a fancy dinner at Sullivan's, a famous steakhouse in Chicago.
The other side of the table at Sullivan's
Long after the formal occasions are over, Dr. Bailey dons a Snob-Rock Live! T-shirt.
This is the hotel the staff stayed in: the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza.
This is the view from ground level to the floor the station staff stayed in.
The staff had plenty of time to get tours of the city. Unfortunately, the city is SO BIG that it took them a few minutes to plan their course of action.
Once underway, they stopped by WGN Radio, which has a window studio. Baseball hall of famer Dave Winfield was being interviewed live on-air.
As they moved on to their next location, another group of onlookers is mesmerized by seeing live radio produced in front of them.
Chapman takes photos of the NBC tower from ground level.
Adam Cavalier is looking at the vast Chicago scenery.
In a town as big as this, it is mandatory to see a lot of people walking. Here's our tribute to that.
Beside the statue of hall of fame broadcaster Jack Brickhouse: Clark Davis, Alex Reed, Ryan Epling and Adam Cavalier.
The world famous Gino's Pizza was a stop made by some of the WMUL staff while in town.
Apparently someone wasn't impressed with its food, though.
Reed beside a background that can be best described as...eclectic.
Harry Caray's restaurant was another attraction visited by the staff.
The dining room was empty, though, except for the WMULers. Apparently people don't like going there for lunch.
Some of the mementos behind glass in the restaurant
Cavalier and Davis pose by the Caray bust.
Haray Caray said, "Holy cow!" after a home run. Melanie Chapman likes cows. This was a match made in heaven.
The staff outside the very high-walled restaurant

Governor Manchin's Visit to WMUL

WMUL staff dressed nicely for the rare occasion: Krystle Nichols, Mike Stanley, Alex Reed and Ryen Epling.
Former professor Dr. George Arnold also stopped by for a visit.
Krystle Nichols shakes hands with Governor Manchin.
SOJMC Dean Dr. Corley Dennison introduces Governor Manchin.
Deven Swartz interviews Governor Manchin after the event.

Chesapeake Energy Capital Classic

Ryan Epling and Adam Cavalier get set for the men's game.
Bill Lusk served as statistician for the men's game.
The Thundering Herd on a drive
Most amazingly, Marshall held a lead early in the game.
That had the Marshall cheerleaders going crazy.
Unfortunately, they and the rest of the Marshall faithful would not be happy for long as WVU would run away with the game in the second half. Here is Krystle Nichols showing her disgust.
Though dejected, WMUL's fan section poses for a photo after the game: Tyler Reed, Alex Reed, Krystle Nichols, Melanie Chapman, Vince Payne and Todd McCormick.
On the air, Epling and Cavalier analyze Marshall's loss to WVU.
The entire WMUL broadcast team: Scott Hall (color, women's), Bill Lusk (stats, men's), Adam Cavalier (color, men's), Ryan Epling (PBP, men's) and Clark Davis (PBP, women's).