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WMUL-FM Station Application

NOTE: The station you are applying for is a completely volunteer-run public radio station who gives first priority to Marshall University students. There are no paid positions at the station.

Please fill out ALL portions of the application. Leaving any part blank will result in a rejection of your application. If you are applying to do a group show, each person host must fill out a separate form for our records.

Are you new or veteran staff?
For which semester are you applying? Year
First Name Last Name Student ID #
Staff Status
Major (if applicable) Minor (if applicable)
    1. Marshall University students have priority over all other applicants.
    2. Students enrolled in courses that include WMUL as part of their curriculum receive priority over all other students.
Birthdate - for demographic purposes ONLY (mm/dd/yy - e.g. 01/01/84)
E-mail address

Campus Address
Address 1
Address 2
City State (use postal abbv.) ZIP Code
Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx

Home Address

Same as campus address (checking this allows you to skip the home address portion of this form)

Address 1
Address 2
City State (use postal abbv.) ZIP Code
Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx

Do you have previous radio experience? (If veteran staff, skip this question.)
    If so, at what stations and in what areas?
Departments (in alphabetical order)
Check all that you are interested in. Those who wish to apply for an on-air position may be asked to either perform a live audition or submit an audition tape.

Continuity (organizing on-air/website/promotions departments, writing DJ liners)
Music (DJ shifts, clearing music for air, working directly with promoters - please choose TWO formats below)
    Note: Alternative and Hip-Hop shifts may be difficult for new staff to get due to seniority and/or high demand. Therefore, please select at least one alternative to your main choice. Use this format schedule to help you determine your preferences.
    Option 1 (top priority):
    Option 2 (if option 1 is unavailable):
    Option 3 (if options 1 and 2 are unavailable):
    Option 4 (if options 1-3 are unavailable):
News (reporting and anchoring, talk shows, etc.)
Online (updating/innovating this Web site and station-related social sites, uploading podcast audio)
Operations (changing faulty studio equipment, innovating station equipment)
Production (station imaging, on-air promos, spearheading original shows creation)
(generating ideas for new locally produced shows, finding syndicated shows)
(building station buzz around campus as well as the Tri-state at large)
(calling Thundering Herd games, hosting talk shows, reporting)
(generating/reading FCC station logs, telling DJs about their log errors, etc.)
Training (veterans only - showing staff how to run station)

Class/Work Schedule
Please use the spaces below to tell us your weekly schedule. This will allow us to We have filled out the first spot as an example.

Use this space, if needed, to better describe your schedule.

Pressing submit at the bottom of the page means that you have agreed to abide by the WMUL On-Air Policies. Read it below.

WMUL-FM On-Air Policies

1. All board members should arrive at least ten (10) minutes before their scheduled shift begins. If an operator does not arrive, the preceding announcer should wait at least ten (10) minutes before leaving, class schedule permitting. If an annoncer knows he/she will be late, he or she should be courteous and call the on-air announcer and explain the situation.

2. Any board operator is responsible for what transpires during his/her airshift, whether he or she is present or absent.
    a. All board operators are in charge of the control room while they are on the air. They have the right to ask casual visitors or others in the control room to leave.

    b. All board operators are responsible for the actions of anyone they bring to the radio station. No more than one visitor at a time is allowed to accompany an announcer. The student manager is to give clearance for a visit at least one (1) day in advance.

    c. Non-station personnel are not allowed to visit the station after 9 p.m. Visitors are not allowed on weekends unless permission is granted in advance by the student manager. Violation of this rule will result in dismissal because the Public Safety Office (MUPD) needs to be notified of any visitors.

    d. Non-station personnel are prohibited from operating or using any of the equipment or materials at WMUL-FM.

    e. Any announcer who cannot make an airshift must find his/her replacement, preferably someone who works in the same format.

    f. Any announcer who cannot make an airshift must fill his/her shift, and failing to do so will jeopardize future opportunities of working at WMUL-FM.

3. The board operators are responsible for all studio equipment, including albums and compact discs, during their airshift. If albums or compact discs are missing, leave a note with artist and title for the music director or student manager.

4. Board operators are responsible for keeping accurate logs and following music formats as designed or approved by the music director or student manager.

5. Announcers must attend all staff meetings and training sessions. Unexcused absences count same as shift absences.

6. Absolutely no food, drink or tobacco is permitted in the studio complex.

7. Alcohol and illegal substances are not allowed in the radio station. This is a strict regulation of the Federal Communications Commission. Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate dismissal.

8. Board operators are not to air written or previoiusly recorded material without the permission of the continuity, production or music director.

Pressing submit below means that you have agreed to abide by the WMUL On-Air Policies. Read it above.