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Fall 2009 Reports - Click Headline to Listen

NOTE: Because WMUL relies mostly on student volunteers, reports are only filed when classes are in session, except under special circumstances.

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Mystery of Morrow Library bells solved

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (1:51)

Dec. 15 - Every year during the last two weeks of the Fall semester, the same question gets asked over and over again: where in the world are the caroling bells coming from?

Kopp: recruitment crucial to fending off future budget crunch

Listen to Deven Swartz's report (1:19)

Dec. 15 - The Marshall University president discussed some nontrational methods of recruitment he participated in.

Cam Brammer speaks on Perdue grade change investigation

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (1:57)

Dec. 12 - The Faculty Senate president has been fighting a public relations nightmare. In November, faculty member Dallas Brozik presented a petition calling for Brammer's impeachment because he said she was not doing enough to resolve the matter. Also, in case you have gotten lost in the minutiae, this story nicely summarizes the entire situation. Photo by Sholten Singer from the Parthenon.

Political science professor says 50-plus years is enough

Listen to Caleb Whisenant's report (2:30)

Dec. 12 - Dr. Simon Perry, a native of Gilbert Creek and the longest-serving professor in Marshall history, was here before it was even called a university.

Residence Services offering commuter rooms during finals period

Listen to Alyssa Rae's report (1:12)

Dec. 3 - For Marshall students who don't want to run back and forth a jillion times during finals, there is now an opportunity to stay in town overnight.

Swine Flu clinics held at Marshall

Listen to Daniel Matics's report (1:03)

Dec. 2 - The Cam Henderson Center was transformed from an athletic facility to a full-service health facility over the past couple of days.

Marshall lends H.E.L.P. to learning disabled

Listen to Laura Hatfield's report (1:32)

Dec. 2 - Behind Marshall's former Welcome Center on 18th Street and 5th Avenue lies a one-story brick building in which those who have problems in a regular classroom can get aid.

Impeachment petition brought to Faculty Senate

Listen to Leannda Carey's live recap on Friday's 5 p.m. news (1:42)

Nov. 20 - Dallas Brozik, Faculty Senate parliamentarian from 2000-2006, said in the October meeting that the Senate had not been doing enough to end the Emily Perdue grade scandal.

WMUL's coverage of the 39th Memorial Fountain Ceremony

Listen to Leannda Carey's report, with clips from the ceremony itself (2:12)

Listen to Cicely Tutson's report, with post-ceremony reaction (2:03)

Nov. 14 - The main speakers this year were Joe Gillette, who attended for the first time due to dealing with survivor's guilt, and Maurice Cooley, the director for the Center for African American Students' Programs and Marshall student in 1970.

Students discuss plans for Fall Break

Listen to Alyssa Rae's report (1:12)

Nov. 12 - It has been nearly 50 straight instructional days since the last official break, and more than a week before the next one, students are already noticing fewer people in class.

FBI subpoenas Marshall employees in Emily Perdue grade change investigation

Listen to coverage from Friday's news (3:29)

Nov. 6 - Provost Gayle Ormiston and Laura Wyant, the instructor of record for the course in question, have been asked to go before a federal grand jury.

Hungry for Change trying to raise awareness about Darfur

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (1:57)

Nov. 6 - The conflict in western Sudan is quickly approaching its seventh year, and activists feel the world has yet to do anywhere near enough to bring about peace.

MU Dance team holding tryouts soon

Listen to Alyssa Rae's report (1:33)

Nov. 5 - Those who want to help fire up Herd basketball crowds through dance this season will get their chance to show off their stuff Nov. 15.

Jamie Oliver visits campus

Listen to a live recap from Tuesday's News (1:44)

Nov. 3 - The British chef spoke with student media about the reality TV show he's been filming in town since September. Among other things, he discussed the controversy he has faced during production.

Vets at Marshall juggle PTSD along with usual college stress

Listen to Cicely Tutson's report (2:33)

Nov. 2 - West Virginia has one of the highest rates per capita of military participation, but the unwavering commitment to country sometimes comes with the unpleasant memories of war.

Is the current advance registration system fair?

Listen to Lundyn Ransom's report (1:49)

Oct. 29 - Seniors burn the midnight oil on Nov. 10 to get closer to graduation, and some freshmen will be waiting 11 long days to lock up whichever classes are still available.

Octubafest brings the background to the forefront

Listen to Adam Cavalier's report (1:31)

Oct. 28 - Tubas, halloween costumes, halloween classics--the possibilities are endless at this annual event in Smith Recital Hall.

Faculty Senate tackles Emily Purdue grade controversy

Listen to live report from Friday's news (3:17)

Oct. 23 - Adam Cavalier and Leannda Carey tag-team report on Thursday's meeting, in which only finance professor and former Faculty Senate Vice President Dr. Dallas Brozik made public comments about the scandal. The rest was dealt with in executive session.

Marshall's bathrooms go green--environmentally

Listen to Adam Cavalier's report (1:47)

Oct. 23 - The toilets and sinks in Smith Hall have already been upgraded to a setup meant to both conserve energy and save the university much-needed money.

Marshall's flu isolation floors still operational

Listen to Katie Wise's report (1:12)

Oct. 22 - Student health services set up the floors last month as a way to calm fears after three people died of swine flu in Cabell County.

Wimba allows students to attend class virtually

Listen to Melody Fitzgerald's report (1:45)

Oct. 16 - Wimba is also being used at WVU and in nearly 1,000 other schools and universities around the world.

Parent Weekend an important time for parents and kids alike

Listen to Joshua Rose's story (1:20)

Oct. 6 - During Parent Weekend, everybody's happy. The parents are happy to see their kids, and the kids are happy to get much more than what the typical care package contains.

Marshall band's new home is all to themselves

Listen to Aaron Payne's report (2:32)

Oct. 5 - Up until now, the Marching Thunder didn't really have much of a home. But thanks to the Rec Center, some of the vacated space at Gullickson Hall is now filled with music.

Noise aplenty at Homecoming Parade

Listen to Katie Wise's report (2:20)

Oct. 2 - Huntington came alive Friday as thousands arrived in town for homecoming, and it all got started with Thursday night's parade.

Personal trainers among fitness services offered at Rec Center

Listen to Alyssa Rae's report (1:24)

Oct. 1 - The Heather referred to in the story is Heather Smith, assistant director of fitness programs and services.

University officials: Emily Perdue's grade was "earned"

Listen to Cicely Tutson's report (1:45)

Sept. 30 - College of Education Professor Laura Wyant told the Associated Press that two grades for the daughter of state treasurer John Perdue were changed from "incomplete" to "A."

Kopp says university on track with his plan

Listen to John Gibb's report (2:17)

Sept. 30 - The Marshall President spoke at the annual State of the University Address at the Joan C. Edwards Playhouse.

Nationally published artist displaying work in Birke Art Gallery

Listen to Melody Fitzgerald's story (1:15)

Sept. 30 - Ericka Osbourne's work, which has also won several awards, will be up until Oct. 8.

Local health departments stressing flu safety

Listen to Alyssa Rae's report (1:09)

Sept. 24 - Besides the usual seasonal flu, Americans are now wondering if they will get the Swine Flu, officially known as the H1N1 virus.

Supreme Court returns to campus as part of Constitution Week

Listen to James Roach's report (1:50)

Sept. 23 - The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals was forced to cancel their appearance in Marshall's annual Constitution Week last year, but the university welcomed its return this year with open arms.

The Dan Hollis Story

Listen to Melody Fitgerald's report (1:19)

Sept. 23 - We normally don't do reports about ourselves, but so many non-journalism majors have said great things about professor Dan Hollis that we would do a great disservice if we didn't talk about him. His work will be seen on Marshall's cable channel, Channel 25, soon.

Rockefeller and Gingrich camps go point-counterpoint on healthcare

Listen to interview with Elizabeth Noelcke of the Newt Gingrich-backed Center for Health Transformation (12:15)

Listen to interview with West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller (22:07)

Sept. 22 - The Sowards-Roudebush Report tackled both sides of the debate on healthcare reform Tuesday night.

MCTC exec. dean explains split from Marshall U.

Listen to James Roach's report (1:32)

Sept. 17 - The community and technical college still bears Marshall's name, but by July 2010 it must no longer do so.

Sowards-Roudebush Report tribute to Sen. Ted Kennedy

Listen to opening minutes of 9/1 program (6:15)

Sept. 1 - Sen. Kennedy died the day after last week's program, so the staff had a full week to put this together. We hope that it is a respectful tribute to the senator's powerful legacy.

The Sowards-Roudebush report airs live Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m. Listen online here.