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Fall 2010 Reports - Click Headline to Listen

NOTE: Because WMUL relies mostly on student volunteers, reports are only filed when classes are in session, except under special circumstances.

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Students Excited For End Of Semester

Listen to Laura Hatfield's Package (1:23)

December 14- Many students have finished up their finals for the semester, and are excited for winter break to start. Some students are looking forward to going home and seeing family members, while others are looking forward to just getting a break from all the stress and work

Project Based Learning Offers Alternative to Finals

Listen to Jo Troller's Package

December 7- With Finals happening, many students are worried about finishing up the last paper or test of the year. In some classes, thats not the case. Project Based Learning is when the teacher allows the students to plan out a project themselves, with the teacher acting as more of guide.

Student Success Specialist Shows Students the Way

Listen to Leannda Carey's Package (1:50)

Visit the Student Resource Center

December 3- Jessica Jordan is one of Marshall University's Student Success Specialist, a staff member who is there to council students when they need help with something outside the academic issues.

Positive Stories Can Be Found In Tragedy

Listen To Adam Cavalier's Package (2:24)

November 18- Despite the tragic plane crash that took so many lives 40 years ago, positive stories can be found. Ed Carter was a member of the team who missed the plane who uses the experience in his current job as a pastor.

Marshall Remembers Plane Crash

Listen to Bennet Siffrin's Package (4:45)

November 15- Marshall had is annual fountain ceremony to remember all the lives lost in the plane crash 40 years ago. The event had many speakers, including Marshall President Stephen Kopp and President of the Marshall Alumni Association and Assitant Coach William Mickey Jackson.

The Fountain will remain off until the spring.

Registration Time Again For Students

Listen to John Gibb's Package (2:34)

November 12- Its registration time again for students, and that means checking with advisers, double checking to make sure all holds have been lifted, and waiting for thew clock to strike 12:01.

International Festival Showcases Student Diversity

Listen To Michael Ramsburg's Package (3:49)

November 12- The upcoming International Festival gives Marshall students a chance to see different cultures they might not get a chance to see otherwise. The festival showcases the countries Marshall's exchange students are from.

Coach Herrion Meets With Fans

Listen to Jimmy Sanders Package (3:00)

November 9- Men's Basketball Head Coach Tom Herrion met with fans recently, to get them fired up for the upcoming season. Herrion is looking to have fans be a big part of the basketball experience at Marshall this season.

Marshall Graduates All Students At Same Rate Regardless Of Race

Listen to Adam Cavalier's Package (2:03)

November 5- A recent study done by the Education Trust reveals that Marshall Uniuversity's graduation rates for African-Americans are the same as those for white students.

Thanksgiving Break Stays Week Long

Listen to Leannda Carey's Package (2:27)

November 5- After months of discussion, Marshall's Faculty Senate Calandar Commitee has desiged to keep Thanksgiving Break the week of Thanksgiving. There had been talk of changing it so that students had two days off in October and three days off before Thanksgiving.

Jesse Johnson Offers A Different Perspective

Listen to John Gibb's Package (2:36)

Visit the Moutain Party Homepage

November 2- While many students at Marshall are trying to decide whether they should vote for John Raese or Joe Manchin, Moutain Party canidate Jesse Johnson is trying to give voters a different look.

Raese Facing Controversy Over Racial Issues

Listen to Leannda Carey and Aaron Payne's Report (1:50)

October 22- Senate hopeful John Raese is facing controversy after it become public knowledge that he is a member of a club that doesn't allow African-Americans or Jews in.

Raese is running against Governer Joe Manchin for the Senate seat formerly held by Robert C. Byrd.

Etiquette Dinner Teaches Students About Business

Listen to John Gibb's Package (2:22)

October 21- Marshall University hosted an etiquette dinner, designed to teach students about the propper dining etiquette. The event was used as a way to get students thinking about interviews, resumes, and business dinners.

Marshall Poll Shows Manchin In Lead

Listen to Adam Cavalier and Leannda Carey's Report (5:36)

Read The Press Release

October 15- A poll done by Marshall University's journalism school and political science department shows Governer Joe Manchin is leading John Raese by 10% margin. That poll recevied 400 responses, and has a 4.6 % margin of error.

National Spotlight Shines On More Than Just Sports

Listen to Adam Cavalier's Package (1:53)

October 14- Marshall's Drumline benefited from the national exposure brought on by the game between Marshall and UCF, which was aired on ESPN.

Students Stay Positive Despite Blackouts

Listen to Jimmy Sanders's Package (1:16)

October 12- Despite the Blackouts that cancelled practically all the days classes, students found things to keep themselves entertained.

Marshall Considering Shorter Thanksgiving Break

Listen to Adam Cavalier and Leannda Carey's Report (2:38)

October 11- Marshall's Faculty is considering a switch from the current week long break for Thanksgiving to a shorter weekend break.The student government is fighting the proposed measure, but ultimately the desicison will be made by the Faculty Senate and President.

English Professor Wins Poetry Award

Listen to Michael Ramsburg's Package (2:10)

Read the Press Release

October 8- Dr. Rachel Peckham, a professor in the english department, won the Robert Watson Poetry Award. The award is handed every year by the Spring Garden Press. Dr. Peckham won $500, and will have her manuscript published next fall.

Eat Local Challenege Week Celebrates Local Foods

Listen to Leannda Carey's Package (1:37)

Read the offical news release

October 1- Tomorrow starts the annual Eat Local Challenge Week, and event that is sponsered by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Administration. The week long event aims to make people aware of food produced locally.

President Kopp Shares Concerns With Barack Obama on Future for College Students

Listen to Adam Cavalier and Lennda Carey's report (4:42)

October 1- During Marshall President Stephen J. Kopp' State of the University address, President Kopp oulined several plans for the future of Marshall University. Among them were the further expansion of the campus, and the schools relationship with the city of HUntington.

The speech echoed concerns from President Barack Obama about the future of American higher education.

Student Resource Center Great for Students

Listen To Leannda Carey's Package (1:33)

Visit Marshall's Advising Homepage

October1- Marshall's Student Resource Center, located in the student center, has been a great help for students so far this year. The office takes some of the beaurocracy out of the process, allowing students with questions about finacial aid, registering, academic affiars, and careers to ask them all in the same place.