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Spring 2008 Reports - Click Headline to Listen

NOTE: Because WMUL relies mostly on student volunteers, reports are only filed when classes are in session, except under special circumstances.

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Committee looking to tweak Marshall curriculum

Apr. 24 - While Marshall students are plopped in the seats of classrooms across campus, a committee is deliberating what to change about classes. Newscenter 88's Adam Cavalier reports on the recent actions of the core foundations committee.

Tri-State tries to tackle pollution problem

Apr. 24 - True or false: Pollution is a problem only in major cities. Newscenter 88's Josh Daniels reports not only that the answer is certainly false, but just how deep-rooted the Tri-State's environmental issues are.

Campus Service Workers unsung heroes

Apr. 24 - Although many people around campus do work merely to be recognized, one group of Marshall employees complete their jobs out of bare necessity--after all, someone has to do the dirty work. Newscenter 88's Ryan Vance shares their story.

Earth Day makes people ponder how to save the planet

Apr. 22 - The Sierra Club is well-known for caring deeply about environmental consequences, and student members came to campus to spread their message. Meagan Sellards gave a recap of their festivities during Tuesday's 5 p.m. Edition of Newscenter 88.

Warm weather does not keep community from giving blood

Apr. 16 - College students are infamous for giving plasma for money, but as Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey reports, many have donated blood for a good cause this week.

Memorial fountain rededicated

Apr. 10 - After 36 years of serving as a reminder to the 1970 plane crash, the memorial fountain looks to be getting better with age. As Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey reports, hundreds came out on an overcast day to see the physical and spiritual renewal of a moving work of art.

Chelsea Clinton visits campus

Apr. 4 - A crowd of 200 packed the Memorial Student Center lobby Friday for a forum hosted by former first daughter Chelsea Clinton. Below is all the coverage direct from Friday's 5 p.m. edition of Newscenter 88.
- Part 1: Meagan Sellards recaps live from MSC
- Part 2: Rebecca Doss reports on student reaction to forum

It's not easy being Greek

Apr. 4 - Even before the popularity of the movie Animal House, Greek life has been under scrutiny for its perceived bad behavior. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey talks to current Marshall Greeks to get their side of the story.

Luke Lee Listening Learning and Language Lab helps deaf students succeed

Apr. 4 - Parents can be devastated to learn their children will never be able to hear chirping birds, laughing friends or even falling rain. But as Newscenter 88's Griffin McElroy reports, one Tri-State mom has done her best to encourage deaf children to appreciate everything else they can do.

Skydiving a thrill that simply can't be topped

Apr. 4 - Looking out of a plane window at 10,000 feet can be a little imtimidating, but nowhere near as scary as opening the plane door and jumping out at that height. But as Newscenter 88's Kimberly Burcham reports, one Tri-State business does this daily.

Campus rec center beginning to take shape

Apr. 2 - More than a decade of collected student fees for construction of a campus recreation center is beginning to yield the expected result: an actual building. Newscenter 88's Josh Daniels updates us on the progress of construction.

Edwards Stadium press box dedicated to H-D writer Salvatore

Apr. 2 - The football team's spring practice began yesterday, but an event honoring a longtime Marshall sports reporter took all the headlines. Newscenter 88's Ryan Vance has the story.

Bullhorn activist returns to campus

Apr. 1 - Freedom of speech caused controversy on campus last semester when groups with conflicting opinions struggled to spread their beliefs. Monday, one of those groups returned. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey has the story.

International students bring "Stealth Assassin" game to Marshall

Apr. 1 - Today's most exciting video game is neither Halo nor Call of Duty. Instead newcomer Stealth Assassin takes the prize. Newscenter 88's Mark Swinkels reports one Marshall group is giving others the opportunity to experience this popular first-person shooter.

Obama rally takes place in Charleston

Mar. 21 - U.S. Representative Jay Rockefeller strongly showed his support for Democratic presidential candiate Barack Obama at a Chareston rally Thursday night. Newscenter 88's Rebecca Doss has the story.

War Wall accompanies voter registration table on Buskirk Field

Mar. 20 - With the last date to register to vote just one month away, one organization is reaching out to students with the opportunity to register. Newscenter 88's Jessica Kirk has the story.

Marshall CAASP gets students to "Prep for Success"

Mar. 20 - As graduation approaches for the Class of 2008, students have many things to prepare for. Success is one of these, and as Newscenter 88's Norman Branch reports, students can dress to impress thanks to one campus organization.

High pass rates give Marshall nursing program some attention

Mar. 14 - Marshall's medical programs have a history of being successfully competitive with other national pillars of the industry, and as Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey reports, they have yet another accolade to add to their success list.

Students have options to relieve midterm stress

Mar. 11 - Though sitting through hours of exams may seem tough on their own, students can use a variety of tips and tricks to get the heavy load off their shoulders. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey gives us a few examples.

Annual Ohio River Festival of Books takes center stage

Mar. 10 - Tri-State residents booked it to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena to see what they could use to whet their literary appetites. Newscenter 88's Rebecca Doss has the story.

Students go back to childhood with new toy--er, differential analyzer

Mar. 3 - A group of Marshall students has turned a child's toy into a complex mathematical machine. But as Newscenter 88's Adam Cavalier reports, the students constructing the differential analyzer aren't playing around.

Getting kids to grow with music

Feb. 21 - While some parents would get tired of kids playing drums rather quickly, some parents are voluntarily subjecting their kids to as much music as possible. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey has more.

Marshall Habitat for Humanity project moving swiftly along

Feb. 19 - Some Marshall students and faculty are helping an area family get on their feet by making them a brand new house. Newscenter 88's Cathleen Moxley reports everyone involved is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Pattie's pies keep Jim's patrons happy for 30 years

Feb. 5 - Jim's Steak and Spaghetti has been feeding Huntington pie since 1938.  And as Newscenter 88's Adam Cavalier reports, two people in the restaurants history have made the dessert of choice.

Hickman's death still under investigation

Jan. 28 - The disappearance and death of a Marshall student was the topic of conversation among students returning for the spring semester. Newscenter 88's Cathleen Moxley tells us about the search for Leah Hickman that happened over winter break.