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Spring 2009 Part 1 - Click Headline to Listen

NOTE: Because WMUL relies mostly on student volunteers, reports are only filed when classes are in session, except under special circumstances.

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"One Book" manuscript chosen for 2009

Mar. 13 - The One Book program will continue under a third class of incoming freshmen, and Newscenter 88's Alyssa Rae reports the class of '13 gets to look forward to a book that focuses on family issues and biogenetic engineering.

Nursing program, energy savings part of Board of Governors meeting

Mar. 12 - Marshall's board of governors approved a new degree program and discussed ways to make the university more energy efficient during one of its six scheduled meetings this fiscal year. Newscenter 88's Brian Dalek has the recap.

Women's Month events continue

Mar. 12 - Two historically oppressed groups in America are honored in back-to-back months every February and March. Newscenter 88's Cicely Tutson reports this year's Women's History month still has plenty of intriguing events that haven't happened yet.

SGA candidates debate before next week's election

Mar. 11 - All three candidates for student body president and vice president gave students their viewpoints and ideas during an on-campus debate Tuesday afternoon. Newscenter 88's Jo Troller has a recap.

Digital TV transition not smooth for some

Mar. 11 - Three weeks ago it became imposssible to watch TV with just rabbit ears. As Newscenter 88's Alycia Cotten reports, some have been forced to do more than they can really afford to get their visual fix.

Monster Clutter hits Marshall's campus

Mar. 11 - Huntington may not offer all the sights and sounds of big city life, but Newcenter 88's Ashton Marra reports two students attempted to bottle it up and bring it to Marshall students.

Bagpiping on campus

Mar. 11 - Not all Marshall studenrs walk to the beat of the same drum. Newscenter 88's Kenneth Cox has the story of a Marshall student and his distinctive tune.

Spring Break plans vary widely

Mar. 10 - Some will be making the trek to the college meccas, but others say home is where the heart is. Newscenter 88's Kasha Shull shares the best responses she got after asking students all across campus.

What is a disobedient body?

Mar. 10 - The Marshall Women's Center displayed many artists' interpretations of disobedient bodies Monday night. Newscenter 88's Hannah Henderson gives us the sounds from the event.

Students fighting Tri-State homelessness

Mar. 6 - The three families displaced by the Ironton fires know all they ever wanted to know--and then some--about homelessness. But Newscenter 88's Alyssa Rae reports Marshall students are trying to help remove this plight from the Tri-State area.

Blood drive allows giving for a good cause

Mar. 6 - Ah, the small yet can cause so much pain. But Newscenter 88's Erin Hill reports people quickly forget the pain when they remember whom their blood is helping.

Gov. Manchin visits campus

Mar. 5 - Two main items on his itinerary were a student-journalist-only press conference and signing bowls for charity.

Press conference quotes: Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey reports

Signing bowls for charity: Newscenter 88's Jo Troller reports

Rec center celebrates first month; still abuzz at all hours

Mar. 5 - In its first month, the number of people working out at the rec center has absolutely skyrocketed. Newscenter 88's Brian Dalek reports on how students are trying to erase Huntington's "fattest city" stereotype.

Grad School an option for students

Mar. 5 - Marshall students are getting increasingly concerned about getting a job after walking across the stage. But Newscenter 88's Kenneth Cox reminds us that students may have another option--MORE school.

Heart Program allows present student to tutor the future

Mar. 5 - There may be few things better in life than getting paid to do humanitarian work. Newscenter 88's Ashton Marra tells us about one organization that allows students to do just that.

Prepare for a Marshall tweet

Mar. 3 - Marshall officials are hoping that a social program named after the the noise of a bird will help keep the university community connected. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey has the story.

Encouraging students to study abroad

Mar. 3 - Does American life seem bland or boring after a while? Newscenter 88's Ashton Bias tells us about a solution that will allows you to see other cultures from around the world.

Smith Hall heater breaks down

Mar. 2 - In the winter, people expect the indoors to be warmer--much warmer--than the outdoors. But Newscenter 88's Amber Hay tells us the difference between Smith Hall's temperature readings and the 30-degree outside air was rather small.

New ATMs inundate Student Center

Feb. 27 - For years there was just one lonely ATM on the fountain side of the Memorial Student Center, but Newscenter 88's Erin Hill reports several more have spawned there...and seemingly out of nowhere.

Ten-digit dialing begins Feb. 28

Feb. 27 - West Virginians have been dialing seven digits for all their lives. But just hours from now, everyone from Weirton to Bluefield will have to get used to dialing three more--or at least saving three more in their cell phone address book. Newscenter 88's Alycia Cotten has the story.

Fetus found in Huntington

Feb. 26 - Huntington police are searching for the mother of a fetus that was found by sanitation workers early Thursday morning. Newscenter 88's Brian Dalek had the latest during Thursday's 5 p.m. edition of Newscenter 88.

Stipend among perks of Marshall summer research program

Feb. 26 - After working hard to get through classes in the Spring semester, taking more classes may not sound all that appealing. But Newscenter 88's Cicely Tutson reports a Marshall summer research program does carry some decent benefits for struggling students.

Advocating Anorexia?

Feb. 26 - Advertisements selling the sexiness of a rail-thin body are one thing, but Newscenter 88's Jo Troller went to an on-campus presentation last night that revealed actual groups advocating anorexic behavior.

On-campus daycare available

Feb. 26 - Understandably, Marshall's campus has a lot of college students. But Newscenter 88's Alycia Cotten tells why students will be sharing the sidewalks with three- and four-year-olds.

Career Fair allowing students to scope job market

Feb. 25 - Hundreds of Marshall students walked into the Memorial Student Center this afternoon wanting to take a step toward what they will do after college. Newscenter 88's Kenneth Cox has the details.

Marian Jordan visits campus

Feb. 25 - People like the college because it allows them to find and express their identity. But as Newscenter 88's Ashton Bias reports, a nationally recognized author came to campus last night to warn ladies that some experimentation could get them into trouble.

The other side of Mardi Gras

Feb. 25 - The 40-day Christian celebration known as Lent is now underway, and now that the gluttonous Tuesday is over, many suddenly have a lot of time to reflect on what the holiday really means. Newscenter 88's Ashton Marra explores.

Holocaust survivor shares story at Marshall

Feb. 24 - A common worry of a 13-year-old is passing algebra. Irene Zisblatt was worrying about death by Nazi torture at that same age. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey tells us a story Zisblatt hopes will keep history from repeating itself.

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday widely celebrated

Feb. 24 - Even though a shooting in New Orleans hampered the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in America earlier today, Marshall students have kept the party going. Newscenter 88's Kasha Shull tells us what people are doing today.

Japanese club raises funds

Feb. 24 - After a while the selection at stores around the Tri-State get a little boring. Well, Newscenter 88's Hannah Handerson reports the Japanese club is tried to change that in the early part of this week.

Speech and Debate Team returns to campus

Feb. 23 - After a two-year hiatus, Marshall's speech and debate team is once again allowing students to get their pontification on. Newscenter 88's Laura Hatfield has the story.

Charley's Aunt coming to Huntington this week

Feb. 23 - Will students laugh at comedy from a play written from an early 1900s perspective. Newscenter 88's Ashton Marra reports that, starting Wednesday, one on-campus group is betting they will.

Cool new changes to Memorial Student Center basement

Feb. 20 - The last thing that attracted students to the Student Center basement was a bowling alley that closed two decades ago. But Newscenter 88's Erin Hill reports the basement is buzzing with activity once again thanks to a cool, new room.

Beth Wolfe new recruitment director

Feb. 20 - Marshall's first director of recruitment left for another recruitment job after less than two years. But Newscenter 88's Caleb Whisenant reports the second director has ambitions that are likely to take several years to accomplish.

Black History Month has ties to Huntington

Feb. 20 - Huntington has a lot of hidden gems, but did you know that the month celebrated nationally for diversity also came from this small town? Newscenter 88's Justin Prince reports.

Spring Film Festival...ON!

Feb. 20 - For today and six more days, Marshall students can venture outside their comfort zones and go see films they had never heard of before...but won't forget after they see them. Newscenter 88's Whitney Thomas has the story.

How etiquette matters when getting a job

Feb. 19 - The Student Government Association and Career Services joined forces Wednesday night to help future job seekers beat the competition when it comes to business etiquette. Newscenter 88's Brian Dalek has the story.

Waking up to diversity

Feb. 19 - Black History Month reminds Americans of the importance of diversity in our society every year. Newscenter 88's Cicely Tutson reports on one Marshall organization that's hosting an event in celebration of this sacred practice.

Counseling services available in Prichard

Feb. 19 - College helps to develop healthy highs and lows for a student's emotions. But even if the balance is off every once in a while, Prichard Hall has a counseling center that can help. Newscenter 88's Jo Troller has the story.

Work study among options for struggling students

Feb. 18 - Marshall students will be all decked out in kelly green for tonight's game against Houston, but after that's done they have to worry about trying to obtain another type of green. Newscenter 88's Kenneth Cox tells us more.

Professor by day, martial artist by night

Feb. 18 - If you ever find yourself getting a raw deal in a business transaction, there is really only one guy to call. Newscenter 88's Adam Cavalier introduces us to...The Legend of Dr. Kim.

Paul Ambrose naming campaign still ongoing

Feb. 17 - Students are still holding their heads high over their new recreation center that was more than 10 years in the making. But Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey reports one group wants students to look down--on the sidewalks at least--and join their cause to remember a Marshall professor who died in 9/11.

Local school participate in Pennies from Heaven

Feb. 17 - Children have been asking their parents for money since Barbie took the world by storm 50 years ago. But recently those toy money requests have gotten amazingly much smaller. Newscenter 88's Kasha Shull reports.

20 years at the Ritter Park Rose Garden

Feb. 17 - It started in the late 80s as a part-time job. But as Newscenter 88's Hannah Henderson reports, one man has made keeping the Ritter Park Rose Garden his life ever since.

Campus Christian Center entering fifth decade of service

Feb. 16 - Many can remember the Campus Christian Center's unique exterior styling from the movie "We Are Marshall." But Newscenter 88's Laura Hatfield reports it has a practical purpose, too.

Drinko to do some first-floor reorganization

Feb. 13 - Drinko Library has served Marshall students for 10 years now, and for the first time it's getting a makeover. Newscenter 88's Alyssa Rae tells us about the "information commons area" project.

Night of fright followed by day of love

Feb. 13 - It has been five years since we've had the gorey Friday the 13th precede the gushy Valentine's Day. Newscenter 88's Justin Prince tries his best to put this paradox into perspective.

Evan Mack residency ends Monday

Feb. 13 - The Mack is back. Dr. Evan Mack first set foot on campus was two years ago, and as Newscenter 88's Erin Hill reports, he loved the experience so much that he was ecstatic to come back.

Thunderbowl Thursday runs through February

Feb. 13 - Knocking down pins and hunger at the same time...that's what one SAPB event is trying to do this month at Colonial Lanes. Newscenter 88's Caleb Whisenant has the story.

Fewer tips, less money for struggling college students

Feb. 12 - The majority of a waiter or waitress's salary comes from tips, and even in a good economy it barely pays the bills. So as you can guess, and as Newscenter 88's Brian Dalek reports, as the tips dry up--students begin to worry.

Couples plan for Valentine's Day

Feb. 12 - A quick survey of Marshall students confirms Cupid's arrow will be falling practically everywhere this Saturday. Newscenter 88's Jo Troller tells us some of the plans that have been made.

Sierra Club speaks with Kopp on environmental issues

Feb. 11 - Marshall students are more concerned about the green they see outside their pockets and purses rather than inside. Newscenter 88's Kenneth Cox tells us why.

Marshall Student Ambassadors looking for new ambassadors

Feb. 11 - If you walk around campus often, you see people wearing green Marshall polo shirts walking backwards and showing guests around campus. As Newscenter 88's Ashton Marra reports, the university is looking for more ambassadors.

Rec Center registration at a crawl

Feb. 10 - The rec center certainly has that new building smell, but that novelty has been wearing off quickly for many who have been stuck in line for hours...even if all they want to do is just walk around the building. Newscenter 88's Hannah Henderson has the story.

Marshall needs a few good video bloggers

Feb. 10 - Marshall already has an official youtube account, but all that's on there are university releases. But as Newscenter 88's Kasha Shull reports, now they want to involve students...directly.

MU Online gaining in popularity

Feb. 10 - Those who aren't fond of 8 a.m. classes now have an alternative, and you don't even have to get out of your pajamas. Newscenter 88's Leannda Carey has the story.

Alumni Center beginning to take shape

Feb. 9 - The 2008-09 school year will go down in Marshall history as a year of spectacular progress on building construction. Newscenter 88's Amber Hay tells us how far the new Alumni Center has come.

Greek recruitment underway for Spring

Feb. 9 - Incoming freshmen make an important decision every year: to Greek or not to Greek? Newscenter 88's Laura Hatfield tells us more about how this decision is ultimately made.

Commuter students believe weather policy needs work

Feb. 6 - Last week's winter storm knocked out power to tens of thousands and forced Marshall to do something rare--close school. But Newscenter 88's Neera Doss reports one group of students wished that the university did more.

Vagina Monlogues returns next weekend

Feb. 6 - The Marshall Women's Center's seventh production of The Vagina Monologues is less than a week away, and they are hard at work practicing this year's version. Newscenter 88's Cicely Tutson has the story.

Recreation Center is OPEN!

Feb. 5 - Despite not being completely finished, the recreation center will begin normal operating hours this weekend, but today is the day that will be marked down in Marshall history forever. Here is how Newscenter 88 documented the historic day.

Official reaction: Will Shields reports

Student reaction: Brian Dalek reports

Sweeney Todd begins tonight

Feb. 5 - So since WMUL is doing its Hair from the Herd promotion this spring and we don't want you to cut your hair until then (sorry, shameless plug), how about watching someone else cut hair? Newscenter 88's Whitney Thomas tells us about a play about just that.

Still few details about Friday plane crash

Feb. 2 - The National Transportation Safety Board conducted a press conference over the weekend concerning the crash at Tri-State airport, but many questions remain unseen. Bobby Iddings had this live wrap-up during Monday's 5 p.m. edition of Newscenter 88.

Shelters packed during winter storm

Feb. 2 - Tens of thousands of Tri-State residents were left without power for several days last week, causing many to flee to a warm place to get a warm meal. Newscenter 88's Adam Cavalier has the story.