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Spring 2010 Reports - Click Headline to Listen

NOTE: Because WMUL relies mostly on student volunteers, reports are only filed when classes are in session, except under special circumstances.

Want to go further back? Browse the news archive:

Towers West fire alarms not pranks, officials say

Listen to Jimmy Sanders's report (1:35)

Apr. 28 - Fire alarms have gone off six times this semester in the men's section of the Twin Towers dorms, and officials say while they have interrupted people's way of life, none can be attribute directly to student mischief.

Puppies used as finals stress relievers

Listen to Josh Rose's report (1:58)

Apr. 28 - The Catholic Newman Center is hosting a series of events this week to make people feel more alive during Dead Week, and the puppies they brought to campus lit up all sorts of faces.

Obama delivers eulogy at Upper Big Branch memorial

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (2:46)

Apr. 26 - Vice President Joe Biden and West Virginia's congressional delegation also shared their thoughts with the crowd of 3,000 in Beckley--all in the hopes of bringing comfort to a small town. Photo from the Associated Press.

Marshall's own Starbucks almost ready

Listen to Dan Matics's report (1:51)

Apr. 26 - One month and counting: that's when Marshall's coffee lovers can stop going downtown to get their daily venti and stay on campus instead.

Students walk mile in bare feet to experience daily African life

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (2:05)

Apr. 26 - The "Take The Walk" event took place around Ritter Park this weekend, and participants say it was tough taking a couple thousand steps on pure asphalt.

Inaugural "Minds of Marshall" festival coinciding with Alumni Weekend

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report (1:45)

Apr. 23 - When the end of a semester nears, college students tend to think ahead to the long break guaranteed afterward. But one Marshall professor wants students to better appreciate what they have accomplished over the past year.

Empty Bowls raises money to fight hunger

Listen to John Gibb's report (1:59)

Apr. 23 - Hundreds of pots and hundreds of participants went to First Presbyterian Church in Huntington to pay their pots.

Students strive to Take Back The Night

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:27)

Apr. 23 - Students walked down Fourth Avenue one recent evening with picket signs in hand. The cause: protesting sexual assault.

MU unveils Facebook page for potential recruits

Listen to Jake Snyder's report (2:00)

Apr. 23 - The Office of Recruitment is trying something new to reach potential out-of-state students.

Earth Day activities abound on campus

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (2:06)

Apr. 22 - Various organizations unveiled new technology on campus today to give people new ideas on how to go green.

Greek Week competition heating up

Listen to Madison Casto's report (1:37)

Apr. 22 - The fun and games on Greek Week run through tomorrow night with an award ceremony.

Students prepping for finals

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (1:26)

Apr. 21 - Besides longer library hours and Dead Week, tutoring srvices will go through the end of next week as well.

Montcoal residents begin to move on

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (3:13)

Apr. 20 - The private memorials continue, and President Obama says he will attend the public memorial service for the UBB disaster this Sunday in Beckley. But even after the national attention wanes, locals say they'll be feeling the effects for a long time.

Summer job search underway

Listen to Adam Rogers's report (1:27)

Apr. 19 - It's three short weeks until it's summertime for Marshall students...and students have three basic choices as to how they will spend the next few months.

Relay For Life activities continue

Listen to Sam Turley's report (2:11)

Apr. 19 - Fundraisers and events for Relay for Life will permeate campus for the rest of the semester...but the main event took place over the weekend. Newscenter 88's Sam Turley was there and filed this report.

Art students get warehouse all to themselves

Listen to Trey Barker's report (2:13)

Apr. 19 - Marshall's art and design students have a place where they can go anytime to get away from the heart of campus and focus squarely on their work. Newscenter 88's Trey Barker has the story.

Marshall pauses for anniversary of Virginia Tech shooting

Listen to Jake Snyder's report (2:06)

Apr. 16 - Virginia Tech is just a few short hours away from Marshall, and as a result, some closely knew those affected by the tragedy.

Marshall student lands major record deal

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:28)

Apr. 16 - Regardless of how you feel about the "Big Four" record labels, it's still a big deal when an artist gets signed at one of them. Just ask freshman Alexis Cunningham.

Herd freshman a one-man show

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (2:40)

Apr. 16 - Some have a difficult time handling one major responsibility, but the list of accomplishment for Derecco Lynch is already impressive. And what's more impressive: he's only a freshman.

KA sells lemonade to benefit Jerry's Kids

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report (1:57)

Apr. 16 - "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." The fraternity took this classic saying quite literally and helped raise money for MDA today.

Newman Center conducts hunger banquet

Listen to Josh Rose's report (1:49)

Apr. 16 - Attendees got to experience firsthand how well off first-world countries like the United States are compared to those of lower classes.

Students present papers at math seminar

Listen to Aaron Payne's report (2:10)

Apr. 16 - One of the grad students' papers related to Marshall's famous differential analyzer. Listen to Adam Cavalier's 2008 report about the analyzer.

Doc Holliday visits students in Twin Towers dining hall

Listen to Jimmy Sanders' report (1:35)

Apr. 15 - Over the past few years, Marshall students have tended to leave football games at halftime. But the new ball coach is hoping he can get them to stick around a little longer.

Be Hope to Her returns to Marshall for 2010

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:59)

Apr. 15 - Marshall students put a lot of weight on their shoulders to lessen the budren of others halfway around the world.

High school football accident doesn't keep Marshall senior down

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (2:07)

Apr. 15 - Brandon Wilson lost his right arm after a freak accident in a high school football game. But despite losing any chance of a scholarship, he will graduate in a few weeks from something much stronger: overcoming adversity.

SCUBA class offered on campus for college credit

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (2:00)

Apr. 14 - Despite having a lab fee in the hundreds of dollars, students say it's worth it to get their license to dive anywhere around the world.

Stress building as finals near

Listen to Inma Reinoso's story (2:19)

Apr. 13 - Finals begin less than three weeks from now. But combine that with term papers and some are starting to feel the pressure already.

Roller Hockey Club returns to Marshall

Listen to James Roach's story (2:34)

Apr. 13 - It's been 10 long years since Huntingon last had a hockey team, and some are starting to revive the game on a different surface than usual.

Marshall students can begin renting some textbooks this fall

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (2:10)

Apr. 12 - The parent company of the Marshall University Bookstore is adopting the program to try to help students save money on higher education.

Locals prepping for world cornhole championship

Listen to Sam Turley's report (1:46)

Apr. 12 - September is only five months away, so the area's best cornhole players are working overtime preparing for the world tournament taking place in their own backyard.

Honors stdents honored at annual Drinko convocation

Listen to Aaron Payne's report (2:17)

Apr. 12 - Former Marshall student and current BYU professor Dr. David Riley delivered this year's keynote address.

Local model railroad show meant to pass hobby along to next generation

Listen to Adam Cavalier's report (2:41)

Apr. 12 - The fifth annual Collis P. Huntington Model Railroad Show, named after the founder of the state's second-largest city, took place in neighboring Dunbar.

Despite mine disaster, residents still proud of Coalfields identity

Listen to reaction from Friday's 5 p.m. news (2:00)

Apr. 9 - WMUL visited the general area of the Upper Big Branch Mine accident Friday, and as we experienced firsthand, residents are not about to turn their backs against the coal industry.

Complaints filed in SGA election

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (2:09)

Apr. 9 - While a former SGA presidential candidate says rules were broken in this past election, he says he's more concerned about what he considers a breakdown of the appeals process.

Counterprotesters confront Westboro Baptist Church appearance in Charleston

Listen to Trey Barker's report (2:33)

Apr. 9 - The highly controversial group from Topeka, Kansas, protested outside the state capitol, denouncing what it considers West Virginia's biggest sins.

Toby Mac and Skillet bring "Awaken Tonight" tour to Big Sandy Arena

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report (1:41)

Apr. 9 - The final sound checks were completed this afternoon for tonight's show, which starts at 7 p.m. Columbus-based House of Heroes will serve as the opening act.

Too Hot to Learn

Listen to Newscenter 88 team coverage:
- Madison Casto speaks with students and maintenance officials (1:47)
- Adam Rogers speaks with students and teachers (1:45)

Apr. 8 - Some classroom thermostats are now routinely passing the 80-degree mark, angering students and teachers and forcing maintenance officials to enact worst-case-scenario procedures.

Fall registration process begins

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:35)

Apr. 8 - Early registration for specified groups is taking place this week, but starting Monday at 12:01 a.m., thousands of students will push the MyMU registration system to the brink.

Assessment Day more than just a day off from classes

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report on today's activities (1:26)

Listen to Jake Snyder's report on the E-mail surveys (1:47)

Apr. 7 - Morning and afternoon classes were not held today, and students received tons more E-mails than usual over the past few days. It's all because university officials want to know what students think about the job they're doing.

Enrollment quota to be heavily enforced this summer

Listen to Jessi Sisson's report (1:18)

Apr. 6 - Some classes during previous summers had continued despite being a few people short of the quota, but budget issues have Marshall's provost reconsidering that policy.

Students question climate control in major classroom buildings

Listen to Adam Rodgers's report (1:45)

Apr. 6 - University officials changed room temperatures by four degrees last year to cut utility costs, but occupants in some classrooms say temps reach well into the 80s on some days.

W.Va. soldier affected by Don't Ask, Don't Tell on Sowards-Roudebush

Listen to Part 1 of the interview (13:13)

Listen to Part 2 (19:52)

Apr. 6 - Clarksburg native Pepe Noah Johnson is a member of the D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign, who is in town through Wednesday explaining why the controversial military policy should be repealed.

Marshall updates Lost and Found system

Listen to Eric Baden's report (1:35)

Apr. 5 - Instead of praying that their item shows up in an E-mail from University Communications, those missing items will now have to check out a Lost and Found Web site powered by Google. And that's just one of many changes.

Job-a-palooza turns job searching into a festival

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (1:50)

Apr. 5 - Marshall's career services is hoping that five days of seminars and snacks will help students get a head start on finding that first position.

Marshall Libertarians help people determine political stance

Listen to Jimmy Sanders's report (1:21)

Apr. 5 - Despite the perception of increased political involvement over the years, one group believes some may still not know exactly where they stand on the spectrum.

Lambda Society presents drag show on campus

Listen to Sam Turley's report (1:53)

Apr. 5 - The on-campus drag show started the annual Pride Week festivities that go through Thursday.

State's Autism Training Center housed at Marshall

Listen to Bobby Iddings's report (1:44)

Apr. 5 - Little known due to its location on the third floor of Old Main, the center has served hundreds of families statewide over the last 26 years.

Some Marshall students catching WVU fever

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:07)

Apr. 2 - WVU plays in its first Final Four game in more than 50 years Saturday night, and some are proudly wearing blue and gold on a campus that mostly bleeds green.

MARZ Math Lab helps make the numbers add up

Listen to Josh Rose's report (1:36)

Apr. 2 - MARZ is short for the Math Anxiety Relief Zone, a lab that is located in Laidley Hall Room 117.

Students happy to finally hear sounds of Spring

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:25)

Apr. 1 - No, it's not an April Fools' joke. It hit the mid 80s today, and temps are forecast to approach 90 tomorrow, which has everyone's endorphines going crazy.

Student center hosts Veterans' Job Fair

Listen to Michael Cochran's report (1:35)

Apr. 1 - Besides helping vets get jobs in the civilian sector, the fair also offered advice on how to adjust to civilian life.

Vagina Monologues participants explain their mission

Listen to Morgan Schillingburg's report (1:59)

Apr. 1 - This year all money collected from T-shirt and ticket sales goes to the Golden Girls Group Home in nearby Ceredo.

"Xi Sawing" for autism awareness

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (1:11)

Apr. 1 - The Alpha Xi Delta sorority used a classic children's toy to raise money for a debilitating chidren's disease.

Spring Break comes at perfect time according to some students

Listen to Madison Casto's report (1:39)

Apr. 1 - Shortly after midterms and a few weeks before finals, Marshall students get nine days to reset their minds every year.

Students explore many majors and minors in one place

Listen to Jessi Sisson's report (1:59)

Mar. 31 - Undecided students and those who are just plain curious stopped by the numerous tables at the student center during today's Majors, Minors and More Fair.

New Kmart service delivers groceries to campus

Listen to Jake Snyder's report (1:32)

Mar. 31 - Students without personal transportation either bum rides or ride the bus to get groceries. But now, the groceries can be brought straight to the dorm.

Out of state students celebrating Easter

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (1:36)

Mar. 31 - Some will be heading home, while others will stay here and celebrate the holiday with local acquaintances.

How to stay safe when going out

Listen to Trey Barker's report (1:52)

Mar. 30 - Students, campus police and even student government officials speak out about this all-important subject.

Criminal Justice Awareness Week underway

Listen to Patrick Webb's report on the K-9 presentation (2:01)

Listen to James Roach's report on the HPD career presentation (2:04)

Mar. 30 - The Marshall Criminal Justice department has planned a whole slew of events for the four-day expo taking place all across campus.

Vagina Monologues 2010 rehearses for first time

Listen to Lindsay Scaccia's report (1:14)

Mar. 30 - Due to their usual location being booked already, the Women's Studies Student Association was forced to move this year's version of the play to a different, and decidedly less dramatic, venue.

Foregoing spring break to help Katrina victims

Listen to Adam Rogers's report (2:12)

Mar. 30 - It's difficult to believe but it's true: five years of constant rebuilding has not fixed the communities impacted by Katrina.

Students staying home--or away from home--for spring break

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (1:50)

Mar. 30 - When you're thousands of miles from home--or even tens of thousands of miles--it's difficult to go on the typical spring break trip. Just ask Marshall's international student population.

College Libertarians, Republicans square off in debate

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (2:08)

Mar. 19 - It got heated at times between Marshall representatives of two of the nation's largest right-leaning political parties.

Students getting head start for Spring Break

Listen to Emily McKenna's report (1:09)

Mar. 19 - Classes may be scheduled to go through today, but campus seemed to empty out much earlier.

Marshall proposing "Bixi" program

Listen to Derek Hagler's report (1:35)

Mar. 19 - If you're into being green but busses aren't your style, Marshall's new Department of Sustainability may have found a way to help you get where you need to go.

Showing off talent for cash

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:08)

Mar. 19 - The winner, a rap duo, won $100 and at least part of their 15 minutes of fame.

Alternatives to the beach on Spring Break

Listen to Madison Casto's report (2:07)

Mar. 18 - Cancun has long been a staple of spring break in college, but some Marshall students are trying to keep themselves safe.

Huntingtonians lobbying to become Google fiber test city

Listen to Alex Constantino's report (1:22)

Mar. 18 - Some in Marshall's computing services are asking the community to get on board and support a groundbreaking project.

Gov. Manchin lectures at Marshall

Listen to Bobby Iddings's report (1:41)

Mar. 17 - West Virginia's highest ranking official spoke about the future of the state's economy during the City National Bank Lectureship.

Volunteers sought for precipitation measuring

Listen to Jimmy Sanders's report (1:28)

Mar. 17 - The national CoCoRaHS program has an open invitation for community volunteers in West Virginia to help measure rain and snowfall. However, not just any rain gauge will do.

Pedaling for PATH

Listen to Jake Snyder's report (2:22)

Mar. 17 - Marshall University medical students were riding for a cause yesterday, but they weren't going anywhere. Despite that, nearly $4,000 was raised for the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health.

SGA voting underway

Listen to James Roach's report on the Pres/VP campaigns (1:51)

Listen to Tyler Kes's report on Adam Friedly's SGA senate campaign (1:26)

Mar. 16 - Voting runs until 8 tonight and picks up again Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in both the Student Center and the Rec Center.

Students add Brazilian Samba to dance repertoire

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (1:51)

Mar. 16 - Lana Mendonca has done work in TV commercials and concerts, and now she's helping beginners heat up the floor at the Rec Center.

Spring Semester drop date this Friday

Listen to Sam Turley's report (2:00)

Mar. 15 - Students who need to drop a class must go in person to the registrar's office, which is located on the first floor of Old Main.

Students keep Orientation office smoothly operating

Listen to Trey Barker's report (1:58)

Mar. 15 - Despite orientation sessions taking place only in the summer, the office stays open year-round.

Tattoos worn by students, teachers alike

Listen to Joshua Rose's report (1:19)

Mar. 12 - Marshall students know the importance of getting high grade marks, but some are using another way to make their mark in college.

Cabaret helps raise funds for theatre guild

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:10)

Mar. 12 - The Marshall Theatre Guild decided to forgo the usual fundraising methods in favor of strutting their stuff through sing and dance.

Bars notice lower attendance just days into bar smoking ban

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (1:30)

Mar. 11 - Owners remain optimistic that the attendance dip will be temporary, and some are already optimistic that their bar experience has improved literally overnight.

Zack Merrit promises a beyond-the-norm recital

Listen to Aaron Payne's report (2:36)

Mar. 11 - The student will fuse electronica, jazz, classical and audiovisual elements into Friday's recital.

Students' Spring Break Plans

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (1:24)

Mar. 10 - Some are staying in town, while others are going far, far away.

Sigma Phi Epsilon conducts awareness campaign for Youth AIDS

Listen to James Roach's report (1:50)

Mar. 9 - The Marshall chapter is doing its part to raise awarenes of the fraternity's national campaign.

Rec Center to have Spin-A-Thon to benefit PATH

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (1:48)

Mar. 9 - "Pedal for PATH" is open to non-members and will benefit the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health.

Apartment-seekers weigh laundry options

Listen to Trey Barker's report (2:00)

Mar. 8 - Some Marshall students are holding off washing their clothes to save some extra cash.

The Winter Short Wearers

Listen to Adam Rogers's report (1:07)

Mar. 8 - Shorts in 60-degree weather? Reasonable. Shorts in 10-degree weather? Believe it or not, that's actually reasonable to some, too.

SGA presidential candidates debate

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report (1:24)

Mar. 5 - The vice presidents debate Mar. 10 at 9 p.m. in the FYE south dorm, and the Pres/VP teams will debate the following week.

Study Abroad Expo brings in dozens of organizations

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:17)

Mar. 5 - If you missed yesterday's expo, you can get more infomration from the Study Abroad Office in Room 320 of Old Main.

Perfect haircut sometimes hours away from campus

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (2:08)

Mar. 5 - Despite having many barbers and hairstylists nearby, some still insist on driving for hours to get it cut by someone they've known for years.

Celebrating birthdays on campus

Listen to Josh Rose's report (1:06)

Mar. 5 - Even though many students are away from home, the birthday celebrations must go on.

Rec Cafe shows off Rec Center's more artistic side

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:12)

Mar. 4 - The rock wall, the numberous basketball courts and the indoor track are among the Rec Center's most famous attractions, but now you can add concerts and poetry readings to that list.

Students show off their musical talents locally

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (1:36)

Mar. 3 - Java Joint is among the local establishments that book guests for open mic nights, and many students have taken advantage of that.

Ramen Noodle Cook-off to benefit Haiti relief efforts

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (2:01)

Mar. 2 - Beta Alpha Psi and the International Students' Organizations are wondering how Marshall students can improve on the rather bland but rather common ramen noodle dish.

Huntington's Kitchen reopens

Listen to Sam Turley's report (2:01)

Mar. 1 - The kitchen beside Pullman Square served as the main set for "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," and now it reopens to try to fulfill the goals of the upcoming ABC show.

Stress building as midterms approach

Listen to Joshua Rose's report (1:17)

Feb. 26 - Whether it's due to taking exams or writing papers, the percentage of students burning all-nighters will be going up in the next couple of weeks.

Marshall unveils iPhone presence

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (2:03)

Feb. 26 - Everything seems to have "an app for that" these days, and now Marshall is no exception.

Winter sports enthusiasts in heaven in 2010

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report (1:23)

Feb. 26 - This winter has really been a wonderland for many Winter resorts around the Tri-State.

Recent bar violence raising concerns

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (1:22)

Feb. 25 - Huntington's nightlife has taken a hit with the recent shootings, and students weigh in on how things could be improved. Photo from WSAZ.

Circle K all about community service

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:33)

Feb. 25 - Marshall's chapter is always on the lookout for members who want to make a difference.

Career Services offers Career Expo

Listen to Jake Snyder's report (1:49)

Feb. 24 - Job hunting became a lot easier for those Marshall students just months away from entering the real world.

Facebook's new look

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (1:50)

Feb. 23 - The world's most popular social networking site has revised its look...again. And with more than 400 million users worldwide, opinions will likely be varied about whether it's a good change or not.

FAFSA deadline quickly approaching

Listen to Sam Turley's report (1:59)

Feb. 22 - West Virginia students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by Mar. 1.

Marshall considered a veteran-friendly campus

Listen to Adam Rogers's report (1:28)

Feb. 22 - More than 400 military vets attend Marshall, and some say that it's a fulfilling challenge to mingle with the typical early 20s college student.

Students can get free slice of pie at Jim's Steak and Spaghetti

Listen to Trey Barker's report (1:39)

Feb. 22 - The Huntington institution on 5th Avenue and 9th Street recently added the incentive to their offerings.

Official FYE in-dorm activities on the rise

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:19)

Feb. 19 - Last year the programs were few, but this year, officials in the new first-year residence halls put together a new program two out of every three days on average.

Diversity Breakfast celebrates 10th Anniversary

Listen to Joshua Rose's report (1:32)

Feb. 19 - The Center for African American Student Programs ran the event, which included live music.

Student Harry Potter fan club looking for new members

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (1:48)

Feb. 19 - To join Dumbledore's Army, you've got to be more into broomsticks and spells than guns and ammo.

BCM trying to spread The Word amongst the Herd

Listen to Madison Casto's report (2:03)

Feb. 18 - BCM is among several ministries inside the Campus Christian Center.

Students, businesses react to approval of bar smoking ban

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (1:40)

Feb. 17 - All bars in Cabell County must be smoke-free by Feb. 26, and some businesses are gearing up for at least a small drop in customers.

Marshall working on another new Web site

Listen to Deven Swartz's report (1:08)

Feb. 17 - The new Wordpress-based Web site will be unveiled by the end of March.

Studying abroad in France and Spain

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (2:07)

Feb. 16 - The Department of Modern Languages gives students the chance to study at two of Europe's most prestigious universities.

Students trying to curb stereotypes, discrimination

Listen to Sam Turley's report (1:58)

Feb. 15 - The Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors have spoken to more than 2,000 people about discrimination ranging from race and gender to the Appalachian culture.

Recycling stations set up across campus

Listen to Joshua Rose's report (1:56)

Feb. 12 - With 36 different stations to choose from, it is practically impossible not to find one.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters looking for student mentors

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:19)

Feb. 12 - The commitment is only one hour per week, and organizers say the payoff can last a lifetime.

Marshall's unique gifts for Valentine's Day

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report on Husson's heart-shaped pizza (1:19)

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report on cacti (1:11)

Feb. 12 - Forget a heart-shaped box of chocolates...this season, campus is home to gift ideas that special someone will never forget.

Local business owner starts Marshall Boxing Club

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (1:30)

Feb. 12 - The club meets at the Boxing School of Hard Knocks on 7th Avenue beside the Huntington Area Food Bank.

Huntington a home away from home for foreign students

Listen to Madison Casto's report (2:15)

Feb. 11 - It's a question this online editor asks anyone who move here: Why? And apparently this place has a lot to offer. Somehow.

Marshall students quickly joining Glee Club

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:29)

Feb. 11 - The hit Fox show "Glee" has quickly spawned a loyal following among many young adults, and now there's a place in town to live the showtune life.

Students braving winter weather to attend class

Listen to James Roach's report from Tuesday (1:28)

Listen to Jake Snyder's report from Wednesday (1:32)

Feb. 10 - While the rest of the public school system has been shut down the last couple of days, Marshall's mode of operation has been business as usual.

Couples among the faculty

Listen to Lake Morehouse's report (1:26)

Feb. 10 - Among all the young love engulfing Marshall's campus this Valentine's Day weekend, there will also be a type of love that's a bit older.

Mayor Kim Wolfe answers Marshall students' questions

Listen to Larry Zimmerman's report (1:53)

Feb. 9 - The event was intended to help bridge the gap between the university and Huntington city government.

"Cats" abound at Keith-Albee

Listen to Inma Reinoso's report (2:04)

Feb. 9 - As it inches closer toward its 30th anniversary, one of the most popular musicals of all-time stopped by the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center early this week.

Points card replaces students' loose change

Listen to Adam Rogers's report (2:03)

Feb. 8 - The points card also gives users exclusive rewards such as a steep discount on doing laundry in the dorms.

Marshall parties after Super Bowl win

Listen to Trey Barker's report (1:10)

Feb. 8 - The main parties last night took place thousands of miles away both southwest and due south of here, but that didn't stop some from hitting the streets of Huntington to celebrate.

Faculty Senate concludes Emily Perdue grade change matter

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (1:45)

Feb. 5 - It took many months to get to this point, but the final result could end up changing the way certain classes work.

Marshall ranks high in campus safety

Listen to Leannda Carey's report (1:39)

View full list of top 450 safest colleges

Feb. 5 - Despite being in an urban setting, Marshall is among the safest campuses in the country, according to a new list of rankings.

Rec Center celebrates first anniversary today

Listen to Jarrod Clay's report (1:57)

Feb. 5 - They're calling it the "Recaversary," and the building on 3rd Avenue and 20th Street has come a long way since those hours-long lines in February 2009.

Dining hall trayless experiment turns permanent

Listen to Shaina Carter's report (1:02)

Feb. 5 - Marshall says it's trying to be more environmentally friendly. Some students, though, say it's anything but friendly.

Making "Crushes" for Valentine's Day

Listen to Ashton Bias's report (1:52)

Feb. 5 - Says one Willis Hall residence assistant: "No one expects to receive a bottle of pop for Valentine's Day."

Juried Art Exhibition takes place in Birke

Listen to Joshua Rose's report (2:39)

Feb. 5 - Marshall's art students are doing everything they can to spruce up the normally bland white walls of Smith Hall.

Students increasingly shopping at thrift stores

Listen to Cindy Steele's report (1:28)

Feb. 4 - Being a poor college student is bad enough, but in this bad economy, students are skipping the Targets en masse and heading straight for the Goodwills.

Students taking on hours outside the classroom

Listen to Madison Casto's report (1:58)

Feb. 4 - How do students keep up with a schedule crammed with classes and homework--AND a part-time job?

Marco an outside chance to make National Cheerleading Competition National Championship

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Feb. 3 - Marco finished in the 12th spot, but the national competition has room for only ten spots.

Some local restaurants regularly open until 4 a.m.

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Feb. 3 - Many Huntington businesses are closed by 10 or 11 p.m., but others are open well into the night to serve the college crowd.

Sowards-Roudebush Report Special: Haiti Earthquake

Listen to Thursday's special program (18:26)

Jan. 14 - Marshall Latin American history professor Christopher White spoke with Matt and Jay Thursday afternoon about Haiti's tumultuous political history as well as what aid the country needs right now.

Matt and Jay also pledged $10 apiece to the Red Cross, and they have challenged all members of the Marshall community to pledge as little as $5. Below are links to the organizations Professor White mentioned in the interview.

International Committee of the Red Cross direct donation page

Partners in Health

Mountains Beyond Mountains - information within PIH site

Matt and Jay will have more about Haiti on the Sowards-Roudebush report Tuesday, Jan. 19, from 7-9p on WMUL.