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Spring 2011 Reports - Click Headline to Listen

NOTE: Because WMUL relies mostly on student volunteers, reports are only filed when classes are in session, except under special circumstances.

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Student Balances Rock, Studies

Listen to Aaron Payne's Story (3:40)

April 26- Casey Gore, a junior history education major at Marshall University, is also the frontman for the band Out of Asher. Gore is finding a balance between rocking out, studying and working.

S.E.A.C Holds Anti-Mountain Top Removal Event

Listen to Nathan Barham's Story (1:59)

April 26- Marshall's Student Environmental Action Coalition held an event in wich they showed clips from an anti-mountain top removal documentary, and also brought in an author tro speak at the event.

Plant Sale Brings In (and Delivers) Green

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:37)

April 22- The biology club's annual plant sale is designed to bring in money for the club while bringing a little light to people. The event has been held on Earth Day ever year since it wa started.

Marshall's Earth Day Event Showcases Ideas

Listen to Nathan Barham's Story (3:09)

April 22- Marshall's Earth Day event brought out many students groups, such as the Student Envrionmental Action Coalition. The group is dedicated to raiding awareness about ways to save energy, and go green.

Choral Scholar Program Gives Students Opportunity

Listen to Josie Landgraves Story (1:51)

April 22-The Trinity Episcopal Choir in Huntington gives Marshall's music majors a chance that they would normally not get. Students who participate in the choir gain experience, and are also paid for their services.

Finals Lead to Stress

Listen to John Roach's Story (1:36)

April 21- With finals right around the corner, students are finding themselves more and more stressed out. The key to avoiding stress is to stay positive and not get overwhelmed.

Forensics Sciences Masters Program Number One

Listen to Courtney Brown's Story (3:23)

April 21- The Forensics Science Masters Program at Marshall University is the number one such program in the nation. The program was started in 1995, and has grown in reputation ever since.

Food Taxes Drive Students to Ohio

Listen to Crystal Meyer's Story (1:37)

April 21- Students are always trying to save money, and when it comes to food its not different. Many students are driving to Ohio and other border states to save on money. West Virginia currently has a food tax, whereas Ohio does not.

Huntington Celebrates Earth Day

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (2:18)

April 20- Earth day is a celebration of the planet we live on, and the citizens of Huntington are planning on celebrating like no one's business. Celebrations are being held across the city, from cleaning up parts of town, to working in gardens.

Summer Classes Gives Students Leg Up

Listen to Andrew Frobel's Story (1:32)

April 19- Summer classes are weeks away from starting. Many students at Marshall take advantage of the classes availabe during the summer, whether to make up for withdrawals, or to get ahead of their classmates.

Intramural Sports Provides Students with Opportunity to Play Again

Listen to Trevan Hannahs Story (2:31)

April 18- Intramural sports at Marshall are some of the most popular events held. It provides students with an opportunity to play the sports that they enjoy and may have played during high school.

Lent's End Right Aorund the Corner

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story (1:48)

April 15- Many students are looking forawrd to the end of the school year and summer vacation. Others, however, are looking forward to the end of Lent. Lent is traditionally the 40 days before Easter, where something is given up for the duration.

Students Art Raises Money for Japan

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:28)

April 15- When looking for a way to help raise money for Japan, many Marshall students brought out their artisitic skills. All proceeds from the Art for Japan sale went to the Japanese relief fund.

Warm Weather Brings out Longboarders

Listen to Crystal Meyers' Story (1:33)

April 14- A common sight on Marshall's campus during the warmer temperatures is a student gliding across campus on a longboard. The popular activity is a great way to get to class in style.

College Makes it Difficult to Keep Old Friends

Listen to John Roach's Story (1:34)

April 14- Even though it possible to remain in touch with people at long distances thanks to things like facebook and twitter, students at Marshall University are finding it difficult to maintain some friendships.

Volunteer Group Cleans Up City

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (1:55)

April 13- When walking around the Ohio River, it is easy to see the efforts of the Huntington Area Revitalization Coalition. The group has planted flowers across the city in an attempt to make the city a bit more pretty and less mechanical.

Rec Center Class Inspires Runners

Listen to Alianna Telles' Story (1:30)

April 13- Many students have thoght about running in a 5k before. The problem is usually that they lack the motivation to do so. A class at Marshall University's rec center is looking to change that however. The Extra Mile 5k class is designed to teach students how to get ready to run a 5k.

Facebook May Damage Future Careers

Listen to Trevan Hannahs Story (2:32)

April 11- Its become a fact that many students put everything on their Facebook or Twitter page. What many of them don't realize is that potential employers do background checks, which include looking at things like Facebook and Twitter.

Marshall Students Kick Back and Dance

Listen to Dalton Hammonds' Story (2:03)

April 11- The 2nd annual Green and White Dance, an event put on by the Student Activities and Programming Board and the Department of Housing and Residence Life, was this past weekend. The dance was also a glow party, something that students have been asking for.

Tattoo's Becoming More and More Common With Students

Listen to Leigh Hinkle's Story (1:29)

April 8- What used to be about rebelling and sticking it to the man has now become a common practice for students at Marshall University. With several tattoo places in the Huntington area, its easy for students to get the ink of their choice.

8th Annual Empty Bowl Fundraiser

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:28)

April 8- Today marks the beginning of the 8th annual empty bowl fundraiser. The event is which is held to raise awareness baout starving children across the world. It will be at the 1st Presbyterian Church. Participants in the event recieve a meal alongside an empty meal, which they are asked to keep to remind them of the struggles many have to deal with.

Cell Phones: Helping or Hurting?

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story (1:23)

April 8- It would be extremely difficult to find someone who doesn't have a cell phone, or who texts on a regular basis. The concern about whether this is a good thing or not has raged across the nation, and Marshall University is no different.

Islam Awareness Week Continues

Listen to Nathan Barham's Story (2:28)

April 8- This week has been Islam Awareness week at Marshall University. There have been various events all week, like the one informing students on the finer points of Shariah Law. The weeklong event wraps up with an open house at the Huntington Mosque.

Students Agree: Sleep Schedule Doesn't Exist

Listen to John Roach's Story (1:18)

April 7- Students can agree that between work, class and social life, there is little time for sleep. It is recommended that college students get between 7-8 hours a night of sleep. Most Marshall students will agree that this is just a pipe dream.

National Pride Week Hits Marshall

Listen to Perri Sheldon's Story (2:28)

April 6- National Pride Week has come to Marshall University. The events planned this week include the "wear jeans in support of equal rights day" and the Spring of Pride Masquerade.

Eating on a Budget Can be Cheap

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (2:07)

April 6- Most students are two things: broke, and eating unhealthily. Luckily for Marshall students, the two don't have to be linked. By watching how much butter is used, or by using things like eggs and fish instead of more pricey meats, students can save money and eat healthy.

Upper Big Branch: One Year Later

Listen to Leannda Carey's Story (1:32)

News Director Leannda Carey runs down what happened one year ago on that fateful day.

Listen to Adam Cavalier's Story (1:27)

Students at Marshall University remember the tragedy, and how it affected them.

Listen to Nathan Barham's Story (1:41)

Newscenter 88's Nathan Barham visted the memorial service held in honor of those who lost their lives in the disaster.

Marshall's Lacrosse Club Gains Support, Success

Listen to Andrew Frobel's Story (2:16)

April 5- Marshall University's lacrosse club is not an officially recognized sport. That doesn't stop them from holding practices regularly, or travelling across the area to play matches. The club has about 30 members, with more joining all the time.

Super Hero Movies Invade Theaters this Summer

Listen to Brittany Barnes' Story (1:30)

April 5- This summer the biggest blockbuster movies will be of the super hero variety. Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern and the X-Men will battle it out on the silver screen for box office dominance. Publishers like Marvel and DC Comics hope that the interest generated by these movies will drive people to comic book stores.

Christian Science Provides Alternative to Traditional Methods

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (2:21)

April 4- A speaker that visited Marshall University recently opened the eyes of members of the school's Christian Science Organization.

Stand Up for Cancer Brings Laughs

Listen to Joise Landgrave's Story (1:18)

April 1- The Funny Bone in Huntington put on the Stand Up for Cancer event, with all the proceeds going to cancer research. The event provided local comedians with an opportunity to win a chance to open for a national event, while raising awareness about cancer at the same time.

Graffiti Strikes Marshall's Campus

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story (1:26)

April 1- Its becoming more and more common when walking around Marshall's campus to see graffiti on many of the walls and buildings. Its also likely that the graffiti will have to be cleaned up by someone on Marshall's staff, taking them away from a more important job.

Green and White Day Welcomes Prospective Students

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:31)

April 1- The annual Green and White day is designed to be a wlecoming event for students who may wish to attend Marshall. Faculty members believe that the event is a good showcase of what Marshall has to offer, and shows how welcoming the campus can be to new people.

Resident Halls to be Renovated

Listen to Will Vance's Story (1:56)

April 4- The Twin Towers resident and dining halls have been the same since they were first built over 40 years ago. That is going to change, however, after plans have been finalized to renovated the buildings. This is the next step in an effort to provide students with the best experience they can have while at Marshall.

Gas Prices Affects Commuting Students

Listen to Crystal Meyers' Story (1:58)

March 31- The price of gas has affected many people throughout the country. One group of people hit harder than most would be students. Students at Marshall have rallied together to protest the rising cost of gas.

Late Night Food Winning With Students

Listen to John Roach's Story (1:34)

March 31- With finals right around the corner, many students are staying up studying for tests and working on papers. That means that when they feel like taking a break from the grind, they have limited options to choose from when it comes to food. Luckily, there are many options around Huntington when it comes to late night food.

Java Joint Shows Off Local Art

Listen to Andrew Meadows Story (1:42)

March 30- There are many artists in the Huntington area looking for a place to showcase their art. Thats where local resturant the Java Joint steps in, with their local artist showcase.

Facebook May Lead to Depression

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (1:53)

March 30-Its becoming increasingly rarer to find students who aren't on the popular social networking site Facebook. Its also becoming more and more common to find people who have become depressed due to the site. Most of the depression comes from cyber bullying.

Rec Center Leads Students Through Mountains

Listen to Perri Sheldon's Story (2:10)

March 30- Over Spring Break, The Marshall Rec Center led many students on a trip throught the mountains of West Virginia. The trip is one of many offered by the Rec Center throughout the year. Students interested on future trips should check out the Rec Center for more information.

Senioritis Strike Early

Listen to Alianna Telles Story (1:11)

March 30- With the end of the year right around the corner, many seniors are getting ready to graduate. But before that happens, students need to buckle down and finish whatever projects they have. Many students have been struck with what is commonly known as senioritis, where a general sense of apathy towards school hits.

Discussion on F-Word Brings Understanding

Listen to Andrew Frobel's Story (2:11)

March 29- A discussion on Feminimism brought understanding to many students who attended. The discussion brought up many topics, such as challenging the popular images people have of feminists, and women in the workplace.

Marshall Artist Series Puts On Spring Awakening

Listen to Julia Houston's Story (1:25)

March 29- The latest event that the Marshall Artist series is putting on is the play Spring Awakening. The play tells the story of a group of German friends as they move from childhood to adulthood.

Rec Center Busiest During Spring Semester

Listen to Lawren Hightower's Story (1:20)

March 18- While Marshall's Rec Center has seen an increase in numbers each year its been here, by far the busiest time of year is right before Spirng Break.

Majors, Minors and More Informs Students

Listen to Sam Craigo's Story (2:08)

March 29- One of the biggest issues college students have is figuring out what to major in. Then, figuring out what to minor in. Thats why Marshall offers the Majors, Minors, and More event, where representatives from the various schools hand out information.

Rugrats Move to Huntington

Listen to Brittany Barnes Story (2:09)

March 17- Rugrats Live, a musical based on the classic Nickelodeon cartoon, is visiting the Huntington area. The musical blends 4th wall breaking antics with songs that evoke the feel of the cartoon.

Huntington Gives Away Smoke Alarms

Listen to Will Vance's Story (1:38)

March 16- The city of Huntington is giving away free smoke alarms, thanks to a grant from the government. Huntington firefighters hope the free smoke alarms will raise fire safety awareness.

Ramen Noodles Cooked for Good Cause

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (2:25)

March 14- To most students ramen noodles are a cheap meal thats easy to make. The participants in the annual Ramen Noodle Cookoff proved that with a little ingenuity, you make it a lot more interesting. The event was sponsored by the International Student Organization and Beta Alpha Psi.

State Cracking Down on Gas Drilling Rules

Listen to Leannda Carey's Story (2:00)

March 11- The State House of Delagates is attempting to crack down on gas drilling laws. The House will have to reconcile the bill with the Senate version of the bill.

Rugby Succeeding at Marshall

Listen to Leigh Hinkle's Story (2:17)

March 11- Rugby is a popular sport around the world that has yet to hit it big in this country. Students at Marshall are doing their best to change that. Marshall has both men's and women's teams, that play throughout the year.

Students Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:30)

March 11- College students rarely get the sleep they need. That won't be helped when the clock springs forward an hour, robbing them of an hour of precious sleep. Luckily, the loss of an hour won't have any side effects on students.

Dress For Success Succeeds at Helping Students

Listen to Crystal Meyer's Story (2:00)

Vist the Dress for Success Website

March 10- Dress for Success, which is an international organization designed to help women in need, has a local branch in Huntington. The organization is a great help to students who are strapped for cash and need to look professional.

Marshall Professor Fights Child Pornography

Listen to Nathan Barham's Story (1:40)

March 10- Marshall University professor John Sammons is working with the Cabell County prosecuting attourney's office in fighting internet crime, specifically child pornography. Sammons is an Assistant Professor of Digital Forensics.

Huntington's Kitchen Is Healthy Alternative

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (1:25)

March 9- Huntington's Kitchen, the community food center that gained national attention when chef Jaime Oliver visted there last year, is a healthy alternative to fast food. The kitchen offers many cooking classes that teach people how to make healthy meals themselves.

Career Expos Being Offered

Listen to Perri Sheldon's Story (1:52)

March 9- Marshall University is offering several career expos throughout the year. The expos will be held in the Student Center, with each expo focusing on a different career field.

High Rollin' In Huntington Big Winner

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (1:38)

March 7- The Student Activities Programming Board hosted its annual "High Rollin' in Huntington" event. The event allows students a chance to kick back, relax, and spend some money without having to worry about it.

International Film Festival Provides Students with Change

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:20)

March 4- The International Film Festival, which is put on by the Marshall Artist series, provides students with the type of entertainment they normally would not recieve. The festival will be showing movies from 6 different countries.

Marshall Cracking Down on Graffiti

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story

March 4- Graffitti is at an all-time high on Marshall University's campus. Clean-up takes time away from other projects, so Marshall security is attempting to crack down on the perpetrators.

Marshall Rec Center Good Distraction for Students

Listen to Kam Moats Story (1:51)

March 3- The Marshall University Rec Center is one of the newest buildings on campus. Its also one of the places that students can just relax, whether that be by swimming or playing basketball.

Baskets for Branches Helps Those In Need

Listen to Krystal Meyer's Story (2:16)

March 3- A program that began as just a service project by some Marshall students has turned into an annual event. Students and volunteers put together baskets full of personal care items, which they then donate to domestic abuse victims

Marshall's Heating and Cooling System More Complex Than It Seems

Listen to Andrew Frobel's Story (1:56)

March 3- While students and staff on campus may complain about the temperatures on campus, many of the don't realize how complex the system is. The heating and cooling system on campus is controlled by water, not air as most people would presume.

Marshall Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary

Listen to Alianna Telles Story (1:09)

March 2- 50 years ago today, Marshall University became an accredited school. In honor of the celebration, Marshall will be having several events in the student center.

Fire Scare In Dorms Drives Students From Building

Listen to Marcus Constantino's Story (1:26)

March 1- A faulty heating unit that caused the smoke alarms to go off in of the dorms on campus. The Huntington Fire Department arrived and unplugged the unit, stoping the smoke.

SGA Gives Students a Chance to Speak Up

Listen to Trevan Hannahs' Story (1:51)

February 28- Student looking to join Marshall's Student Senate filed thier applications. Students have many reasons for wanting to be involved, but making a difference is high on the list.

High School Students Choose Marshall

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story (1:39)

February 25- Choosing a college is a hard choice for many high school students. Despite all the choices, some students know that they will be going to Marshall in the fall.

A Chorus Line Thrills Students

Listen to Leigh Hinkle's Story (1:49)

See a list of upcoming Marshall Artist Series Events

February 25- Thanks to the Marshall Artist Series, the Broadways classic A Chorus Line made its way to Marshall's campus. Students jumped at the chance to see this classic.

Appalachian Film Festival Comes to Marshall

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (2:00)

February 23- When people think about film hotspots, they rarely think of the appalachian area. Thanks to local film makers, that perception is changing. the 2011 Appalachian Film Festival will be showing several movies and documentaries at Marshall.

Diversity Breakfast Brings Students and Faculty Together

Listen to Trevan Hannahs Story (2:19)

February 21- Marshall University's Diversity Breakfast gave students and faculty a chance to sit, eat, and talk about their differences. The event gave many students the opportunity they to walk about what makes them unique.

Power Balance Bands come to Marshall

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (1:51)

February 21- The sensation thats been sweeping the nation has come to Marshall, as more and more students are wearing Power Balance Bands. The wrists bands claim to make people stronger and more graceful. Whether thats true or not remains up to the wearer.

Warm Weather Graces Marshall Campus

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story (1:23)

February 18- Despite the date on the calandar, for many Marshall students it feels like spring. The warm weather is exactly the thing students need to get through the winter doldrums.

Harvey's Milkshakes Raises Awareness

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:52)

February 18- Students who attended the Harvey's Milkshakes event got more than free milkshakes. The event was put on to raise awareness about the troubles gay and lesbian students face when coming out. Student then watched the movie "Milk", about Californina's first openly gay elected offical.

Slow Food Offers Healthy Alternative

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (2:14)

February 16- With Summer still several months away, it may be appear to be hard to find fresh homegrown food. That is not the case, however, thanks to several vendors in town that sell locally grown food.

Mental Illness Rates on the Rise

Listen to Perri Sheldon's Story (1:45)

Visit the APA's homepage

February 16- Over the last decade, depression rates have nearly doubled among college students, according to the American Psychological Association.

Experts say the best way to prevent depression is to avoid letting the stress level get to you, by taking breaks to fun stuff.

Student Resource Center Takes Cue From Gameshow

Listen to Nathan Barham's Story (1:31)

February 16- the Student Resource Center, in an effort to gain more student's awareness, recently hosted its own version of the popular gameshow Minute to Win It.

Marshall University Offers Different Triathalon

Listen to Alianna Telles Story (1:28)

February 16- Normally a Triathalon consists of swimming, riding a bike and running. Marshall's Rec Center Triathalon will have its contestants do the same. Just all without leaving the Rec Center. The unusual triathalon will be held on February 19th.

Registering for Dorms Sneaks Up On Students

Listen to Andrew Frobel's Story (1:29)

February 15- Despite it only being the middle of February, it is already time for studnets to register for where they would like to live next year. There are many options, but the key thing is to get in and register as soon as possible.

University is Cracking Down on File Sharing

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (1:59)

February 14- With the technological advancements in our society, it can be tempting for many students to take advantage of how easy it is to share files illegally. Marshall University is doing its best to stop that from happening, while still allowing for legal file sharing to happen.

Heart Shaped Pizza's Fil More than just the Stomach

Listen to Jimmy Sanders Story (:48)

February 14- When Valentines Day comes around, the heart is all that matters. Thats why Husson's Pizza in Huntington came up with the idea for its heart shaped pizza, which has been a big hit since its introduction.

Hypnotist Mesmerizes Students

Listen to Josie Landgrave's Story (1:45)

February 11- Local Hypnotist Jason Nagle visited Marshall University and entertained the students with his hijinks. The event was put on by the Student Actvities Program Board. 18 different students volunteered to be hypnotized, leading to some interesting situations.

Free Movies a Big Hit With Students

Listen to Ashleigh Hill's Story (1:34)

February 11- One of the biggest issues facing students is what to do on the weekend. Thanks to the Marshall University Housing and Resident services, students have a fun activity that is also cheap. Students who live in the dorm can go see a movie for free.

Love Flying Around Marshall Campus

Listen to John Roach's Story (1:21)

February 10- Many student may have noticed the love fliers around campus. While certainly appreciated, no one knows where the fliers originated, or who is putting them up.

Safety a Concern on Campus

Listen to Perri Sheldon's Story (1:49)

February 9- A main priority for Marshall University is safety on campus. The school has done much to improve the campus in that area recently, but some students are still concerned that it may not be enough

Discounts for Students

Listen to Jessie Shafer's Story (2:09)

February 9- With economic situations being what they are, every dollar helps. That's why having a Marshall ID card can help. It allows students a chance to save as much as 20% off at certain stores across Huntington.

Food Just As Important as the Game to Some

Listen to Trevan Hannahs (1:11)

February 7- For some students and staff, what you're eating during the game is almost as important as watching the game itself.

Some Students Just Watch Commercials

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (1:45)

February 7- When it comes to the Super Bowl, fans fall into two catagories: People watching to see the great football, and people watching to see the fun commercials. Students at Marshall University are no different.

Fraternity Bikes For Good Cause

Listen to Crystal Meyers Story (1:28)

February 2- The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity spent 24 hours biking to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Two bikes were set up in the student center, where students and faculty rode them for 24 hours straight.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Teaches Students More Than Just Martial Arts

Listen to Dalton Hammonds Story (2:21)

January 30- One class being offered at Marshalll University is teaching students more than just a new way to beat people up. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the many classes being offered at Marshall's Rec Center.