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Carrying on the torch from program founder Richie Tipton, Matt Sowards and The Sowards Report bring the Tri-State region--and the world via the Net--some of the edgiest progressive talk one may ever find. However, he uses his attitude wisely, going on his trademark rants only on sensible solutions and viewpoints. The program also features two semi-regulars, Adam Strider and Jay Roudebush, as well as the occasional interview. The audience is always encouraged to share their viewpoints, because every person's opinion is meaningful.

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Mondays 5:30-8p eastern
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On This Week's Program

Mar. 10
- Eliot Spitzer scandal goes public
- People shouldn't elect so-called role models; they should elect people by how they do their job
- Vatican's new list of sins
- Funny opinion poll about Hilary Clinton
- Super Tuesday: Clinton wins rural areas, Obama metropolitan areas
- Obama-Clinton (or Clinton-Obama) ticket?
- Matt's beef with the Parthenon

Previous Program Highlights

Feb. 18
- Clinton accuses Obama of plagiarism
- Matt and Adam say Dems superdelegate system is elitist
- McCain-Bush lovefest begins...ummm...this isn't really a good idea
- Supporting Ron Paul is meaningless to election
- Could Obama be making Edwards the leading VP candidate

Feb. 11
Guest Host: Jay Roudebush

- Liberals and conservatives must talk with one another to even begin to make progress
- Very in-depth discussion on role of religion in state government
- Matt makes his presidential endorsement
- Matt tries desperately to get a record seventh caller for program