“West Virginia Wetland” Diorama to Be Named in Honor of Former WVAS President, Ron Fortney


The West Virginia University, Division of Forestry and Natural Resources, is in the process of developing a natural history museum to display many of the state’s native wildlife species in natural habitat dioramas.  The museum is being designed to educate students and the general public about species and the habitats they occupy.


The “West Virginia Wetland” diorama will be named in honor of former WVAS President, Ron Fortney.  To make this display possible we estimate we will need a minimum of $30,000.  No donation is too small and we encourage you to donate whatever you can afford.  Every dollar is very important and is tax deductible. 


Please make your checks payable to The WVU Foundation, Inc., write “Ron Fortney Wetland Display” in the memo line, and send to:

     Jim Anderson

    Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management

    West Virginia University

    Division of Forestry and Natural Resources

    PO Box 6125

    Morgantown WV 26506


You can also help out by encouraging others to donate to this lasting legacy for Ron Fortney.  If you want to donate, but need more time to get your finances in order, a payment plan can be worked out.  Please contact Jim Anderson at (304) 276-8956 or jim.anderson@mail.wvu.edu if you have questions or need more information.