Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1985

Volume 57: 2, 3 and 4 

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EDWIN D. MICHAEL and KENNETH B. KNIGHT.  Small mammal surveys in West Virginia ... 37

EDWIN D. MICHAEL and LINDA SMITH. Physical parameters and aesthetic values of wetlands along West Virginia highways ... 42

JOAN SCHRAMM and DONALD TARTAR. Age and growth determination of the black bullhead in West Virginia ... 48

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, GREGORY A. CHRISLIP, and STEWART COLLEY.  Notes on the use of large-area flight-intercept traps to collect insects in temperate forests ... 58

TARA AUXT BAUGHER and SUMAN SINGHA.  Seasonal variations in the foliar mineral nutrient concentrations of two apple and peach cultivars ... 65

WILLIAM HOMER DUPPSTADT.  Updates on the vascular flora of West Virginia: I ... 71

JOHN R. HAMILTON, FRANK H. HENGEMIHLE, and EALR H. TRYON.  Radial response of wind-exposed red spruce ... 72

RONALD L. MARTINO, MATTHEW B. WATSON, KENT ADKINS, and GREG SMITH.  Sedimentology and paleohydrology of the Fluviodeltaic Conemaugh Group (late Pennsylvanian) along the Big Sandy River, Kentucky-West Virginia-Ohio ... 79

STEVEN MCCLELLAND.  Using fractals to measure to progress of erosion ... 91

HAROLD FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM MORTON, and JAMES WALLIS. Mineral recovery enhanced with ultrasound-theory ... 95

THOMAS S. CRITCHFIELD and TIMOTHY J. FREEMAN. Behavioral engineering as a humanistic endeavor: A non-institutional program for the treatment of problem youth ... 100

JOHN R. WARNER JR. and EDWARD PIPER. Youth services: Ten years of a unique academic discipline at West Virginia Wesleyan College ... 108

The minutes of the annual business meeting of the 60th annual meeting ... 114

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