Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1987

Volume 59: 1 

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SANDRA MYA, RON E. GAIN, BRYAN LARSEN. Development of a high performance liquid chromatographic assay for measuring mezlocillin (Mez) in serum or tissue ... 2

VERNON E. REICHENBECHER JR. Plasma protein variations in spontaneously hypertensive rats ... 2

GARY O. RANKIN.  Effect of adrenal demedullectomy on guanethidine tolerance ...  3

H.H. LO, and G.O. RANKIN.  In vitro nephrotoxicity of trichloroanilines  ... 4

JOSEPH M. DADGARI and E. BOWIE KAHLE.  Adaptive responses of enzymes of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism to exercise-training in the genetically obese LA/N-CP rat ...  5

DOSHI WEBB, BRUCE RIPLEY, H. WAYNE ELMORE, and ALAN WHITE.  Optimized growth and regeneration of gametophyes in sporophytic Bracken Fern tissue cultures ...  6

BRUCE RIPLEY, DISHIA WEBB, H. WAYNE ELMORE, and ALAN R. WHITE.  Nutritional and hormonal requirements for Bracken Fern cell suspension culture ...  6

MARCIA A. HARRISON.  Physiology of the wounding response in plants ... 7


DANA ANDENS and E.C. KELLER, JR.  County cardiovascular mortality trends, by sex, in West Virginia – 1959 through 1982 ... 8

A.E. MOORE and E.C. KELLER, JR.  Generalized environmental and socio/economic models for major mortality groupings in West Virginia ... 9

TAMMY TROITINO and E.C. KELLER, JR.  Associations among genetic, environmental, socio/economic, mortality and disability aspects of the counties of West Virginia ... 10

W.T. SEAMAN, S.R. LASKY, C.T. ROBERTS, JR., W.L. LOWE, JR., D. LEROITH.  Molecular cloning of rat IGF-1 cDNA’s; differential mRNA processing and regulation by growth hormone ... 11

C. SHULTZ, S.R. LASKY, L. BURGESS, G. ROBERTS, C.T. ROBERTS.   Molecular cloning and characterization of rat genomic DNA’s coding for insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) ... 11


RODNEY BARTGIS.  Distribution and status of Arabis seotina Steele in West Virginia ... 12

ROGER G. SEEBER, JR., JUDITH HORVATH, and DAVID F. BLAYDES.  Inhibition of light sensitive lettuce seed germination by ethanol ... 12

WM. HOMER DUPPSTADT.  Updates on the vascular flora of West Virginia. III ... 13

LOY R PHILLIPPE and JOSEPH ELY.  A checklist of the vascular plants from the Murphy Preserve, Ritchie County, West Virginia ... 13

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and MATTHEW T. GALL.  The bark surface of living trees as a microhabitat for corticolous myxomycetes ... 14

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.  Patterns of occurrences of myomycetes in the upland forests of southwestern Virginia ... 14

JOHN L. LANDOLT.  Cellular slime molds from West Virginia caves ... 15

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, HAROLD S. ADAMS, and MICHAEL L. LIPFORD.  Persistence of chestnut in the understory of upland forest communities of western Virginia ... 15

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and HAROLD S. ADAMS.  A comparative ecological study of "healthy" and "declining" stands of red spruce in the Spruce Knob area of Pendleton County, West Virginia ... 16

MARK B. WATSON, ALAN R. WHITE, CHERYL E. WILLIAMS, JAMES P. GILL, and H. WAYNE ELMORE.  Pteridium polysaccharides ... 17

Chemistry/Computer Sciences

RITA K. EGGLETON and B. DASSARMA.  Evaluation of some priority pollutants in indoor and outdoor ambient air ... 18

CHITURU WOKPARA and D. DASSARMA.  An alternate method for preparing standard gas mixtures ... 18

JAMES B. HICKMAN.  The physical chemist as customer and creator of literature ... 19

JAMES J. SHIREY, JR.  Methodology for soil pH analysis in a variety of soils from northern West Virginia ... 19

JOHN H. PENN, ELIZABETH D. CON, and AMRIT SINGH.  Protonation of radical anions as an important mechanistic pathway for dechlorination of choroaromatics ... 20

HSIEN-CHANG SHIH and GARY O. RANKIN.  Synthesis of racemic alph-hydroxy- and beta-hydroxy-N-(3,5-dichlrorophenyl)succinamic acid and their cyclic imide ... 20

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and TAMMY K. KELLER.  Use of microcomputer in taxonomy and ecology ... 22


CAROLE S. RYAN, WILLIAM J. VAIL and ROBERT K RILEY.  The role of azygospores in the transfer of VAM colonization ... 23

THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Disturbances on the Cheat Mountain Salamander ... 23

DENISE SCHMIDT and DONALD TARTAR.  Observations on the ecological life history of Acroneuria carolinensis from a West Virginia stream (Plecoptera: Perlidae) ... 24

Geology and Mining Science

WILLIAM C. GRADY.  Relationship between living organisms and sediments in the shallow nearshore environment off the Florida keys ... 25

STEVEN McCLELLAND and THOMAS R. JAKE.  A vertebrate trackway occurrence above the Pittsburgh coal (Monongahela Formation, Upper Pennsylvanian) in Mineral County, West Virginia ... 26

JO DAVIDSON.  A new breakthrough in the microbial cleaning of slurry coal fines ... 26

E. RAY GARTON.  The Saltpetre Caves of West Virginia: Progress Report ... 27

E. RAY GARTON and FREDERICK GRADY.  The Paleozoic vertebrates of West Virginia: Progress Report ... 27

E. RAY GARTON and FREDERICK GRADY.  The quaternary vertebrates of West Virginia: Progress Report ... 28

E. RAY GARTON, FREDERICK GRADY, and ALAN R. CARPENTER.  Mastodon, Mammut americanum, remains recovered from Big Springs Cave, Tucker County, West Virginia ... 29

EBERHARD WERNER.  Aeromagnetic lineaments of West Virginia ... 29


ALAN CHRISTOPHER and THOMAS CRITCHFIELD.  Gambling: A contextual analysis ... 30

THOMAS CRITCHFIELD, KARLA DOEPKE, and TIMOTHY FREEMAN.  Rate-based mastery: Cross-modal transfer in basic academic skills ... 30

MATTHEW P. HUSHIN and JOHN H. HULL.  Effect of cartoons on attitudes toward and retention of a textbook passage ... 31

KARL D. FEZER.  To which questions raised in the creation/evolution controversy should public schools give definite answers ... 31

KENETH H. BAKER.  Creation/evolution as a conflict between two world views ... 32


JOHN R. WARNER.  The revolution in Juvenile Justice in West Virginia 1977-1985.  A revised paper ... 33

JOHN R. WARNER.  The early history of the State Penitentiary at Moundsville, West Virginia 1866-1900 ... 33

RICHARD S. LITTLE.  Evacuation planning in West Virginia ... 34

ORVILLE R. GURSSLIN and JOHN D. RICHARDS.  On the universality and necessity of social hierarchies ... 34

H. MICHAEL DORSEY.  Rockshelter Excavations in Nicholas and Webster Counties, West Virginia ... 35

ROBERT F. MASLOWSKI.  Relationship of archeological sites to SCS soil types I West Virginia  36

W. HUNTER LESSER and JANET G. BRASHLER.  Can we go beyond site distribution?  Cultural models and lithic scatters from the eastern west Virginia uplands ... 36

GLORIA GOZDZIK.  Ethnoarcheology: Trend or fad? ... 36


E. RAY GARTON and FREDERICK GRADY.  The vertebrate cave fauna of West Virginia: Progress report ... 38

MARK SHERIDAN and DONALD TARTAR.  Food habits of the freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens, from Gallipolis Locks and Dam, Ohio river ... 38

JOAN E. BURTON and RALPH W. TAYLOR.  The reproductive cycle of Uniomerus tetralasmus (Say, 1831) ... 39

JAMES E. JOY.  Chaetogaster limnaei (Annelida: Naididae) in three species of aquatic snails from McClintic Wildlife Stations (Mason County) ponds ... 39

RALPH W. TAYLOR.  New distribution records for West Virginia slugs (Mollusca: Pulmonata) ... 40

Abstracts of the First West Virginia Water Research Information Exchange Conference

JOSEPH M. BIFULCO, JAMES J. SHIREY RE., AND GARY K. BISSONNETTE. Bacteria of public health significance in rural groundwater supplies ... 41

JOSEPH P. CALABRESE and GARY K. BISSONNETTE.  Enhanced recovery of acid mine water-stressed Escherichia coli on media containing catalase or sodium pyruvate ... 41

L.C. COOK and R.A. MATHEWS.  Wastewater management - Innovate onsite approaches ... 42

JO DAVISON.  Restoration of acid-polluted aquatic systems using a new microbiological technology ... 43

ROBERT N. ELI and MOO-KAB CHUN.  Flood hazard mitigation planning in the Cheat River Basin ... 43

HUSSEIN GHAZI, WORAPOT CHOBTHUM, ROBERT KEEFER, and RABINDAR SINGH.  Leachate analysis from three mine spoils as affected by fly ash amendment and cropping ... 44

THOMAS R. JAKE.  Geology, mining, and coal reserves in the Whiteday Creek watershed, Monongalia, Marion, and Taylor counties, West Virginia ... 45

J.A. MARSHALL, E.C. KELLER JR., D. WERNER, and J. FORTNEY.  Preliminary findings on fish distribution and condition in four impacted/non-impacted stream in WV ... 45

MICHAEL R. MILLER and JAMES B BLAIR.  Preparation of isolated fish hepatocytes for studying carcinogenesis ... 46

C. RUSSEL RADER.  Alternative individual sewage disposal systems: A method of protecting groundwater ... 47

MAJID RASOUI.  Finger-printing brines of West Virginia ... 47

DONALD WERNER, E.C. KELLER JR., JA MARSHALL, and JAMES FORTNEY.  Preliminary modeling of fish populations in five streams with mine drainage at slightly alkaline pH levels ... 48

EBERHAD WERNER.  The West Virginia Speleological Survey as a source of water-related information ... 49

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