Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1987

Volume 59: 2 and 3

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Beverly Foose and E. C. Keller, Jr.  West Virginia County trends for cancer mortality 55

Gary 0. Rankin. Effect of adrenal demedullectomy on guanethidine tolerance … 67


Rod ney L. Bartgis.  Distribution and status of Arabis serotina steele populations in West Virginia … 73

William H. Duppstadt. Updates on the vascular flora of West Virginia. III … 78

Carole S. Ryan, William J. Vail and Robert K. Riley.  The role of Azygospores in the transfer of VAM colonisation … 80

W. Joseph Wyatt and Rebecca Shields. Psychology/Sociology/Archaeology  Scientific examination of claims of the paranormal:  The case of astrology … 86

Orville R. Gursslin and John D. Richards.  On the universality and necessity of social hierarchies … 89

W. Hunter Lesser and Janet G. Brashler. Site distribution, cultural models and prehistoric lithic scatters from the eastern West Virginia uplands … 96



James E. Joy. Chaetogaster limnaei (Oligochaeta: Naididae) in three Species of aquatic Snails from Mason County, West Virginia106

Mark F. Sheridan and Donald C. Tarter. Food habits of the freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens (Rafinesque) (Pisces: Sciaenidae) from the Gallipolis Locks and Dam, Ohio River … 112

Minutes and Treasurers report sixty-second annual meeting … 121

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