Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1991

Volume 63 1 

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JOHN HENRY and MICHAEL KOTARSKI.  Molecular analysis of asteroid mutations of Drosophila melanogaster ... 2

RAYMOND C. DERK and MICHAEL KOTARSK.  Cloning of the asteroid gene of Drosophila melanogaster ... 2

TERENCE 0. LILLIS and GARY K. BISSONNETTE.  Detection of filterable groundwater bacteria ... 3

BARBARA McBRIDE, JACK THATCHER and KAREN KATULA.  Analysis of Cyclin B 5' upstream sequences ...  3

VAUGHNDA S. LARSON and GARY E. LARSON.  Autorhythmometry in a teenage population  ... 4

HYACINTH PAUL, RONALD WINFREY and KAREN KATULA.  Partial purification and characterization of proteins binding to the upstream region of the sea urchin cytoskeletical actin gene, Cyl ... 4

S. CRAIG STAMM and E. C. KELLER, JR.  Genetic diversity of Bdellovibrio isolates from the upper Monongahela River basin ... 5

TRENT REDMAN, TODD FIJEWSKI and MICHAEL KOTARSKI.  Characterization of dominant Star mutations at the asteroid gene of Drosophila melanogaster ... 6


THERESA M. WOLFE, ROBERT K. RILEY, WILLIAM J. VAIL and MARGARET L. LINTHICUM.  A study of Mycorrhizae with tomato plants from the NASA Space Seed Program ... 7

HAROLD S. ADAMS and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.  Northern white cedar in the mid-Appalachians ... 7

JOHN C. LANDOLT, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and CRAIG STIHLER.  Cellular slime molds from West Virginia caves III. Notes on the occurrence and distribution of Dictyostelium rosarium  ... 8

HONGGANG LIU and DAN K. EVANS.  Vegetation of Greenhottom Swamp, Cabell County, West Virginia  ... 8

DAN K. EVANS.  Medicinal Cyperus (Cyperaceae} Among the Shuar and Achuar of Southeastern Ecuador ... 8

WILLIAM HOMER DUPPSTADT.  Updates on the vascular flora of West Virginia. VII ... 9

L.S. FERRARA.  Shoot and seedling population dynamics of Polygala paucifolia, a temperate forest herb ... 9

CHANNARAYAPPA, G. SHIVASHANKAR, V. MUNIYAPPA, D. SCHWEGLER-BERRY and E. C. KELLER, JR.  Electron microscopic studies of tomato leaf infected with tomato leaf curl virus (TLCV) ... 10


GARY K. SIKO and DEBORAH A. LEONARD.  Use of a cholesterol auxotroph to study the role of cholesterol in plasma membrane structure and function in mammalian cells ... 11

DANIEL G. TODD, GARY L. WRIGHT and VERNON E. REICHENBECHER.  Identification and partial purification of a putative precursor of hypertensive factor (HF) by monoclonal anti-HF antibodies ... 11

WILLIAM T. SEAMAN and TERRY W. FENGER.  Functional expression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus env gene product in CD4+ Hela cells ... 12

KELLY W. BEERS and GARY 0. RANKIN.  Effect of N-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)succinimide (NDPS) on renal blood flow and glomerular filtration in Fischer 344 rats ... 13

GARY 0. RANKIN, VONDA J. TEETS, DEREK W. NICOLL and PATRICK I. BROWN.  Combination of nephrotoxicants at subtoxic and toxic doses ... 13

B. DasSARMA.  Inhalation cancer risk from ambient air in the Kanawha Valley with special reference to Institute ... 14

TIFFANY A. COOK and DEBORAH A. LEONARD.  Quantitation in oxysterol resistant cell lines of a DNA binding protein specific for the HMG-CoA reductase promoter ... 14

PHILIP D. YIN and DEBORAH A. LEONARD.  The role of phosphorylation in regulating degradation of S-hydroxy-3-methyglutarylcoenzyme A reductase   15

MELINDA S. SHOCKLEY and DEBORAH A. LEONARD.  Characterization of an oxysterol-resistant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line ... 15

JAGAN V. VALLURI, H. W. ELMORE and DOUGLAS B.CHAMBERS Salt-induced changes in protein patterns of Sandalwood (Santalum album L.) callus ... 16

DANIEL B. FOWLER, JOSEPH M. FUSCALDO, JANICE M. KILDUFF, CHESTER W. MUTH and KEVIN L. STICKLER.  Hydroxide-promoted redox reactions of alpha-substituted nitrobenzyl alcohols ... 17


STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, LISA V. MCCUE, DENISE E. BINION and KATHRYN D. SHAVER.  Myxomycetes associated with the litter microhabitat in temperate forests ... 18

DAVID ELDRIDGE, CHRIS WILLIAMS, M. J. DEMCHIK and V. C. DEMCHIK.  Acid rain project ... 18

TARA DUBEY.  A study of the colonization of submerged leaves of birch, oak, and pine by water-borne hyphomycetes in the Kanawha River, West Virginia ... 19

PAMELA J. EDWARDS and JAMES N. KOCHENDERFER.  Artificial watershed acidification on the Fernow Experimental Forest ... 19

SUDHA GUPTA and TARA DUBEY.  Effect of water pollutants on the rate of oxygen uptake of three aquatic fungi from India ... 20

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.  Ecosystems of East Africa ... 20

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, SUSAN M. STUDLAR, PAMELA J. EDWARDS and KIMBERLY K. RUGGLES.  The possible effect of acidification on stream bryophyte communities ... 21

TARA DUBEY, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, and PAMELA J. EDWARDS.  A preliminary study of the possible effects of acidification on the mycoflora of West Virginia mountain streams ... 21

FRANK S. GILLIAM.  Old-growth longleaf pine forest stand structure and longstem regeneration under chronic fire exclusion ... 22

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and GARY A. LAURSEN.  Myxomycetes in high-latitude and high-elevation ecosystems of western North America  ... 22

TARA DUBEY.  Aquatic phycomycetes of the Kanawha River, West Virginia ... 23

RONNIE D. JEWELL and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Natural history of the ravine salamander (Plethodon richmondi) in northwestern West Virginia ... 23

BETH A. HOLMES and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Male reproductive cycle of Plethodon cinereus in West Virginia ... 24

RONALD A. CANTERBURY, THOMAS K. PAULEY, and RONNIE D. JEWELL.  Time of mating and egg deposition of West Virginia populations of the green salamander, Aneides aeneus ... 24

ROBIN L. KING and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Male reproductive cycle of Desmognathus ochrophaeus in West Virginia ... 25

TIMOTHY W. LONGBINE, TODD W. REULBACH, and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Range of Ambystoma texanum and Ambystoma barbouri in West Virginia ... 25

JEFFREY BAILEY and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  The range and distribution of the Cumberland Plateau salamander, Plethodon kentucki (Mittleman), in West Virginia ... 26

MEEGAN C. CASTO and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Spermatogenic wave of Desmognathus m. monticola in West Virginia ... 26

THOMAS K. PAULEY and RONALD A. CANTERBURY.  Status of the genus Desmognathus in West Virginia ... 26

RONALD A. CANTERBURY and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Gut analysis of the green salamander (Aneides aeneus) in West Virginia ... 27

THOMAS K. PAULEY, JON BROWNING, TODD MILLER, and JEFFREY FULKS.  Amphibians and reptiles of Greenbottom Wildlife  Management Area, Cabell County, West Virginia ...  27

RONNIE D. JEWELL and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  The effects of the Ice Age on the distribution of the redback salamander (Plethodon cinereus) and the ravine salamander (Plethodon richmondi) in West Virginia ... 28


SHENG SHEN.  Propagation of electromagnetic waves in periodically loaded rectangular waveguide ... 29

BRIAN J. KARCZEWSKI and JOHN C. SENCINDIVER.  Comparison of estimated and measured saturated hydraulic conductivity values for five soil series ... 29

HERBERT H. SNYDER.  A nonlinear ordinary differential equation in electron beam dynamics ... 30

ALPHA E. WILSON.  Coriolis acceleration on the earth's surface by way of a rotating disk ... 30

THOMAS THOMPSON, J. JOSEPH FULLER, and DON J. SMITH.  Landscape generation using principles of non-linear dynamic modelling ... 31

Natural History

CHAD BUCKLEW and KEITH GARBUTT.  The effect of age and acidity on the community structure and volunteer wetlands in northern West Virginia ... 32

THOMAS E. WEARS, DONALD R. NASH, and PAUL J. HARMON.  Bryophytes of Upper Shaver's Fork Basin, West Virginia ... 32

MARY ETTA HIGHT.  Distribution and taxonomic status of the Pygmy Shrew, Sorex hoyi in West Virginia ... 33

WILLIAM JAMES ARNOLD.  Native Tarantulas in West Virginia (Aranease, Mygalomorphae)   33

PAUL J. HARMON.  The status of Trifolium stoloniferum (Running Buffalo Clover) in West Virginia: Five new populations discovered   34

BRIAN R. MCDONALD.  A multidisciplinary natural history survey of the Upper Shavers Fork Watershed   34


JAMES L. SPENCER.  Scientific literacy of West Virginia State College students ... 36

JAMES L. SPENCER, PAUL L. CRAWFORD, and DIANA M. ALFERINK.  Prediction of college grade point average in West Virginia State College students: A comparison of two models ... 37

RANDALL T. CHEW III and MARK SHORE.  ENLIST-Micros-teachers gaining confidence using microcomputers ... 37

MICHAEL J. DEMCHIK.  A statistical method for determining STS activities in science classes ... 38

INES LOPEZ and JOHN H. HULL.  The effect of hindsight on subjects' judgements of

blameworthiness and suggested length of criminal sentence ... 38

NORMA J. VENABLE.  Simple science sells ... 39

MARY URBANSKI.  Program evaluation of a pre freshman minority advanced placement program for health-related professions in a major research university ... 39

STEVE BECKELHIMER.  Trends in science standardization test scores in West Virginia ... 40


MINDY M. YEAGER, DONALD C. TARTER, MIKE L. LITTLE and MIKE E. SEIDEL.  An analysis of variation in a disjunct population of the central mudminnow, Umbra limi (Kirtland), in the Greenbottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia ... 41

FRANK BORSUK and DONALD C. TARTER.  Age and growth of the bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus (Rafinesque), in a stratified and destratified lake in southwestern West Virginia ... 41

KIMBERLY RUGGLES and DONALD TARTER.  Ecological life history of Peltoperia tarteri Stark and Kontratieff from Big Hollow of Paint Creek, Fayette County, West Virginia (Plecoptera: Peltoperlidae) ... 42

MARY YEAGER, TOM JONES and DONALD TARTER.  Reproductive biology of a disjunct population of the central mudminnow, Umbra limi (Kirtland), in the Greenbottom Wildlife Management Area, Cabell County, West Virginia ... 42

LISA BURGESS and DONALD TARTER.  Ecological life history of Anthopotamus distinctus (Trover] from Indian Creek, Monroe County, West Virginia (Ephemeroptera: Potamanthidae  ... 43

HUMBERT ZAPPIA, DEAN ADKINS, ROBERT NORMAN, and DONALD TARTER.  Effects of first and second year artificial lake destratification on benthic macro-invertebrate population in Beech Fork Lake, Wayne County, West Virginia ... 43

DONALD TARTER.  Effects of temperature and pH on the oxygen consumption rates of larval alderflies, Sialis aequalis Banks, from Camp Creek, an acid mine stream, Wayne County, West Virginia ... 44

DONALD TARTER and DIANE NELSON. Tardigrade fauna (Phylum: Tardigrada) in mosses and liverworts from Seneca Rocks in the Monongahela National Forest, Pendleton County, West Virginia ... 44

TOM JONES, MINDY YEAGER and DONALD TARTER.  Preliminary observations on the summer food habits of the grass pickerel, Esox americanus vermiculatus, in the Greenbottom Wildlife Management Area, Cabell County, West Virginia ... 45

DONALD TARTER, RALPH KIRCHNER, and BORIS KONDRATIEFF.  Range extension of caddisflies (Trichoptera) into West Virginia ... 45

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