Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1991

Volume 63: 2, 3 and 4 

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William Homer Duppstadt.  Update on the vascular Flora of West Virginia. VII. ...51


Tara Dubey. Aquatic phycomycctes of the Kanawha River, West Virginia ... 54

Tara Dubey. A study of the colonization of submerged leaves of birch, oak, and pine by water-born hyphomycetes in the Kanawha River, West Virginia 64

Pamela J. Edwards and James N. Kochenderfer. Artificial watershed acidification on the Fernow Experimental Forest 72

Sudha Grupta and Tara Dubey. Effect of water pollutants on the rate of oxygen uptake of three aquatic fungi from India … 82

Robert E. Norman, Donald C. Tarter, and Dean A. Adklns.  Effects of artificial lake destratification on the Macrobenthos in Beech Fork Lake, West Virginia 89

Donald Tarter and Diane Nelson. Tardigrade fauna (Phylum: Tardigrada) in mosses and liverworts from Seneca Rocks in the Monongahela National Forest, Pendleton County, West Virginia 109

Jagan V. Vallurl, H.W. Elmore, and Douglas B. Chambers.  Protein patterns in salt-stressed sandlewood (Santalum Album L.) callus 113

T. E. Weaks. D.R. Nash, L.A. Hughes, and P.J. Harman. Bryophyte habitats of the Upper Shavers Fork Basin 120


Michael J. Demchik.  A statistical method for determining STS activities in science classes … 132

Ines M. Lopez and John H. Hull.  The effect of hindsight on subjects' judgments of blame worthiness and suggested length of criminal sentence … 137


Herbert H. Snyder . A nonlinear ordinary differential equation in electron beam dynamics 141


Vaughna S. Larson, Gary E. Larson, and John T. Burns.  Autorhythmometry in a teenage population ... 151

Minutes and Treasurer's report for the sixty-sixth annual meeting … 162

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