Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1992

Volume 64: 2, 3, and 4

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Scott F. Morrison and Dan Cincotta. A fishery survey of Middle Island Creek, Ohio River drainage, West Virginia ... 53


William Homer Duppstadt.  Updates on the vascular flora of West Virginia. VIII ... 71


L. R. MEADOWS, D. G. MORRIS, C. K. PAN, and F. L. KING .  Characterization of argon/methane plasma chemistry relevant to the deposition of diamond films ... 72

Eberhard Werner.  Geochemistry of a carbohydrate-depositing stream and spring in Mineral County, West Virginia ... 82


Craig W. StihIer.  A survey of hibernating bats in Hellhole Cave, Pendleton County, West Virginia ... 97

T. E. Weaks.  Periphyton Community structure of wetlands associated with the Ohio River ... 104

Karen M. Wise and Ben M. Stout, III.  Response of Juncus effususto off road vehicle disturbance in wetlands of Northern Canaan Valley, West Virginia ... 114


Alan D. Smith.  Hypothesis testing and model comparisons of trend surfaces and three-dimensional modeling techniques applied to mapping selected roof fall dharacteristics in a West Virginia coal mine ... 121


P. L. Crawford and J. L. Spencer.  Postdictions of college GPAs from ACT composite scores and high School GPAs: comparisons by race and gender ... 135


John E. Sasser.  Probability Distributions and the Definite Integral ... 145

Minutes and Treasurer's Report ... 163

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